Biomedical Equipment Servicing TESDA Assessment Center

The graduates of Biomedical Equipment Servicing NC II TESDA Course may be able to take a Competency Assessment in order to determine if he/she was able to meet and perform the Competency Standards that is expected in the workplace.

The Assessment process focuses on the evaluation of knowledge, skills, attitude and work values of an individual in relation with the certain units of competency. A certification will be given to those who passed the assessment test.

Below is the list of TESDA-Accredited Competency Assessment Centers for Biomedical Equipment Servicing NC II, as of January 2102.

Biomedical Equipment Servicing NC II
Region Assessment Center Date Accredited Expiration Date
NCR Quezon City Lingkod Bayan Skills Development Center (QCLBSDC);Barangay Hall Compound Dahlia Avenue Brgy. Greater Fairview 118 Quezon City;937-4248 1-Jun-11 1-Jun-13

The information provided above were based on TESDA’s list of Accredited Assessment Centers as of January 15, 2012.

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