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Call Center Agents in the Philippines

A call center agent in the Philippines, also known as a customer service associate or customer service representative, is a person who works in a call center.

Depending on the clients of the company they are working for, call center agents may be responsible for answering customer inquiries, selling products or services, providing directory assistance, booking flights or hotel reservations, following up on late payments, or following up on customers who have expressed their desire to cancel their subscription or membership to a particular service or product.

A sub-group of call center agents, Technical Service Representatives (TSRs), are responsible for assisting customers with computer-related concerns such as troubleshooting and account setup.

What course do I need to take to become a call center agent?

Since most, if not all, call center agents undergo training before they start taking calls, it usually doesn’t matter what course you took in college or if you haven’t even graduated yet as long as you have good communication and interpersonal skills.

There are companies, however, that prefer graduates of certain courses because of their perceived suitability to certain accounts. Some examples of these courses are:

The article above was meant as a general reference for people who would like to get an idea of what kind of job this is. We make no claims that it is a hundred percent accurate, comprehensive, and up to date. We suggest that you conduct further research before acting on any of the information posted on the site.

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  1. What about online courses? Will they be honored? I’m a household cook and have been wanting to take one. Thanks.

    • Good day! 🙂

      It does; however, for now, the available courses are still limited. You can find the list of online courses offered by TESDA on their website.

  2. Ilng months po b NC II (tesda courses)

    • Hi, Normillah!

      Training duration varies per course; however, you can find the minimum training duration if you click on the specific TESDA course that you are interested in. Please note that it is just the minimum training duration and might actually last longer depending on the school or training center offering the course.

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