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Career Tests: How to Know Which Career Path Will Suit You

Future career paths have always been one of the first things that incoming college students consider when deciding on the course that they are going to take in college; however, not every student has a clear idea of what kind of jobs they want to pursue after graduation, much more the specific courses that they can take in order to qualify for these jobs.

To help address this issue, we thought of compiling some links to career-related quizzes that we think might be of some help to you.

Below are some of them:

Australian Government Job Outlook – This site will ask you some questions about which kinds of activities do you prefer doing. After you’ve submitted your answers, it will show you a graph detailing which fields would probably suit you best. If you click on a particular field, it will show you a list of jobs that you can choose from.  The list is sorted in groups, so for more details, just click any field that you are interested in.


JobOutlook QuizCropped

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Washington Careerbridge – Similar to the Australian Government Job Outlook, the quiz on this site focuses on the things you enjoy doing and the subjects you are greatly interested in. Composed of seventeen sets of questions (you are not required to answer them all), this quiz will attempt to relate your interests to a list of fields that might suit you well. Just click on any of the fields in the list and it will give you a rundown of specific jobs that you can pursue.



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Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and UniversitiesIf you are trying to figure out which particular jobs will complement your natural talents or skills, the career quiz on this site might give you a good head start. Composed of questions that will ask you to rate how easy or difficult it is for you to perform certain tasks, this quiz will give you an idea on where your talents or expertise lie. After completing the quiz, you will be directed to a graph that ranks your abilities and a short list of jobs that require these skills.


Ontario QuizCropped

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CareerTest Aside from interests, talents, and skills, one of the things that you might want to consider when choosing the course you’re going to take in college is your personality, and this quiz can help you with that. Composed of 65 questions, this quiz will try to establish your personality type based on the answers that you have provided, then give you a detailed explanation of the strengths and weaknesses often noted in that particular personality type as well as the particular careers people with this type of personality usually thrive in.


Myers Briggs Career TestCropped

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BBC Career Test – Another quiz that focuses on personality types, this quiz will attempt to figure out which careers will be good for you based on the kind of tasks you prefer to handle and how you prefer to address potential issues at work. After completing the test, you will be directed to a page that will tell you which among John Holland’s type of six persons you are, and which particular job would you probably excel in.

BBC TestCropped

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Please note that the accuracy of these tests depends on your answers, so do take time to think about your honest thoughts and feelings about the questions that have been given before you submit your answers.

Also, these tests were only designed to give you an idea of which particular careers would probably suit you. They are not absolute, and thus, should not be followed blindly.

After you’re done taking the test, you might want to check out the list of specific courses that you can take to qualify for certain jobs by visiting this list of  careers and related courses in the Philippines.

Good luck, and we hope you find the right course and job for you. 🙂

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