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College courses can have a lot of say in the employment prospects of job seekers, so it’s important that incoming students like you take some time to evaluate your options.

If you’ve made up your mind a long time ago, that’s well and good, but if you’re still not sure about what course to take, below is a brief overview of the available college courses in the Philippines for your reference.

Please keep in mind that this is only a partial list. We update them from time to time, so do try to come back again if the course you are looking for is not yet on the list.


Humanities is a field of study that deals with the ways human think and feel and how they express themselves. Examples of courses that fall under this category are:

Social Sciences

Social Sciences is a collective term for the branches of science that deal with the study of humans, their nature, behavior, and how they interact with one another. People who are interested in this field usually pursue the following courses:

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences is a collective term for the branches of science that deal with the study of nature and the rules that apply to it. These include sciences that focus on things that can be observed, measured, or counted such as the following:

Formal Sciences

Formal Sciences is a collective term for the branches of science that deal with the study of theoretical systems. Contrary to natural sciences that try to understand the nature of things through experiments and observations, formal sciences are more concerned with defining the rules that govern a particular theory. Examples of courses that belong in this category are:

Professions and Applied Sciences

Professions and Applied Sciences is an academic discipline that deal with the practical applications of scientific knowledge in daily real life activities. Some examples of courses that fall under this category are the following:


Architecture and Design


Health Sciences



Media and Communication

Public Administration




Additionally, you can also check out our articles on the different types of courses that you can take in the Philippines and how to choose the right course in college for some additional tips.

Please note, however, that the overview and articles mentioned above were meant as a general reference only. For best results, we strongly encourage you to do some further research before you act on any of the information provided on the site.


  1. nelson

    I’m 4th year HS this coming school year and I’m choosing course between accountancy and information tech. Is accountancy really that hard? Can I easily find a job with information tech degree? Does info tech or accountancy have future for me?

    Posted on 05/10/2015
  2. pjaybutong28

    Anung magandang course if i want to work in offices?

    Posted on 05/06/2015

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