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  1. Hello . Dagdag kolang po , Morena po ang kulay ko at 5’2 lang po yung height ko.. hindi po ba ako naiiba kasi eh dba po ang tourism is matangkad maputi at maganda ? pero Dream kopo kasi maggng flight attendant eh , gusto kong mag travel at I know na may skills ako kaht na hindi ko complete sa qualifying appearance ng tourism …

    • Hi, Niksdc017!

      Right now, we’re not aware of any programs that would automatically qualify a graduate of any particular school for a position at Philippine Airlines. From what we have seen from job advertisements in the past, companies don’t require applicants to be a graduate of any particular course or school as long as they meet the company’s requirements. So far, we haven’t encountered any companies that specifically require applicants to be beautiful or look a certain way. Instead, what they usually require is that applicants look presentable at all times. We haven’t encountered any clause about complexion, either. The height requirement is usually strict, though, because height can affect the attendant’s ability to perform their job. Still, if being a flight attendant is your dream, you might want to search around for companies that have lower height requirements. Requirements sometimes vary depending on the company, so it might be worth taking a shot.


  2. Hello . BS Tourism Managment po course ko . Pag graduate kopo ba sa Wesleyan University Philippines eh mag kakaroon poba ko ng Job sa Philippine Airlines ? πŸ™‚

  3. Hi pwedi po bang magenroll pa sa pup kung 2years grad. Ako?

  4. Magkno ang tuition fee ng hrm sa arraulio university cabanatuan?

  5. Hi po. I’m a 4thyear student. Di ko pa po alam kung ano kukunin kong course. Kasi po nag dadalawang isip po ako sa tourism. Ask ko lang po kung makatapos po ako ng BSTM magiging isang turista lang po ba ko? And sabi denpo kasi ng teacher ko dati ang tourism and HRM daw po ay para sa mga mahihina ang utak lang?

  6. Hello please answer this
    Talaga po bang kailangan matangkad at maganda,??? I have problem about my teeth so I’m gonna get braces for good sabi ng Friends ko dapat po maganda ang ngipin, totoo po ba yon? Kahit alam kong may skill naman ako

    • Hi, Maria!

      If you were referring to becoming a flight attendant, some companies do have specific preferences when it comes to physical appearances. For that, we suggest you check out their job advertisements to see what their usual requirements are.

      If you were simply referring to enrolling in BS Tourism Management and pursuing the whole bunch of other jobs that it may lead you to, we believe that’s not really the case, especially if your skills, qualifications, and experiences are up to their standards.


  7. Added information lang: sa kahit anong course ng PUP ay P12 lang per Unit and as far as I know walang maintaining grades ang Tourism. Hindi po ganun kahigpit sa requirements kaya po ako nakapasok xD (2nd year tourism student na po ako sa PUP) hehe.

  8. good pm po anu po requirements pag grad na ng vocational tpos mag aaral ulit.gusto ko po ksi mag aral

  9. hi po:) Ask kulang po itong Curriculum list for BS Tourism Management is only for a major subject right? do you have a minor curriculum list for Tourism Management? and i ask lng po na grad. po ako ng associate of HRM then kung mag transfer po ako dito s pup, meron po bang maintaining ng grades na dpat po ba no lower than 2.0? meron po kasi akong planned to enroll this coming 2nd semester.

    • Hi, Pathrick!

      Nope. It includes both minor and major subjects.
      You can get a copy of the curriculum from the CHED website; however, it only contains the list of the recommended subjects — not necessarily the actual subjects that the school you’ll be enrolling at will require you to take — so it’s best if you’ll ask the school directly.

      We’re not really sure about the “maintaining grades” part, so we suggest you ask PUP directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed reply.


  10. hello i just want to ask kung kailan po pwede mag exam this year ?

  11. Excuse me, I just want to ask what are the requirements of this course for the students.

    • Hi, Shainna!

      Requirements vary per school, so it’s best if you’ll contact the school you wish to enroll at so they can give you a more accurate and detailed reply.


  12. Hello po! πŸ™‚
    Magkano po tuition fee ng bstm?

    • Hi, Evangilen!

      Tuition fees may vary per school, so we suggest you contact the school where you are thinking of enrolling at so they can give you an accurate and more detailed reply.


  13. Hi, im wondering if height and looks really matter when it comes to taking BSTM, my height is 5’0 and i hope im qualified taking BSTM.

    • Hi, Nikki!

      That would depend on which particular job you intend to pursue after you graduate. As far as we know, employers that are looking for tourism officers and tour escorts are not very particular with height and appearance as long as you have the skills and qualifications. Flight attendants, however, are required to meet specific height requirements and possess certain physical attributes.


      • Hello. πŸ™‚

        I just want to know, is clear vision also a requirement?

        • Hi, Shainna!

          So far, we haven’t heard of any such particular requirement. We suggest you still contact the school you are thinking of enrolling at to be sure, though.


  14. Hello, i wondering if height and looks matters when it comes taking BSTM, my height is 5’0 and i hope im still qualified to that course.

  15. May I ask, What are the qualifications an individual must carry in order to pursue this course, BSTM?
    And also, are there many job opportunities that would await me if I took this course?
    I’m currently in senior high and I am interested to pursue course, but carries the fact that Im still quite not sure, Thats why I visited your site to get an answer to my questions. Thank you in advance. πŸ™‚

  16. panu po maq inquire senyo ?
    kelan po yunq entrance exam for incominq freshman ? for next school year ?

  17. at magkano din po pag nag entrance exam magkano po ba. . hundred plus po ba to , , ,………

  18. helow po,,,magkano po ba ang tuition fee dto sa pup sta mesa at kelan po pwede mag entrance exam,,,..

    thank you po

    • hi gud pm πŸ™‚
      magkano po yung tuition fee ng tourism sa PUP ?

      • Hi, Shamae!

        Thanks for visiting our site.

        We’re sorry but we have no available information regarding the tuition fee for BS Tourism in PUP. You can find the standard tuition and miscellaneous fees that PUP imposes on this page:, but for more specific details, it’s best if you’ll contact them directly so they can give you an accurate and more detailed response.


    • Hi, Terence!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Just click the name of the school you want to enroll at and you’ll find more information about their contact information as well as their examination and admission requirements. We don’t have available information about their tuition fees, though, so it’s best if you’ll ask their official representatives for details.

      Good luck! πŸ™‚

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