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Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines as of 2015

School may have just started for the thousands of students whose schools are now following the new August to May academic year, but for those who are already keeping an eye on the job market for options once they graduated as early as now, the latest Annual Salary Report of, a website that specializes in helping job applicants find potential employers and vice versa, may give you some great ideas on where to look.

Below are tables listing jobs with high paying salaries as of 2015, broken down according to industry, specialization, average salary, and the amount of professional experience required in order to qualify for the job.


Jobs with High Paying Salaries as of 2015
Fresh Graduates
Industry Specialization  Average Salary
Information Technology Software P 23,949
Information Technology Database Administration P 23,080
Information Technology Technical & Helpdesk Support P 22,289
Information Technology Hardware P 21,371
Finance Merchant Banking P 21,345
Law Legal Services P 21,301
Sales Telemarketing P 20,966
Healthcare Nursing / Medical Support Assistance P 20,588
Sales Engineering / Information Technology / Technical P 20,265
Engineering Electronics P 19,343
Junior Executives
(1-4 Years of Experience)
Information Technology Software P 37,784
Information Technology Network / Database Administration P 33,029
Law Legal Services P 27,033
Actuarial Science Statistics P 27,032
Engineering Electronics / Communication P 26,379
Public Relations Communications P 25,153
 Technical Helpdesk Support P 25,078
Sales Telemarketing P 24,400
Training & Development P 23,762
Customer Service P 23,369
(Five or More Years of Experience)
 Industry  Specialization   Average Salary
Information Technology Software P 67,478
Information Technology Network / Database Administration P 52,319
Law Legal Services P 39,788
Engineering Electronics / Communication P 34,831
Customer Service Customer Service P34, 772
Sales Engineering / Technical /Information Technology P 33,396
Marketing Business Development P 33,104
Quality Control Assurance P 32,978
Sales P 32,878
Engineering Industrial P 27,032


Got something to share about the salary range for the different jobs available on the market right now? Feel free to provide some inputs or share your personal experiences on the comment section below.


Accessed September 05,2015

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