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Nurses in the Philippines

A Nurse is a person who provides medical services to people with illnesses or disabilities including providing pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative care,...

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Opticians in the Philippines

An optician is a person trained to work with glasses and contact lenses. Depending on the job description, opticians may perform a number of tasks including...

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Optometrists in the Philippines

An optometrist is a person who diagnose vision related problems and prescribe appropriate treatments. Depending on their specialization, they may also provide...

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Pastry Cooks in the Philippines

Pastry cooks are cooks who specialize in baking and designing different types of pastries. What course do I need to take to become a pastry cook? Different employers...

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Pilots in the Philippines

Pilots are professionals who are in charge of operating aircraft. Depending on their job description, a pilot may fly a commercial plane, a private plane, or a military...

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Plant Mechanic in the Philippines

A plant mechanic in the Philippines is a person who examines and repairs malfunctioning agricultural or industrial machinery. Depending on the job description specified...

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