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Edmund Lopez on Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

Name: Edmund C. Lopez

Course Taken: Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation


Why did you choose to take the course you did?:

First is because I have relatives who are graduates of this course.  One of them is just an ordinary seaman while another two are now the Chief Officer and the captain of a luxury ship.  I chose to take this course not just for my own interest, but also because I want to help my family while gaining more exposure to the practices of the maritime industry.

What was the most interesting thing about the course?:

I guess the most interesting part of my course is the celestial navigation simply because it involves a lot of Mathematics which is one of my favorite subjects when I was in high school.

What kind of activities did you do in your major subjects?:

Naval Reserve in our NSTP.

What advice can you give to incoming students who are thinking of taking the same course you did?:

Before you take this course, make sure you have the skills listed below:

  • Technical skills
  • Endurance
  • Navigation skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • English skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical skills

What are the things you learned from the course that have proven to be very useful in your work?:

Even if working on this job is quite a struggle, all the skills that I learned during my college years like navigation and solving mathematical problems are so useful.

Do you think you chose the right course?:

Yes. I highly recommend this course to those who are, as of now, financially-challenged individuals who have the heart and dedication to work hard in order to reach their dreams and goals in life. This course has everything you’d need once you get through college — lots of employment opportunities, a promising career, and a high salary level.

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