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  1. Ramah

    Iam a graduate of bsbiology course and i’d like to study again bs nutrition and dietitian..what process can i undergone.what year whom i have.?

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Ramah!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We’re not really sure about the exact procedure since schools may have different guidelines for students enrolling in a second course. From what we know, you would have to get your previous course load assessed to find out how many units from your previous course can be carried over to the new one. The more similar subjects your previous course has with your next one, the less subjects you’ll probably be required to take.

      Chances are, you’re going to be an irregular student which means you would neither be a first year, second, third, or fourth year student, but somewhere in between.

      We’re not sure about the exact person in charge, but consulting the registrar of the school you’re thinking of taking your second course at might help you get more information about it.

      Good luck! :)

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