College Courses in the Philippines

College courses can have a lot of say in the employment prospects of job seekers, so it’s important that incoming students like you take some time to evaluate your options.

If you’ve made up your mind a long time ago, that’s well and good, but if you’re still not sure about what course to take, below is a brief overview of the available college courses in the Philippines for your reference.

Please keep in mind that this is only a partial list. We update them from time to time, so do try to come back again if the course you are looking for is not yet on the list.


Humanities is a field of study that deals with the ways human think and feel and how they express themselves. Examples of courses that fall under this category are:

Social Sciences

Social Sciences is a collective term for the branches of science that deal with the study of humans, their nature, behavior, and how they interact with one another. People who are interested in this field usually pursue the following courses:

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences is a collective term for the branches of science that deal with the study of nature and the rules that apply to it. These include sciences that focus on things that can be observed, measured, or counted such as the following:

Formal Sciences

Formal Sciences is a collective term for the branches of science that deal with the study of theoretical systems. Contrary to natural sciences that try to understand the nature of things through experiments and observations, formal sciences are more concerned with defining the rules that govern a particular theory. Examples of courses that belong in this category are:

Professions and Applied Sciences

Professions and Applied Sciences is an academic discipline that deal with the practical applications of scientific knowledge in daily real life activities. Some examples of courses that fall under this category are the following:


Architecture and Design


Health Sciences



Media and Communication

Public Administration




Additionally, you can also check out our articles on the different types of courses that you can take in the Philippines and how to choose the right course in college for some additional tips.

Please note, however, that the overview and articles mentioned above were meant as a general reference only. For best results, we strongly encourage you to do some further research before you act on any of the information provided on the site.

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  1. I have a question. Paano kung humingi yung school na papasukan ko sa college ng form 137 or 138, pero sa ALS lang ako nakapasa. Pano yun? eh Diploma lang yun sa als right?

  2. Hai… im a 4th year student in NLAC Sison,Pangasinan
    im just being curious of my future?
    so can i ask for help to you guys
    can you pls.. tell what to be my course if my personalities are=

    average guy.
    Slightly weak in physical.
    always smilling.
    weak against physical sports.
    easy to be tired.
    loves gadgets.
    always comparing myself to others.
    low self confidence.
    thats all…
    plss help mo for my collage caurse..

  3. Hi there,

    Pwede ko po bang gamitin yung mga definition ng course ninyo para po sa isang project na makakatulong sa mga high school students na pag planuhan ang kanilang college life?

    Salamat :)

  4. Ummm. Hindi ko pa po kasi alam ang course na kukunin ko,senior/4th yr student na po ako.I need some advice on how to choose your course ,but the problem is i dont really know what y heart desires :( I need some help,because i dont wanna end up with regrets.
    and also, my parents want me to look for business or anything that deals with entrepreneurship (but im not so sure with that :( ) .
    ano po ang pinaka non-quota course sa up(updiliman/manila)?
    Thanks po,Aasahan ko po ang sagot nyo thanks :D

  5. ano po ang mga non-quota course sa Up? (UPDiliman and UPManila.)
    an rin po ang pinaka best way para makapasa sa Up? Thanks po :D

    • Hi, May!

      We’re sorry, but we have no available information regarding non-quota courses in UP. There are plenty of forums and blogs that discuss this topic, though, so we suggest you check them out. A good number of them also give out tips on how to pass the UPCAT.

  6. Hi po, Tatanong ko lang po meron po bang course para sa Film Making? Di ko po sya makita, diba dapat po under sya sa Media and Communication? Tsaka mahilig po akong mag sulat ng stories, Pati script sa stories or movies, Hindi po journalism aa, Basta po i love writing, Also directing, Na try ko na po mag direct sa school para sa project namin, Gusto ko po talaga mga ganun. Basta sakop sa medi or exposure sa media, Pero hindi artista. Yung mga behind sa scenes po. Ano po kaya magandang course? :O

  7. hello po ako si grace
    4th year student from batasan hill national high school and i’m a techvoc student
    d ko po alam ang kukunin kong course nagugulhan po ako
    help me po

    d po ako msyado mrunong magdrowing
    ayoko rin sa math
    but i have my selfconfidence when i speak infornt of the people
    i have a leadership skills

    guyss help po :(

  8. hello po,. im 2nd yr college. actually po stop po ako ngaun kc may bagsak ako na subject. ang mama at tta ko want nila ako mkagraduate ng 4 yrs, ang akin lang po.sari sari po kasing course ang gusto nila sken, merong IT,Computer,car giver. ee ang kinuha ko po kcing course is BS HRM. kco npatigil po ako ngaun 1st sem.. gsto kopo ipgpatuloy kco uulitin ko ult mga bagsak ko. ano po kayng course ang pede saken,, na hands-on. kci po don po ako mgaling ee. need kopo talaga ng answer.

  9. Hello po, First year college na po ako. Yung kinuha kung course, Bachelor Science in Accountancy kaso po super nahihirapan. Tapos pagbagsak ka sa Prelims kailangan lumipat kana ng ibang courses. Anong ibang courses na pwedi kung kunin. Di po ako mahilig sa Math.

  10. Hello po, first year college na po ako. I studied at Holy Angel University of Angeles Pampanga. Yung kinuha ko pong course Bachelor Science in Accountancy, kaso nahihirapan po ako. At ang dami nilang regulation po, for example pagbagsak ka sa Prelims kailangan mo na lumipat ng ibang course. Ano pong bang courses ang pweding kinin. Gusto ko mag nurse kaso ayaw ng ate ko kase madami daw na nurses na walang trabaho. Gusto ko din mag teacher. I need your answer and advice po. Thank you! :)

  11. Hi po! I’m a fourth year high school student po and honestly speaking wala pa po akong naiisip na course na relevant sa interests ko. Gusto ko po kasing ma-finalize ko na ‘yung choice ng course ko para wala po akong pagsisihan. I’m trapped between Psychology and Journalism. But may mga discouragement po kasi akong natatanggap regarding this courses eh. Any suggestions po sa mga pwede kong i-take na course maliban sa Psychology and Journalism? Basta po minimal lang ‘yung Math kasi po hindi talaga ako magaling Math. Hehehe! Thanks po! God bless po. :)

  12. Hi :) I’m a senior student kasi. and i don’t know kung anong exact name or tawag sa pagiging chef :)

  13. Is BS Customs administration course Difficult ? And if I can finish this course, can I easily find job ? Please answer question it will help me a lot.

  14. Hi! I am high school student and I’m confused on course to be taken in college .. But I’ll still taking more information about civil engineering .. I’m pretty good at science and math but I’m not good at drawing or Designing ….I just want to know if i can learn and understand this subjects on college days and how difficult the course civil engineer..??

    • Hi, Nelson!

      We believe drawing is either a talent you are born with or a skill that you acquire over time. You may not be able to draw hyper realistic drawings, but if you spend time practicing and working on your techniques, you would at least learn how to draw basic forms. You could eventually work your way into adding more details on your drawings from there.

      In the case of Engineering courses, we’ve been previously advised that engineering drawing is more concerned with the technical accuracy of drawings than its visual appeal. Say for example, you need to draw a building layout, as long as people can properly identify which rooms or structures are which when they look at your drawings, then you’d be good to go.

      Aside from that, there are software applications that you can use to help you with the things that you still find difficult to draw freehand, so you don’t have to push yourself too far.

      If you have the time and extra money to spend, you could probably take short courses that are related to drawing so you’ll learn more about different drawing principles and techniques.

      None of us has taken BS Civil Engineering so we’re not really in a position to answer that question for you. You can find a brief overview of the course on the page below, though. Try to check it out so you can gauge it for yourself.

  15. Hi sir .. I am a high school student and im confused on course that i take in college… But im good at math and science … but i’ll still taking information about bs psychology and bs criminology …. can you help me to decide what course i take …

  16. What is the Best Pre Med course and Pre Law Course. im still confused on what to take in college.

  17. Hi,im already 4thyear high school student.I am graduating this next year.I really dont know what will my course is!!!I want to be a flight attendant but they say there is no course in have to apply for that.maybe ill take another course .but I dont know what course ill take physical appearance suits in being a flight tall,pretty,sexy/not fat.talented…
    what course suits me well…

  18. Hi I’m Robelyn :) 4th yr. H.S. Graduating Next Year :) Ano Po Bang Magandang Course Na Magkasama Ang Computer and Math ? :/ Please Answer Me :) ComScie or InfoTech ? :/

  19. Hi! I’m a 4th year high school a graduating student. I’m still confuse in what course I’m going to choice. I’m good in drawing too. What do you think course will suit me.

    • Hi, RN!

      That would be a bit difficult to answer because it would depend on the specific career path you wish to take after getting your second degree. If you’ve made up your mind on pursuing a nursing career, then you might want to check out advanced nursing courses (emergency nursing, ambulatory nursing, nurse anesthesia…) that will give you access to jobs that are inaccessible to nurses with no specialized trainings under their belts.

      If you want to branch out to other fields a bit, though, you might want to start with the health and natural science courses as your nursing background will probably make it easier for you, academically speaking.

      If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, you might want to move on to the courses from the other categories listed above.

  20. hi! im 4th year a graduating student. please help me..wala pa po ang makuhang course nahihirapan po ako eh. magaling po akong magdrowing.

  21. Gudaf. Po gusto q mlmn kung anu po bng course n my kinlmn sa nka hiligan q. My experience n po AQ s pgwelding at mhilig dn po AQ gumaw ng building planning nung high school p AQ.drafting po yun. Ngaun mdyu Marunung n AQ s machine shop mg fabricate. Anu po bng course my k ugnyn n nka hiligan q ngayun?
    Pke sagot pho:-)

  22. Hi! 4th year HS student po. Medyo ang field ko po ay understanding human nature. Gusto ko po kunin ang BS in Psychology pero may problema po ako.
    Umaasa lang po sa mga scholarships. Then sa scholarship na yun wala po yung course na gusto ko. More on Science-Math po yung mga courses. The thing is okay naman po skills ko sa math at science pero hindi po sya yung strong foundation talaga.
    Gusto ko lang po ng help if possible po ba na makaya ko yung course na kukunin ko? BSBA in Accountancy. Thanks

  23. Good am/pm tanong ko lang po kung may course po about sa Game Programming? tska kailangan po ba ng game programmer ang math kapag mag gagawa ng games? mahina po kasi ako sa math eh.

  24. HI! Ask lang po if kapag gusto ko po maging pediatrician in the future. Anopong course ang kukuhanin ko? THANKS!

  25. Ask ko lng po kung pano ako makkuha ng 18 units inEDUCATION, ,