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Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Values Education

The Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Values Education (BSEd – Values Education) is a four-year degree program in the Philippines that will prepare you in teaching Values Education subjects in high school.

This program will help you understand the philosophical, ethical, socio-cultural, psychological, and legal bases of values education. By focusing on this major, you will learn more about the psycho-spiritual development of humans, the Filipino values system, and the dynamics of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication.

As a Values Education major, you will be taking the same professional education courses presented in the Bachelor of Secondary Education overview along with a couple of other subjects such as:

  • Personhood Development
  • Psychological Theories of Values Development
  • Career Development and Work Values
  • Teaching Approaches and Strategies in Transformative Education
  • Values Integration in the School System
  •  Behavioral Statistics


Teacher copy


Qualified graduates of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Values Education may find employment as a Values Education teacher in high school.



Passing the Teachers Licensure Examination is one of the requirements in seeking employment in the field of education. Please visit the official website of the Professional Regulatory Commission for more information.

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  1. i am taking up bsed-values. just wanna ask if you can help our society (as values student) with some seminars (where we can find one suited for undergrad students) and any other activities for our major subject. i hope you can help us spreading values 🙂

  2. I a a psychology grad and will take the LET. My field of specialization is values education and now I dont know where to start reviewing because I dont know where to get the topics that is under values educ.

  3. Goodmorning mam. I am a social worker and decided to take methods of teaching. Is that possible that my major is values ed.? I haven’t heard a teacher who’s major is values ed.

    • Hi, Stiffany!

      We’ve seen professional teachers who graduated with a Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Values Education, so if you were confirming if there’s such a major, there is. 🙂

  4. can i have a copy of a reviewer in let examination coz im going to take this coming jan, 26, 2014 may major is values education in secondary level ty po.

    • Hi, Benjie!

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a copy of the actual reviewer. All we have is the scope of the licensure exam which you can also find at the PRC website. We’re sure there are some other sites on the internet that has some reviewers, though, so you might want to check other sites as well. 🙂

  5. can i have acopy of vaues ed.coursesyllabus and list of books.tnx

    • Hi, Gladys!

      Thank you for visiting our site!

      Unfortunately, we don’t have the complete syllabus of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Values Education right now. You can get it and the list of recommended books from the Commission on Higher Education website, although it seems that their website is currently down.

      We do have a partial list of the courses if that would help, though.

      Professional Courses

      Child and Adolescent Development
      Facilitating Learning
      Social Dimensions of Education
      The Teaching Professions
      Principles of Teaching 1
      Principles of Teaching 2
      Assessment of Student Learning 1
      Assessment of Student Learning 2
      Educational Technology 1
      Educational Technology 2
      Curriculum Development
      Developmental Reading 1
      Field Study 1
      Field Study 2
      Field Study 3
      Field Study 4
      Field Study 5
      Field Study 6
      Practice Teaching

      General Education Courses
      English 1
      English 2
      English 3
      Filipino 1
      Filipino 2
      Filipino 3
      Humanities 1
      Humanities 2
      Literature 1
      Literature 2
      Social Science 1
      Social Science 2
      Social Science 3
      Social Science 4
      Math 1
      Math 2

      Please note that these courses are per CHED’s recommendation. Some schools or universities can add or remove certain courses according to how they see fit.

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