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Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Philippines

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a four-year degree program in the Philippines that will help you develop your creative and technical skills in creating artistic pieces.

Most schools and universities in the Philippines offer BFA with the following majors: Painting, Sculpture, Visual Communication, and Industrial Design.

Common courses you will take under this program may include:

  • Visual Perception
  • Visual Communication
  • Techniques
  • Materials
  • Art History

The following links discuss each major in detail:



Graduates of Bachelor of Fine Arts can hold any of the following positions:

  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Costume and Fashion Designer
  • Production Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Professor / Art Educator
  • Or other similar art-related positions

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  1. Hey! I love paintings, designing an art and clothes and drawing a anime. But I’m not into sketches. Do I deserve this course. But I’m not sure if I’m accepted in this course because I can’t sketch. Am I still acceptable in this course even though I can’t sketch?

  2. I’m not really good in drawing and sketching but I know I want to learn more about it and art itself. Is it advisable for me to take this is as a college course?

  3. Hi..I graduated in TUP on last 2004 (COET). Im working here at Emballage LLc here in Dubai, we are packing and displays for Jewellery. We badly needed the Graphic Designer who are good in 3D. If interested, please email your CV to Thank you.

  4. Hello. my son wants to take BFA major in Advertising..I just want to ask if there is a math subject in that course, medyo weak kasi sya sa math..tnx, and have a nice day..

    • Hi, Joyce!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      The official policies and standards for BFA released by CHED only requires the inclusion of two Mathematics subjects. Our acquaintances who are FA graduates only had 2 (trigonometry and algebra) as well. We’re not too sure if that varies per school, though.


  5. ahm i really wanted to take up fine arts but there are no schools offering fine arts in bukidnon 🙁

    • Hi, Ralph!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We’re sorry to hear that… Have you considered the idea of relocating for your studies?:(

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