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DOLE’s Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines as of 2012

To many Filipinos, high-paying jobs automatically equate to overseas jobs and vice-versa.

However, while it is true that few jobs in the Philippines offer higher salaries compared to jobs that can be found overseas, recent trends in the local employment market are slowly starting to even out the playing field.

Take a look at the list of the highest paying jobs in the Philippines according to a recent study published by the Department of Labor and Employment.

 Job  Average Salary Per Month
Art Director P 69,286
Geologist P 64,889
Aircraft Pilot/Navigator/Flight Engineer P 57,789
Mining/Metallurgical Engineer P 55,638
Computer Programmer P 43,573
Systems Analyst/Designer P 42,112
Production Supervisor/General Foreman P 36,133
Actuarian P 35,480
Call Center Agent / Customer Service Representative P 35,424
Statistician P 35,010


According to the list which was compiled based on the average monthly basic salary and allowances of full-time workers employed by companies with at least 20 employees, ten jobs were reported to be offering more competitive rates compared to other jobs in the countries — with some offering as much as 8 times the minimum wage. These include less popular but in-demand jobs such as geologists, metallurgical engineers, statisticians, and actuarians.

The only issue is these salaries are not based on entry-level jobs. That means you would need to have several years of professional experience as well as more advanced skills and knowledge to qualify for this rate.

Also, all of the jobs on the list, with the exception of call center agents or customer service representatives, require a bachelor’s degree.

If you’re willing to invest in your future, though, the Bureau of Labor and Employment strongly encourages incoming college students to pursue courses related to these jobs in order to improve their career prospects.


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