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CNC Milling Machine Operation NC III in the Philippines

CNC Milling Machine Operation NC II is a short TESDA course in the Philippines that will train you in performing basic CNC milling machine operations.

Some examples of skills that you will acquire from enrolling in this course include:

  • Interpreting working drawings and sketches
  • Selecting and cutting workshop materials
  • Performing shop computations (Advanced)
  • Measuring workpiece (Basic)
  • Performing shop computations (Intermediate)
  • Measuring workpiece using angular measuring instruments
  • Measuring workpiece using gages and surface texture comparator
  • Performing preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Writing advanced CNC milling machine program
  • Setting-up multiple-axis CNC milling machine, workpiece and cutting tools
  • Performing advanced CNC milling machine operations
  • Preparing cost estimates

Course Duration

CNC Milling Machine Operation NC III takes a minimum of 234 hours to complete.

Admission Requirements

Common requirements for TESDA courses include:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO
  • Copy of High school or College Diploma
  • Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records
  • 1×1 Pictures
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character

Requirements, however, may vary depending on the institution you are going to enroll at, so we strongly suggest you get in touch with the school or training center’s official representatives for more accurate and detailed information.


Some TESDA-accredited institutions may require you to complete CNC Milling Machine Operation NC II before being allowed to take CNC Milling Machine Operation NC III.


Qualified graduates of  CNC Milling Machine Operation NC III can find employment as a CNC milling machine operator (advanced).

Competency Assessment and Certification
Students enrolled in the CNC Milling Machine Operation NC III course may be required to undergo a Competency Assessment before graduation. A National Certificate (NC III) will be issued to students who passed this assessment. You can find more information on assessments and certifications at the official website of TESDA.

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  1. i am milling machinist here in qatar i want train as acnc machinist this coming june ..if ever i have a experience but i want to explore it thank u so much

  2. i have an 9 yrs experience in cnc operation and programming but i dont have any school background about cnc and i need a school certification for my future purposes can you help me how and where is it available.. here in cebu thanks your reply must be appreciated…

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