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Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics in the Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics (BS Applied Mathematics)is a four-year degree program in the Philippines that will train you in using mathematical theories, concepts, and formulas to come up with practical solutions to problems in the fields of business, engineering, and information technology among other things.

Some examples of courses that you may take while enrolled in this program include:

  • Precalculus Mathematics
  • Calculus
  • Advanced Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Fundamentals of Computing
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Theory of Interest
  • Actuarial Mathematics (Elective)
  • Mathematical Finance (Elective)
  • Risk Theory (Elective)
  • Statistical Theory (Elective)
  • Computational Complexity (Elective)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Elective)
  • Automata and Computability Theory (Elective)
  • Theory of Databases (Elective)
  • Graph Theory and Applications (Elective)


Qualified graduates of BS Applied Mathematics can find employment as any of the following:

  • Quality Analyst
  • Programs Analyst
  • Corporate Development Officer
  • Workforce Analyst
  • Research Executive
  • Statistician
  • College Instructor
  • Leasing Supervisor/Manager

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