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Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering in the Philippines

The Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering (BS CerE) is a five-year degree program in the Philippines that will train you in applying knowledge of mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering sciences to the practice of ceramic engineering.

Some examples of courses that you may take while enrolled in this program include:

  • Computer Fundamentals and Programming
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Computer –Aided Drafting
  • Statics of Rigid Bodies
  • Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
  • Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
  • Engineering Economy
  • Engineering Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Safety Management
  • General Chemistry for Ceramic Engineering
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Principles of Geology
  • Elements of Mineralogy
  • Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Kinetics of Materials
  • Thermodynamics of Materials
  • Phase Equilibrium in Ceramic Systems
  • Mechanics of Fluids Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics for Ceramic Engineering
  • Ceramic Plant Design
  • Ceramic Forming Technology
  • Ceramic Testing
  • Ceramic Crystal Chemistry
  • Fuels and Combustion
  • Whitewares
  • Structural Clay Products
  • Properties of Ceramic Products
  • Cement Manufacturing Technology
  • Refractories
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ceramic Plant Visits
  • Ceramic Raw Materials and Processes
  • Glass Technology
  • Glazes and Enamels
  • Thermal Processes and Pyrometry

In addition to taking the subjects mentioned above, you may also undergo a minimum of  240 hours of On-the-Job Training to give you an opportunity to put what you’ve learned in school into practice.


Qualified graduates of Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering can find employment as any of the following:

  • College Instructor
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Materials Engineer specializing in Ceramic Materials
  • Researcher
  • Sales Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Consultant

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