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  1. nino macapanas

    hi! I am interested of this prograM..Where are you located at? How much would it cost me?

    • ACES

      Hi! mr. nino macapanas, ACES, Inc. is located at Km 18 Diversion Road, Ilayang Dupay, Lucena City before Lucena Grand Central Terminal if you are from Manila. The program cost is Php 20,000.00 for 6 months plus an affiliation fee of 10% of the total tuition fee. Thanks!

    • floriza

      Hi! Please keep me updated for the training schedules of Nurse anesthetist program because I’m currently working as a staff nurse in Angono, Rizal. Maybe, I will resign just to undergo the offered training of ACES. Please send me the schedule for 2014 and the details on how to make a reservation. Thanks a lot! God Bless!

  2. Jeralled

    are the classes during weekdays only?

    • ACES

      Hi! Jeralled, yes classes are weekdays 8:00am – 5:00pm monday-friday. thanks!

  3. Ian

    Hi, is this course also available online?

    thanks and good day.

  4. ACES

    Hello! Regarding the nurse anes. online program, it is on hold right now. We are still ironing out something on the online prog. we will notify you of any developments once everything is done. Thank you very much!

  5. ACES


    For those who are interested in becoming a Nurse Anesthetist, the Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists will be holding a three-day convention where some of the invited speakers are graduates of ACES’ Nurse Anesthetist Program.

    If you want to hear their stories and opinions about it, you may catch them on the first day of the convention on November 17, 2012, 9:00 AM to 12 NN.

    For more information about the convention, please visit PAMS’ Facebook page.

    • clarvie

      Hello. How much is the fee to pay in case we decided to go to the conference? Diamond hotel, roxas blvd?

  6. Luster Miguel Escasinas

    Hi! When does this program start? How many trainees are there? Thanks.

  7. Nurse Ryan

    Hi Sir/Mam:

    Do we need to pay the tuition fee FULL or Installment?

    After Graduation on Post Graduate Program, are we qualified to be a “Nurse Anesthetist” in Hospital?

  8. jamelll

    sir: for 2013 what are the schedules available for the program nurse anesthesist..
    and how much does it cost, is it thesame.
    tahnks and good day

  9. Apple

    Good Day Sir/Madam!
    I’m interested to take your Nurse Anesthetist Program but I live at Paranaque City. Do you have any offer for dormitory or boarding house and how much will it cost?
    Please respond to my email. Thank you so much!

  10. Mark Lloyd Quirante Matcha

    Good Day Sir/Madam!
    After completion of the course. what are aour chances of employment here and abroad? What happen to the nurse who graduated from this specialization?

  11. samantha

    Hi can an undergraduate join this course?

  12. Angela

    hi sir/madam! good day! I’m interested in this post graduate course. I wonder how can I enroll
    in this program. Thank you so much sir!

  13. shelly zimmer

    I am looking for a school that I can sponsor a nurse from cambodia to become a nurse anesthetics. I have worked with him four four years and has amazing ability. I think cambodia could really benefit from having more anesthesia in country. Any guidance you can provide would be gratefully appreciated. I have been looking for a program for this person for two tears. Thank you shelly

  14. Hannah M.

    Good day,
    I would just like to know additional infos on this course. What are the requirements, how much would it cost (tuition fee), duration of course, location of schools.

  15. Mat

    I think I already failed ACES admission standard, But I am willing to attend or take the said specialization for nurses, Will ACES accept my application once they evaluate my credentials? Keep us posted please,

    Thank you,

    • Mat

      Sorry about my two comments,
      Peace, :)

  16. Anna Liza Cruz

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    I’m interested to enroll in this program I’ve read the requirements in ACES web page. I graduated 1992 & passed the board 1993. Work for a couple of years however I haven’t been practising nursing for sometime now about 5 years & currently located in Saudi Arabia . My PRC license is up to date. I want to work again & I’m interested in this area of specialty. Is there anyway I can enroll in this program without staying in the Philippines like an online classes? Can you send your reply directly to my email address so I can process my documents ASAP? Thank you.
    Mrs. Cruz

  17. Jude

    Good day..im interested in enrolling in your program. I am planning to enrol on december 2014..when will the program start and what are the requirements?thank you.

  18. Cathy

    Hi .. Im interested to take CRNA .. Is there any scheduled training for 2015 .. Cause im currently on saudia arabia .. Im planning to take it after my work. And how much it cost? And how long it takes .. Thanks i’ll wait for any answers ..

  19. king

    im interested to enroll to the program. im currently working here at saudi arabia.can you pls send me an schedule whet will start and will end, requirements and tuition fee? so that i can schedule my vacation. you can email me and il be waiting for a reply

  20. gretchen gatilogo

    do you have branch in mindanao area?

  21. aikz

    I am very interested bout this, i would like to enroll next year. Please do message me for details, like expense breakdown and requirements, location and the exact date for registration and so on.

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