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Courses in the Philippines

Welcome to! Your online resource center for courses in the Philippines!

Are you looking for the right course to take in college? Or a graduate course to further your career? A short course to learn a new skill perhaps? Whichever you are hoping to find, we are here to help.

If this is your first time here, please read the guide below so you can find your way around the site.

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  • Home – This is where you will find a quick overview of the things our site has to offer. You will find our recent posts and featured articles as well as some brief information about us and our policies.
  •   Top Performing Schools – This section features tabulated lists of the top performing schools in the Philippines based on the results of the licensure examinations conducted by the Professional Regulatory Commission.
  • Grants and Scholarships – This section features different scholarship grants and programs in the Philippines and the information you’ll need to know in order to apply for them. You can also find tips on how to search for scholarship programs.
  • Careers and Related Courses – This section features jobs and career opportunities as they relate to available courses in the Philippines.

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In here, you’ll find the different categories we used to group all the courses on this site. We adopted Wikipedia’s list of academic disciplines. The categories are Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Formal Sciences,  and Professions & Applied Sciences. Hovering over them will also show you more detailed sub-categories that will help narrow your list down.

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Here, you’ll find a link to Ask Cathy section where you can ask Cathy any courses or education-related inquiries, and other relevant links like the Philippine Schools, Colleges, and Universities,  our Most Popular Posts, your Course Options and How to contribute.