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How to Apply for TESDA Assessment and Certification

For people who are looking for a job, especially those who are interested in working as a skilled worker both here in the Philippines or overseas, TESDA certificates can provide a much needed edge over other applicants who are applying for the same position but do not have the qualifications commonly required by prospective employers. Because of this, more and more Filipinos are becoming interested in obtaining a TESDA certificate either to gain employment or to secure a higher position in the company that they are working for.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware how to go about it. If you happened to be one of them, this step-by-step procedure on how to obtain a TESDA certificate may help.  If you don’t know anything about TESDA courses yet, though, we highly encourage you to check out this page for answers to frequently asked questions first so you’ll have an idea of how the system works as a whole. Otherwise, you may proceed to the guide below for reference.

Applying for the Assessment Examination

  • Check out the list of assessment centers accredited by TESDA and pick one that will be convenient for you.
  • Submit the documents listed below:
    • Filled Out Application Form which you may get either from the nearest TESDA office or download from their official website.
    • Properly and completely filled-out Self Assessment Guide of your chosen qualification (you can also get this from the TESDA website ).
    • Three (3) pieces of colored and passport size picture, white background, with collar and with name printed at the back
  • Find the cashier and pay the corresponding assessment fee. Wait for your official receipt and admission slip to be issued and take note of the examination date and venue of the assessment exam indicated on it.
  • Go to the assessment center on the assigned date of the exam and make sure you bring your admission slip with you.
  • After you’re done with the assessment exam, wait for the Competency Assessment Result Summary that will be issued to you and check out whether your assessment result says “Competent”or “Not yet competent.”

    If the “Competent” box is checked, it means you’ve successfully demonstrated that you have all of the competencies required to pass the exam and that you can now request for a National Certificate from TESDA; however, if the “Not Yet Competent” box is checked, it means you did not pass one or more of the competencies required, and that you may have to retake either some parts of the assessment exam or its entirety — depending on your performance in the assessment for individual competencies.

Applying for a TESDA Certificate

  • Once you’ve successfully passed the assessment exam, take your Competency Assessment Result Summary and go to the assessment center where you had your exam and look for the person in charge of processing requests for TESDA certificates.
  • Wait for a bit while they check their database to verify if you are on the list of people who have successfully passed the assessment exam.
  • Once the verification is done, you will be given a request form to fill out.
  • After you’re done writing the required information, present the form to the cashier and pay the required fees then wait for them to give you your receipt together with the request form that you’ve just filled out.
  • Return the form together with the receipt to the person in charge and wait for them to stamp your  Competency Assessment Result Summary card.
  • Once your Competency Assessment Result Summary card has been stamped, allow seven working days for them to process your request.
  • Follow up on the status of your request after the turnaround time has elapsed to see if you can already claim your certificate. Make sure you bring a valid ID. Certificates are usually given only to the applicant; however, in cases where it’s not possible for the applicant to claim the certificate personally, a representative may claim it for him or her provided that a Special Power of Attorney has been issued to him or her by the applicant.


Please keep in mind that presenting fake documents will cause you to be disqualified from passing any assessment certification by or any other similar TESDA program.

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