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Cris Emmanuel Sayat on Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Name: Cris Emmanuel Sayat

Course Taken: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Current Job: Graphic Artist


Why did you choose to take the course you did?

I’ve always been interested in computers. I was originally going to take up BS Criminology, but I decided to pursue what I really like instead.

What kind of activities did you do in your major subjects?

We did a lot of programming. First, we’d discuss the theories, then we’ll apply them on our laboratory class later. Aside from those, we also discussed databases, computer┬ásecurity, networking, operating systems, hardware troubleshooting, and software development.

What are the things that you learned from the course that have proven to be very useful in your work?

I think practically everything I learned in school has helped me in one way or another, but if I would have to choose the most helpful, it would probably be networking and hardware troubleshooting. I worked in sales prior to working as a graphic designer, so being familiar with the technical specifications of the products we sell really helped.

What was the most challenging thing about the course?

The expenses. Aside from the usual tuition, miscellaneous fees, and school supplies, expect to spend some cash on group projects and other school activities. Also, while you’re not required to have your own computer and printer, not having one can be quite a challenge because you’d need them to practice the things you learn in class.

Do you think you chose the right course?

Yes, I think so. I think you’ll only go wrong if you didn’t like the course you pursued. In my case, I pursued a course I was really interested in and got a job related to it after graduating, so I can say that that worked out well for me.

Would you recommend it to incoming college students?

In some ways, yes, but personally, I think agriculture would be a better option. It’s a good course, there’s no doubt about that, but I think there are already way too many professionals in the field of information technology right now. There have been a lot of job openings in the IT business lately, but it’s mostly because of the jobs opened by BPOs, something that may or may not last for long. The Philippines is primarily an agricultural country, so whatever happens, there will always be a need for agriculturists. Besides, I know a good number of people who are good at computers even if they didn’t take up BS Information Technology, so unless you really want to take it, I suggest you consider other possible alternatives first.

What skills or attributes do you think would be helpful for incoming college students who are thinking of taking the same course you did?

Analytical thinking skills. Those who work in the IT industry are always called upon to address computer-related issues, so you have to be able to figure out what the root of the problem is and how you can fix it. Since IT professionals usually work with complex systems, they also need to have focus and attention to detail. Being up to date with the latest technologies and current events would also help.

Do you have any advice for incoming college students who are thinking of taking the course you did?

Do not blindly follow trends. Just because your friends took a certain course doesn’t mean you should too. It’s difficult to study something you are not really interested in, so take time to consider your options. Before you decide, make sure you compare them first so you can pick the one that would be best for you.

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