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Tour Guides in the Philippines

A tourist guide, or commonly known as tour guide, is a person who accompanies tourists, students and vacationers. He/she provides assistance and relay information...

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Veterinarians in the Philippines

Veterinarians are people who diagnose and treat animal diseases. Depending on their specialization, veterinarians may perform medical (non-invasive) and surgical...

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Video Editors in the Philippines

A video editor is a person who is responsible for assembling raw digital materials into a video which is suitable for broadcast. The materials they use in video...

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Waiters in the Philippines

A waiter is the one who attends to a customer and serves food and drinks in a restaurant. What course do I need to take to become a waiter? Different employers may...

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Welders in the Philippines

Welders are people who weld or join metals, plastics, and other similar materials together using specialized welding equipment. What course do I need to take to become...

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Wiremen in the Philippines

Wiremen are people who install and repair electric wiring. What course do I need to take to become a wireman? Different employers may require different courses or...

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