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3D Animators in the Philippines

A 3D Animator is a 3D artist who is responsible for animating or giving life-like movements to a 3D image by manipulating its lights, shadow, texture and color. What...

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3D Artists in the Philippines

A 3D Artist is a person who has technical and artistic knowledge to create a three-dimensional (3D) computer generated artwork by rendering flat, two-dimensional (2D)...

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3D Modelers in the Philippines

3D Modelers are 3D a  Artists who specialize in techniques of wire frame modeling and texturing of different environments, creatures, and characters with the use of...

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Accountants in the Philippines

Accountants are professionals that are concerned with the effective management of a person’s, group’s, or company’s financial resources including...

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Aquaculturists in the Philippines

An aquaculturist in the Philippines is a person responsible for raising fish and other aquatic animals for human consumption. Aside from ensuring there’s always...

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Architects in the Philippines

Architects are professionals who are responsible for designing and planning architectural structures such as residential and commercial buildings, roads, dams, tunnels,...

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Auditors in the Philippines

Auditors are professionals who are responsible for verifying the accuracy of business records and ensuring that company standards are observed and maintained. What...

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