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How to Choose the Right Course in College

Many high school students often have trouble choosing what college course to take, especially those who are in their junior and senior years.  It can be a really tough decision to make for teens because peer or parental pressure tends to have a huge impact on decision making at that age.

Because of this, many college students become stuck with courses they don’t like or they are not particularly interested in. Since the course you’re going to take will have a lot of say on the career you can eventually pursue, it’s important that you decide which course will be the best for you well in advance. The only question is, how will you know which college course you should take?

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Your strengths and talents

Figuring out your strengths and talents is one of the most important steps in finding out what course will suit you well.

For example, if you can easily cook a new dish by using some of the ingredients you just found in the fridge, you can start by looking at different courses with cooking subjects such as Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management, Bachelor of Science in Food Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and go from there. You may also want to consider short TESDA courses such as Culinary Arts and Commercial Cooking if you’d like to test things first.

On the other hand, if you’ve always been good at figuring out how things work and how you can improve existing tools or work processes, then courses that will introduce you to different systems, designs, or products that you can physically touch are the courses that you might want to explore.

Courses in the field of Engineering like Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE)Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)Mechatronics Servicing NC IV, and those Computer Sciences like Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceBachelor of Science in Information Systems; and Computer Hardware Servicing NC II are good options to start with.

If your main points have always lain on your ability to understand and interact with people, however, then courses in the field of Social Sciences might suit you well.

Examples of these are AB Mass Communication, BS Psychology, BS Sociology, BS Public Administration, and AB Linguistics.

The same goes for any other talent that you may have. If you are good at it, then try to find a course that can help you become even better. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it. ”

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a communication-related degree if your grammar is far from perfect or an Engineering degree if you are not a walking calculator, but there will be the question of how interested you are in it and how much effort will you be willing to put forth to finish that course.

2. Your interest and willingness to learn

Let’s say that you haven’t figured out where your talent lies, how can you come up with the best decision? Think about your interests and your willingness to learn a particular subject.

You can start by listing everything you like or have always been interested in then try to explore each of them in detail. If you’re not sure where to begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of activities do you enjoy doing?
  • What topics do you enjoy discussing?
  • Do you enjoy doing them over and over again?
  • Can you imagine yourself doing them for free or for a fraction of the usual rate?

The first two questions will give you an idea of your interests and the questions after them would tell you about how passionate you are about them and if you could actually pursue them as a lifelong career.

For example, let’s say you like comics so you want to be a comic artist. Since producing comic books involves a lot of drawing, Visual Arts courses like Bachelor of Fine Arts may come to mind, but before you actually pursue the course, try to ask yourself:

Are you interested in learning different drawing techniques? Can you imagine yourself spending hours after hours creating and coloring a single drawing or a single scene? Do you have the patience to do days or weeks of research to translate real life images into lifelike drawings?

If you don’t, then you might want to look at other activities that you have more fun doing and take time to reassess what you really want to do.

3. Your goals

Natural talents and interests are important factors in considering the course you’re going to take in college; however, the most important thing you need to think about is what you want for your future.

Sure, there are things that you love doing and there are things that you have no trouble doing, but the question is “Can you imagine yourself doing it for the rest of your life or for the most part of it?” You may be at an age where you still have plenty of time to think about it, but the sooner you figure it out, the sooner you will be able to plan your future.

Are you picking a course simply to please the people around you or are you doing it because it’s really what you’ve always wanted to do?

Do you want to pursue a career based on your passion and lifelong dreams or do you want to pursue a career that will give you financial security?

The answer can be a simple yes or no, but its implications on your future are not that simple. Some people choose a course related to their passion, but there’s the question of whether there will be jobs available after graduation. Similarly, some people go for financial security and pick an in-demand job, and there’s the question of how long they can keep at it.

Of course, things do not always come in black and white. There are no straight answers, just your willingness to make things work, so just go and give it your best shot. In the end, it comes down to what is most important to you.

If you’re still having uncertainties, here are some other miscellaneous tips that we hope may also help:

You’re not sure how interested you are in the courses you have in mind?

Take a look at the curriculum of the different courses in the Philippines. It will help you know what topics you will be covering in advance, so you’ll know if you’re interested in a particular course as a whole or just some parts of it.

If you have some time to spare, you can also browse through the recommendations of professionals who took the course you are thinking of pursuing. They would be in the best position to tell you what to expect from the course and how you can handle them. A quick internet search could also find you a decent list to start with.

Additionally, plenty of colleges and universities provide career counseling for incoming college students a few months ahead of graduation, so they will be glad to answer whatever questions you may have.

Worried about your financial situation?

If your worries about your financial situation are the ones that are keeping you from pursuing the course you want, there are several options that you can always explore first before you make up your mind.

For example, if you can’t afford a four or five-year degree program, you can try to apply for a scholarship grant. There are actually some scholarship programs that are specifically targeted towards students of specific courses, including some of the more costly ones like Engineering, Marine Transportation, and Medicine. You’ll just have to do a little searching.

Aside from that, you can also find a part-time job that can help you earn some money while continuing to go to school. Several establishments such as fast food chains, computer rentals shops, and call centers often hire part-timers, so you just have to find a way to manage your time.

You’re not confident in your talents?

Work on enhancing them. Enroll in short courses or attend seminars that can help you develop your skills. There are plenty of organizations that offer them for free — all you have to do is choose.

Alternatively, you can also apply for an internship at a company engaged in activities related to your skills. Some of them may not pay enough money or may not pay at all, but you can learn a lot of things along the way, so you could just think of it as an investment for your future.

Still worried about choosing the wrong course?

Don’t stress yourself too much. While it is a legitimate concern, it’s not something permanent that you can never change. No one can predict the future, so the best you can do is explore your options, choose well, work hard, and hope for the best. If somewhere along the line you realized that the course you took isn’t really going to work for you, there’s always the option of shifting to a different course.

It might not be your ideal scenario, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Just because you dropped a course to take another one doesn’t mean you’ve wasted a part of your life. On the contrary, it may serve as an opening for new learning and career opportunities — provided of course that you pay attention to your classes and other related activities.

At the very least, you can have some of the credits that you earned from your previous course carried over to your new one. You can plan that part out by consulting your school’s registrar so you’ll know which courses have similar subjects. That way, you could minimize the number of subjects that you’ll have to take when you shift into the new course.

With all of those said, those are just tips and suggestions. There’s no guarantee that they’ll work for everyone, but we do hope they could help. If you think this article can help anyone you know, feel free to share.

So, how would you choose which course to take?

Good luck!

Updated Feb 22, 2013

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  1. hi poh..i want some advice.
    im a grade 10 student at hindi ko pa po alam ang kukunin kong kurso…interested po ako sa photography,cooking at tungkol sa crime inves….wala po akong alam sa pagluluto pero gusto kong matuto..pati narin sa natirang dalawa gusto ko…
    tanong ko lang pwede ko bang kunin ang kurso na gusto ko pero hindi ako kagalingan sa kurso nayon….tulad ng sa cooking/baking ,gusto ko sana pero hindi ako marunong

    isa pa ano ang best course para sa cooking/baking?
    pti narin sa photography at yung may kinalaman sa crime inves.
    .pag po pa sa crime invest. ay kailngn mgaling sa science?

    kailangn ko po ang tulong niyo .sana masagot po ang katanungan ko.

    …..thank you.:) 🙂

    • I’m first student if were you i choose yung crimes hindi mo naman kailangan magaling sa science nun naaply lang iyon sa course mo pero ang pinakamahalaga maalam ga ma analyze sa scenes tawag analytical thinking yun yung pagkakalam ko 😀

  2. pls help po pinakukuha po ako ng papa ng industrial engineering ngaun pasukan kso di po ako magaling sa math! mahilig po akong mag sa ulo! dati po kce bsba ang course koh, kso nag stopped po ako bcoz of family problem nag ,anage po ako ng busineess namin 4 years na po!, then pumasok po ulit ako nag education naman po kso tumigil po ako gawa po ng kailangan nila ng requirements ko sa dati kong school kso di ko po nabigay!

  3. ako din di ko alam ang kukuhain ko gusto ng magulang ko ay bs crim eh parang ayaw ng katawan ko dun kahit na may katawan naman ako parang mas gusto ko magluton o mag drawing dati gusto ko mag civil pero di ako kagalingan sa math 🙁 anu po pipiliin ko ??

  4. Hi,please help me..
    – I want to travel around the world.
    – I want to be a Photographer.
    – I want to communicate with other.
    Pero di ko alam kung anong course kukunin ko. Gusto ko kasi mataas ang salary ko. Ano po tawag sa course na kukunin ko?

  5. I am high school graduate last 2014 but I stop pursuing to study in college because of the financial problem and I am not sure what course do I have to take.. .
    I like Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE) but I’m not too very good in Computer, but I am willing to learn!

    I have a plan to continue my studies this year..

    Hope you help me on my situation. Thank You po !

  6. Hi, I’m a 4th year high school student. I’m planning to take HRM for college because it’s connected in cooking and I like it. But somehow, I feel underestimated on that because my friends are all going for engineering and medical courses. Somehow, I would also like to try Architecture, I don’t have much skills in drawing but I’m not that bad also. My friend also recommended me MedTech, and I find it cool. But I’m just really really really bad at math, that’s all I’m worrying about. Please help.

  7. i’m not sure to my course civil engineer. but i’m willing in mathematics but i regret I am confused and I take the course but i really like math so i decide to take civil engineer.

  8. Hi po tanong ko lang mag Kano ang whole year sa IT and culinary course?kc may dalawa po kc akong mag college at parang mabigat po sabay sila.

  9. Di rin ako maka decide so i just went for it and browsed for a course and school thru a website.

    I’ll just take a safe course like marketing at UST or Lyceum then shift na lang ako later on.

  10. Hi po! My course is Education but I can’t imagine myself teaching. Should I continue it or shift another course? But if I’ll shift my course I’ve been thinking to take BSBA major in MM, BS HRM, Accountancy or IT. But until now I cant’t decide! Btw, I want to act, dance and sing!

    • Hi! Im Mary Cris, Im graduating in high school and I can’t decide what is right course for me I prefer
      Business, Accountancy,Pharmacist, Nursing aide/health aid..Its so much lot but Im not good in Math just a little bit , i hate Math actually ..I like History and base in your advice for Financial Security that thing i want for my familyand soon i want to make a business someday….Im thinking To take Accountancy but im afraid …pls help me to decide what’s good and right…Thank u so much.. 🙂

  11. Hello po. Naguguluhan po kasi ako kung anung course kukunin ko eh. My choices are: BSA, pharmacy, architecture and IT ir Comscie. Ang dami po no? Sakit sa ulo huhu

  12. hello 🙂 i am chemae . a graduating highschool student . i can’t decide the right course for me :/ i really hate computations and some branches of science . i love travelling and experiments . i just want to work in an office . what course should i choose ??
    please help me 🙁 thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi, Chemae!

      There are plenty of courses that can help you get an office job, but the following courses come off the top of our heads.

      BS Tourism Management
      BS International Studies
      BS Foreign Service

      We suggest you check out their course overviews to see if they will work for you.


  13. hi.:))
    I can’t decide between civil engineering and accountancy. It’s because with accountancy, I can imagine a future, like working in a bank or being in an office. I also like civil engineering because they (my parents, classmates) say that it fits me. When i took and intelligence quiz, it resulted that I had spatial intelligence and that site suggested this course. I also like geometry. lol. but the problem is that,… if i graduate from civil engineering, what kind of work do i do? i really like office work and i dont like to be in the field because I’m not so fond of working with people. I am intrapersonal.

  14. thanks po sa article nyo dahil marami akong natutunan about po sa courses…..
    ask ko lang po.anu po bang pinagkaiba ng computer engineering sa IT…..

  15. Hello po! thank you po sa mga advice nyo! Pero hindi ko pa rin po mahanap yung right course para sa akin. Dati po ang gusto kong kuning course ay culinary. Pero sabi po ng guardian ko, maghihirap daw po kami. And hindi ko rin po alam yung talents ko.. :3
    Ang mga favorite subjects ko po ay:
    *Science, like biology, chemistry, natural science and kaunting physics po? pero hindi po ganun ka gusto dahil sobrang hirap.
    Ang mga hate subjects ko naman po ay:
    *English. hindi naman po sa ayaw ko ng english pero mahina po ako sa grammar eh..
    Hilig ko naman po:
    *Magsolve ng mga puzzle.

    I’m currently 4th year high school student!
    Maraming salamat po kung mapapansin nyo po ang post ko!
    Pasensya napo kung medyo marami po akong tanong!

  16. Hi Bsa po ako pero nahihirapan akong mag analyze pero i prefer math kesa science. Gusto ko din sa office mag trabaho pag graduate. Anong course pwede sken?

    • Hi, Precious!

      There are quite a lot of jobs for those who wish to work in an office, so it’s a bit difficult to pick a particular one. Some examples that we can think of are BS Business Administration, BS Office Administration, BS Public Administration, BS Foreign Service among others.

      If you like Math but you’re not too much into Science, you might also want to check BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science, BS Information System, and BS Mathematics.

      If you’ve got some time to spare, we suggest you browse the courses on the lists located on the pages below to give you additional options to choose from.


    • Hello po, ang mga course po na preffered ko ay BS Architecture and BFA (Fine Arts). Naguguluhan po ako kung ano po pipiliin ko sa dalawang yun. Nadiscover ko po yung pagda-drawing since 12. Eh sinasabi po nila na maraming gastos sa BFA, kaya sabi ng mga parents ko sa Architecture na lang. Eh hindi naman po ako mahilig magdrawing ng mga bahay. Ang hilig ko po talaga ay ang pagda-drawing, pero sa tingin ko po hobby ko lang po ‘yun.Hindi ko na po alam kung ano pipiliin ko :(.

      • Hi, Jerika!

        If the only thing holding you back from taking a course other than BFA is because you want to pursue a career related to drawing, then you might want to consider the experiences of some non-BFA graduates who have had long careers as professional graphic artists, painters, and other similar jobs.

        The thing is, taking up BFA or any course related to the job you want to pursue someday can help teach you the fundamentals; however, at the end of the day, they are just part of the learning process. Sometimes, you’d learn the most important lessons and acquire the most important skills once you started working, so it’s not a bad idea to open yourself to different possibilities (Jobs that require extensive technical knowledge might be a slightly different story, though).

        If you want to take BFA because you sincerely believe that you wouldn’t feel happy at all taking another course, then we suggest you try to find ways to convince your parents that it’s worth a shot. You could probably start joining drawing-related competitions to show them how far your talent can take you. You can also try to find related internship programs that pay part-timers. If that happened, maybe your parents might become open to allowing you to pursue the course.

        That doesn’t guarantee anything, but at least you know you gave it your best.


  17. hi! im bea 🙂 i’m still in 7th grade but i wanted to know what course suites me. My mom wanted me to be a meteorologist and i dont know if i would listen to her or not.. can you please help me 🙂

  18. Hello po, nag take po ako ng civil engr., pero parang di ko po sya feel, masyado po akong nahihirapan. Okay naman po ako ipagpatuloy pero parang di ko po magugustuhan. Sa tingin nyo po mag shishift ba po ako? Hingi po ako ng advice ano po sa tingin nyo ang kukunin kong course? Kasi po hanggang ngayon di ko pa po alam ang gusto kong maging sa future eh. Salamat po

    • From some of our staff’s personal experience, it’s difficult to force yourself to stick with a course that you are not interested in, especially since the course you took in college would play a big role in the kinds of jobs that you can pursue in the future. If you think you have other skills or talents that you honestly believe you can put to better use while studying a different course, then we think that shifting to a different course might be worth a try, especially if finances are not much of an issue.

      Before you make the big decision, though, we suggest you do some research on the courses you intend to shift to first. If possible, sit in a class or two, borrow the program’s syllabus, or chat with the students taking the course first. It will give you an idea whether shifting will work in your favor or not.

      As for the specific course, it’s difficult to recommend one particular course since there are many factors to consider. If you have the time, we suggest you check out the courses on the pages below. They might give you a good place to start.


  19. my mom pursuing me to be a broadcaster.. but my sister argued , she told me computer programming is much better for me..

    btw, my talent is:
    -directing a movie( movie projects / activities)

    but i wanted to be a doctor..
    -do you think this course will fit to me?? :'(
    im so frustrated thinking it again and again..
    because im graduating senior now..

    please help me! i’ll wait your reply.. thankyou very much and god bless:)

  20. it helps me a lot! it opened my mind not to always go and follow my parents wanted me to be.
    but until now.. i cant decide what course do i have to take.. 🙁

  21. I don’t know what course fit on me. but this is what i love to do.

    -Solving in Mathematics
    -Writing stories
    -I love communicating with peoples

  22. Hi.
    Ahm ang course bang computer science and information technology pwedeng mag work sa bank?

    • it will work dear.. maybe you can also try accountancy. wont you?

    • Hi, Rochelle!

      As an IT professional yes, BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, and BS Information Systems graduates can.


  23. hi, i’m just concern of what course that is fit to me.
    -i’m a lover of sports (physical sports)
    -hobby of writing
    -i understand things easily
    -i hate computations, i love ap/history
    -i want solving codes
    -i want making my things are orderly placed and labeled
    -i’m interested in knowing any kind of languages
    -i love traveling, but (real talk) my height doesn’t fits tourism. hahaha 🙂
    -i love discovering things
    -i’m good in arts (i got many awards and medals in performing art activities)
    -hobby of reading
    -i can know the attitude of one person in day only (mental power) hahaha 🙂
    -i can entertain person
    -i’m cheerful 😀
    -i’m not good at technologies but i’m willing to learn
    -i’m independent and industrious
    -i have no hobby in cooking
    -i want editing

    what do you think course that fits on these aspects? please answer 🙁 thanks :*

  24. hello po… nkartapos po ako ng Commercial cooking NC2 but wala pa po ako cert. kc ndi pa ako nkpag OJT .!!!
    now im working in a Fast Food Restaurant (JB) at gusto ko po mag study ng BSEd-TLE !!!
    is it okay lang po ba na wag muna ako umuwi sa tacloban para mag OJT at mag aral muna while nag ttrabaho ??!!!
    GodBless PO

    • Hi, Sweet Angiela!

      That would probably depend on your situation and priorities. If the OJT only involves a couple of months, there’s probably no harm in finishing it first so you can already secure a certificate. A government-issued certificate can be advantageous when applying for a job, so even if you have no intention of looking for a new one yet, it would be nice to have it ready if and when a good career opportunity suddenly comes up.

      You’re also already working in the food industry, so perhaps you could try to find a way to have your OJT at the place you are currently working at (there are companies that allow those, only we’re not sure if your company would too). If that happens, you would be able to finish your OJT while working as usual.

      BSED is a four-year course, so if you’re going to finish it first, it might take a while before you can have your OJT, assessment exam, and certificate. TESDA sometimes change/update their curricula, and that may affect the assessment exam you need to pass to secure a certificate, so you might want to get yours while the curricula is still the same.

      That’s just what we think, though. You know your situation and priorities better than we do, so the decision is totally up to you.


  25. Hello po! ano po bang magandang course for me? ang hirap po kasi mamili. I’m good in math, I love history (bagay, lugar, o tao man yan), gusto ko po yung nag-didiscover ng mga bagay-bagay. Favorite subjects? math, computer, A.P, earth science, at medyo sa biology. Hope you’ll give me some suggestion na pwede sakin 🙂

  26. Thanks for the advice… It really helped me but I still need your help more.
    I jst finished high school nd I always knew that I wanted to take a particular course bt now it looks lyk I’m not even sure of myself… Most times I even cry nd it looks lyk I’m stuck…
    Plz it was a blessing for me to come to this particular site and I know I will find an answer. Most especially, I don’t want to take a course I’m gonna regret…
    Keep up d good work nd plz send me a reply to the email it was sent through..

    • Hi, Cheddah!

      If you have the time and you have some friends or acquaintances who already took the course/s you are interested in, try to ask them if they can lend you their lecture notes, quizzes, or projects from their college days. It would give you a detailed idea of what to expect from the course/s, and it will also help you gauge how easy or difficult it/they would be for you, or if you are going to enjoy pursuing it / them.


  27. hi po..ako po ay 4th year high school gusto ko po sana mag tanong kong ano ang magandang course wala po kasi akong mapili ehh.
    e2 po ang hilig ko..magbasa,mag edit sa computer ng kong ano-ano,like ko din po ang pag sagot sa mga question na kailangan ng reason.
    ang hnd po ako mahilig ay ang math,science,filipino.ayaw ko dn po mag drawing,dancing and painting.mahoina dn ako sa mga spelling and grammar.
    gusto ko sana makaaral sa pag luto kaso baka d ako makapasa kasi d ako maronong mag luto:(

  28. Good Day po! What course should I take next year(payag sa ibang course at change of attitude)?
    ‘coz my parents stopped me from studying this year due to my stubbornness, impressing my crush by pagiging maporma etc. which I realized na dapat baguhin ko na po at yung course (animal treatment and care) hindi ko forte although animal friendly and loving ako. Mahilig ako sa sports specially running and swimming, gadget friendly, mahilig magsales talk sa kilala at mahilig maglinis ng paligid.kasunood>

    • kasunod po. Ito po favorite subjects ko history, computer, mapeh, filipino and english. Hindi ko gusto ang math, science. Ask ko lang kung saang course po ako mageexcel, at may future po ako sa tingin nyo based on the demand of the jobs, salary, competition, at kung mageenjoy ako at may future na bubuhay sa akin. Ito po choices ko BSEd Major in History, BSed Major in M.A.P.E.H., BSIT, BSBA Major in Marketing, BSBA Major in Human Resource, BSHRM.

    • Hi, Rafael!

      That’s a tricky question to answer, but let’s try to break the answers down into categories.


      You can get a rough idea of which specific jobs have the most vacancies by browsing employment websites like Jobstreet, JobsDB, and Bestjobs to cite some examples. Once there, just type in the specific job (e.g. programmer) or specialization (e.g. human resources) you are interested in, then check the number of results displayed.


      After trying the tip above, check out the individual job advertisements. Some of the companies post the actual salary and compensation packages that they are willing to offer. If such data isn’t available, you can use this tool instead.


      You can get an idea of how many future competitors you’ll have by checking the number of enrollees for particular fields (although the number of enrollees isn’t necessarily equal to the number of future graduates) on this page (scroll down to the third table)


      We believe that’s something that only you can decide. We suggest you check out what graduates of the courses you are interested in had to say about the courses they took so you, yourself, can assess if they would be a good choice for you.


  29. hello po 🙂 ang first choice ko pong course is HRM or Culinary. but, masyado po akong tamad mag luto. tapos ngayon po, gusto ko na pong mag BA PSYCHOLOGY. siguro po bagay yun sa talent ko. feel ko po kasi eh yung talent ko is mag bigay ng advice sa mga may problema. sana po matulungan nyo po ako. thankyou po 🙂

  30. Hello po!
    senior po ako ngayon sa high school. Di po ako sure sa ite-take ko sa college. Gusto ko mag-teacher, agree naman po ang parents ko na mag-teacher ako kaso mahiyain po kasi ako.And i don’t know kung kakayanin ko. And kung mage-education ako, gusto ko sana early childhood education. My mom suggested na mag-secondary na lang ako or elem. I’m not quite sure kung ano mangyayari sa future ko kung yun ang kukunin ko. Please help me decide..thanks

    • Hi, Anne!

      You might find it difficult to imagine at first, but self-confidence is something that you can work on, especially if you love what you’re doing.

      Just try to open yourself to more opportunities to improve your communication skills (try to talk to more people, participate in extra-curricular activities, or attend related workshops or seminars) and give yourself enough time to adjust. You don’t have to be a star speaker overnight, so just take things one step at a time, and you’ll eventually see some improvements.

      If you especially like working with little kids, we believe Early Childhood Education would be a good course to take. If you’re not particularly concerned with the age of the students you would be teaching, BSED and BEED seem equally good choices to us. That’s just us, though, so you might also want to seek out other people’s opinions, especially those who have actually taken the said courses.


  31. Hi I am 4th right I don’t know what course I will take for college can you please give an advice… I love Mathematics. And I love also to exercise I was joining some sports like running, I play basketball, volleyball, and badminton… can I get a nice advice what course I will take,… thank you…

  32. Hi! uhm,, di ko pa rin talaga alam kung anong pipiliin kong course. Di ko kasi malaman kung san ba ko magaling at interesado. Pano ko ba mare-recognize yon?

  33. Hello po, i am currently a 4th year student and buong vacation po, naghahanap po tlga akong course na bagay sakin. At first, gusto ko ng ab communications or masscom, because i have talent in speaking in front of a crowd, though kinakabahan ako, pero okay naman,but i dont lime writingg such as articles and essays. Gusto ko din ng Respi theraist and speech patho, pero limited schools lang ang meron, kung meron man eh mahal. Please give some advice. Will be waiting for your reply. Thank you 🙂

  34. Hi im jenina 4th year HS wla pa po akong mapili na course pero pinagiisipan ko po if kung *fashion designing
    *culinary arts
    *BS marketing management
    Dahil gusto ko po in the future magkaroon po ng sariling business like selling cakes, pastries just about sweets or restaurant, meron po ba kayong maisusugest na university para po sa mga course na yan then ano po sa tingin niyo ang right po na course for me…

  35. Hello po ^__^ gusto ko lng pong maitanong Kung ano ung nababagay skn, kc hanggang ngayon po ay d prn po ako makapili ng course. Ito po ung Kung saan ako magaling o mahilig: dancing, good listener, essay writing, story telling, reading, mahilig akong mag-imbento ng mga dessert foods and translator. Favorite subjects nmn po ay English pero po mahina ako sa spelling, history, Filipino. Ayoko nmn po ng science at medyo ayoko rn po ng math. I wish you could help me to choose a course for collage.

  36. Hi po. Incoming 4thyr hs po ako. Sympre mlapit na po yung mga CAT and until now hindi ko prin alam kung anong itatake kong course. Somewhere in my heart, gusto ko po med. Kaso maarte po ako mnsan at ntatakot ako na baka di ako pumasa. Or if ever na yun po, ano po bang mgandang pre-med? Pwde rn naman po akog mag-accountancy. Sbi po ng pinsan ko, financial dw po muna. Ano pong magandang kunin? And lastly, fave ko talaga ang English. Kaso parang di naman yata ako aasenso pag communications. HELP!

    • Hi, Eunice!

      From what we often hear from people who took / are taking medicine, science-intensive undergraduate courses can give you an edge in medical school. Those include BS Nursing, BS Medical Technology, BS Biology, BS Pharmacy, BS Radiologic Technology, and BS Chemistry to name a few.

      If you were referring to courses that may lead to high-paying jobs, courses in the fields of business, information technology, and engineering typically pay competitive salaries.

      That would probably depend on what you mean by “asenso.” If you were simply referring to a decent or competitive salary, some online ESL teachers can earn as much as 30,000 a month (varies depending on the workload and the company employing them). That’s the current trend, though. That may still change in the next couple of years.


  37. hi po sa june 5 na po enrollment namin pero hindi pa po ako totally nakadecide ng course na kukunin ko but MASSCOM ang sinabi ko sa mga ate ko pero sabi nila mahirap daw at fluid english hindi naman ako magaling sa english grammar but i want that course and my ate’s suggestion is mag BSIT na lang daw ako but ang iniisip ko may makakakuha kaya agad ako na work and beside anong mga works ?please help me pong magdecide thank you po 🙂

  38. hellow po!! nag-enroll na po ako po ang tinake kong major..pag natapos ko na po, take ulit ako ng master in bsba, then doctor of business ad..anu po ang posibleng work ko kung ganun pagkagraduate? thank you in advance:)

  39. Hi!
    Please help me out. Until now I can’t find the right track for me. I actually took Ab Communication as of now, but then people keep on telling me that this course doesn’t suit me. I really don’t know what to do. Here are the few skills I have and the things that I enjoyed doing: writing, reading , reporting in front of the class, monologue,declamation and speaking. But then, I am such an introvert person that’s why most of the people we’re amazed, whenever they asked me what course I was taking. On the other hand,here are the things I totally suck at: Mathematics, Calculations, equations, dancing, swimming and any curriculum activities related to physical education. With regards to my personality, I’m not approachable, I have extreme shyness, I don’t know how to get along with other people, I don’t gain friends, I don’t trust myself and have no self esteem.

    I’m looking forward to get a response coming from you and thank you very much in advance!

    • Hi, Sarah!

      Your situation does seem contradictory at first glance, but just because you’re introverted doesn’t mean that you can’t take up AB Communication.

      For one, students take up courses in order to learn something new or to improve whatever skills or talents they may already have. Skills (including social skills) and personality traits (including confidence) can be acquired over time, so while exercising caution in pursuing a course would have its benefits, try not to limit yourself to pre-determined notions (like only those who are fluent in English can take up English-related courses or only those who have excellent grades in Math could take up Engineering courses, for example).

      As cliche as it may sound, there are few things that you can’t achieve if you’re willing to work hard for it.

      Another thing, the skills you mentioned could come in handy in your future subjects or in the jobs commonly held by Communication graduates, so that can already give you a good start.

      In the event that you really, really would prefer minimal contact with people in your work, you can always work as a writer. You might have to talk with people every now and then for your projects, but you would probably be working on your own for the most part.


  40. kylan po pala ako pwedeng mag-take ng doctor of business ad..
    at master of business ad..?after four year course po ba?

  41. hello po ! nakapag-aral po ako 1 year ng bachelor in elementary education, natapos ko naman siya .Pero hindi ko po gusto yun kasi mahiyain po ako at hindi po marunong mag explain .. mahilig lang po akong mag memorize at kung mag e-explain man po ako eh sa papel ko lang kayang ma explain .. mahilig po ako sa history, mahina naman po ako sa mathematics ..

    sana po matulungan niyo ako ng idea kung anong kurso ang babagay sa akin . Salamat po 🙂

    • Hi, Yhen!

      If you like history, you might want to check out AB History or AB Anthropology.
      On the other hand, if you like doing research but you would prefer to write things down instead of explaining them verbally, you might want to check out AB Journalism.


  42. Hello poh! Nalilito po ako kung anung kursong kukunin ko,

    Gusto ko sanang maging pulis kaso may isang patakarang hindi ko po gusto, yung ang pamahalaan ang magdecide na saang lugar ako magsisilbi bilang isang pulis.
    Mahilig din po ako sa computer, peru takot nman po ako pagdating sa trabaho, kasi po kung anu nah yung position, hanggang jan ka nalang, maswerty po kung malaki-laki ang sweldong makukuha mo, pero panu ko maliit?
    Gusto ko sana ng trabahong may board exam nah babagay sakin……mahilig po ako sa math, sa science naman po konti lng, walang-wala po ako pagdating sa english.

    Sana po mabigyan niyo po ako ng idea kung anung kurso ang kukunin ko na nababagay sa akin. Salamat po.

    • Hi, Mitzuke!

      Computer and engineering courses are math-centric, there’s not much focus on English or language-related subjects, and the jobs that you can eventually get typically pay better compared to other professions. Engineering courses also have a lot of Science subjects, although how difficult those subjects are would depend on the particular course you’re going to pursue.

      If you have the time, try to check out the courses on the page below. They might help give you some ideas and other additional options.


  43. hello po 😀 . pano po pag mayroon nang gustong kurso pero nagdadalawang isip kasi wala pong kasiguraduhang may mahahanap na stable na trabaho? gusto ko po kasi ng industrial design and multi media pero I’m not sure kung mararating ko ba yung gusto kong marating sa buhay kung yan ang kukunin kong kurso. Mas maganda po bang ipag patuloy nalang ang kursong hindi ko gusto(btw bumagsak ako sa 2 major subject ko sa kursong hindi ko gusto ) or mag shift ako at kunin yung gusto kong kurso. natatakot lang po kasi akong kunin yung gusto ko kasi po maraming “what ifs” tulad ng: what if nag fail ako, what if hindi ako nakahanap ng trabo, what if hindi na umangat ang buhay ko, what if hindi ko makamit yung dream ko. I’m just tooooo scared to face reality.

  44. Good Day po! Can I ask po Kung anong course ang babagay po sa akin? I like math and I also like to travel the world. I don’t have a dream. I just want to have some money for my future.

    • You can try taking journalist… maybe

    • Hi, Lya!

      If your strength lies in Mathematics, you might want to check out the courses on the page below to see which one could work for you.

      As far as we know, there’s no course that was specifically developed with people who love traveling in mind, except perhaps if you like being on ships, in which case you could take up either < a href=""> BSMT or < a href=""> BSMarE , or if you like airplanes, in which case you could take up < a href="">BS AeroE.


  45. Hi po nalilito po kasi ako sa course na pipiliin ko,, Pero gusto ko po yung course ko yung may arts like printing,drawing,and designing…mahilig po kasi ako dun. Ano po bang course an pwede Kong kihanin…thanks po

  46. Hi, I’m Georgeth.
    And also I’m not that tall but I really want to be a flight stewardess 🙁 so I think it’s not meant to be. And most of all, I love cooking but I don’t cook my own ingredients. I just love to cook. I’m not that genius, but I love math sometimes. I can gets what’s been discussed by my teacher yet my grades in math are not that good. I’m so confused, I’ll be graduating high school next month. I hope you’ll reply. Thanks in advance 🙂 Godbless!

  47. Hi, I’m Georgeth.

    Actually, since I was a kid, I really want to be a nurse someday. Cause I like caring the patients or the sick. I know how to speak with them. But as I grew up, everything’s changed. I’m also not that good in science so I think nursing won’t work for me. In the other hand, my talent is to dance. I really love to dance but I don’t think there’s no course about dancing. Working in a company sounds good for me. I’m not that tall but I really want to be a flight stewardess 🙁

  48. Hello po.gusto ko po sana humingi ng advice.Nalilto po kasi ako kung anong course ba ang babagay sakin.Sabi po sakin ng parents ko magnurse ako pero takot naman po ako sa dugo then sabi naman po other relatives ko mag pma nlng daw po ako pero ayko naman paikliin yung hair ko..Simula nung bata(I mean since elementary days) gustong gusto ko po maging artista pero alam kung mahirap maging artista.I also love travelling&drawng..nahihirapan nko hindi ko po alam kung course po ba ang babagay sakin..

  49. Naguguluhan mo ako kung anong kursong kukunin ko po, Hindi ko po alam kung anong talent ko. Tips lang po sana, Pano ko po malalaman kung anong nababagay saken? 🙂

    • Hi, Karren!

      The article above contains links to different articles that might help you figure out what course is going to work for you. Just follow the phrases highlighted in blue and they might give you some ideas.


  50. Good evening 16 years old po ak! Gusto ko po kumuha ng business administration bachelor of marketing kaso maba po ako sa math! Pano po kaya gagawin ko??

  51. gusto ko pong maging dermathologist..wat course po ang dapat kunin ko?

    • Hi, Kyla!

      From what we know, you need to complete a four or five-year undergraduate program for your pre-medical course first, especially those that are science or health-related such as Biology, Medical Technology, Nursing, and Pharmacy to name a few.

      After completing your pre-med, you’d have to pass the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) so you can take up Doctor of Medicine.

      After you graduate from medical school, you’d have to pass the Physician’s Licensure Exam in order to be a licensed doctor next.

      From there, you’d have the option of taking specialization courses that will allow you to focus on a field of expertise, which in your case would be dermatology.

      That’s just the general picture picture, though. If you want to know more, we suggest you consult a professional doctor so they can give you a more detailed response.


    • thank you so much po sa advice..sobrang nakatulong talaga sa akin tong website na to.:)

  52. nalilito po kasi ako kung anu kukunin ko, kc matataas po grades ko sa science pero ndi ako interested mag-work sa mga medyo mababa grades ko sa math, pero gusto ko mag-work sa banks or sa corporate..mataas po ang english subjects ko at finance saka management..anu po bang pwede sakin?

    • Hi, Abyy!

      If you really want to work in a bank, we’re afraid that taking several math subjects would be unavoidable. If it helps, having low academic grades in high school does not necessarily mean that you’d be getting low grades in college as well, so if you’ll exert extra effort in studying, you can manage just fine.

      From what we’ve seen so far, we believe they’re mostly the same. BSBA major in Financial Management seems to be more common than BS in Banking and Finance these days, though.

      As for jobs, you can find some examples of the jobs that you can pursue with a financial management degree.


  53. I need your advce, now that im 21 i still don’t know what course to choose,i took up nursingmy parents chose the course for me but i never liked it, this year i decided to take 2 year midwifery but library and information science also interests me, they say 2 year middwifery is a useless course because of the loow wage, im really torned which one is thebest?

    • Hi, Nikki!

      We know neither the salary range of midwives nor librarians, so we’re afraid we can’t really tell for sure. If it would make any difference, we know a school administrator who often laments how difficult it is to find librarians, especially licensed ones. Generally speaking, the more companies compete for professionals that can work for them, the higher the salaries tend to be. That’s just the basic idea, though, so we suggest you also seek the advice of actual professionals or acquaintances who have taken either course so they can give you more accurate information.


  54. Gud am po,28 years old npo aq at casual employee lng po s isang manufacturing company ng automotive wiring harness, gus2 ko sna po pumasok at mkatapus ng college,anung course kya po bgay skn

  55. hae..
    gusto ko po sanang humingi nang advice sa inyo , nalilito pa kasi ako kung alin dito ang pipilliin ko .. accountancy , com.scie. or computer engineering. hindi ko pa kasi sana ang exact hilig ko . pero natatakot ako sa math. baka hindi ko magawa at pakapagshift ako sa ibang curso .. please help me im really confused 🙁

  56. Pwede po patulong? hirap na hirap napo ako sa course ko (BSECE 1ST YEAR palang po) umiiyak na po ako everyday dahil sa depression. Gusto ko po sana makahanap ng pagshishiftan na connected pdin sa mga napagaralan ko pero less Math XD. I’m really in deep pain right now literally survival mode po ako. Di ko na kaya at napepressure ako sa sarili ko dahil ako po ung pumili ng course pero nahihirapan na talaga ako. sana po matulungan nyo ako 🙁

    • Hi, RE!

      Unfortunately, all of the related courses that we can think of also have plenty of Math subjects. 🙁 We’re not sure if you’ve already come across the articles below, but if you haven’t, we suggest you check them out when you have the time. They might help give you an idea or two.


  57. Hello 🙂 I’m still confused for what course I’m going to take. I want to become a stewardess but I’m lack of socializing skills and my parents want me to become a nurse but I’m not good in science. What am I going to do? Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi, Yumi!

      Social skills can be improved over time as long as you’re willing to work on it, so it should not be much of a problem. Also, FAs are rarely ever required to be graduates of any particular courses.

      Your second concern can be a bit tricky to address. If you have the time, though, we suggest you check out the articles below. They might help give you an idea or two.


  58. Hello! nahihirapan po ako pumili ng course na kukunin ko. hindi ko po alam kung anong course ang babagay sakin. and I’m a Graduating student. ang gusto ko po yung Malaki po yung sweldo. gusto ko sana maging flight attendant kaso 5’2 lang po ako. and gusto ko din sana matuto magluto. pero ang pinaka gusto ko talaga at gusto ko maging ay maging artista, pero alam ko pong hindi pang matagalan ang pag aartista. Ano po bang Course ang magandang kunin? na madali pong makakuha ng trabaho sa panahon ngayon?

    • Hi, Hazeline!

      If salary is your main concern, you can use this tool from jobstreet to compare and contrast the salary ranges of the different jobs currently available in the employment market.

      If you like traveling and you’re also into cooking, you might want to consider BS HRM; however, we’ve read that there are currently plenty of HRM graduates in the job market at present, so you’d probably have to compete with a lot of people to secure a job.

      As for courses that will help you find a job faster, you can use this list of in demand jobs in the Philippines and overseas. Just click the name of the job that interests you and you’ll find the list of course/s that you need to take to apply for that job.


  59. Hi! Our school just recently released the results for NCAE. I was hoping it would guide me on what course to take but to my dismay it only confused me more since I had favorable scores in all sections excluding creativity. Not knowing what my hobbies are doesn’t help either. Any suggestions?

  60. Hello po, 1 month ns lng hindi pa ako nakadecide kung anong course ang pipiliin ko either Business Ad. or Med Tech.what I want is in demand sa abroad and mabilis ako makhanap ng job after fours years. ang nasa isip ko ay med tech pero hindi ko masyado hilig ang science and mahina ako sa anlization pero eto talaga ang gusto ko eh. ano ang dapat kong gawin para hindi ako mahirapan sa course na ito aT Ano ang dapat kong gawin..need help please..

    • Hi, Beehchen-cheng!

      At present, there seems to be more jobs waiting for graduates of business courses, so if employability is your priority, then BSBA doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

      As for MedTech, if you hardly have any interest in Science, that’s probably going to pose a difficult challenge as majority of the subjects you’d be taking are science courses, so you’d either have to put in more effort or find a related course that has fewer science-related subjects.

      If we may ask, what exactly do you like about medical technology? Figuring out the answer to that question might help you come up with several choices that you can compare and contrast before you make up your mind.


  61. Thanks for the tips! But I’m still confused between Mass Communication and Broadcasting.. what’s the difference? It’s what I am planning to take up 🙂 🙂 thanks again!

  62. Hi. I really appreciate this wonderfully written article. I’m a 14-year-old junior btw. So the problem is, while reading the “activities you enjoy” part I felt a bit confused because, I don’t seem to have an activity that I enjoy, I mean, sometimes I can be and an avid reader, a try-hard artist, or a doing-her-best violinist and pianist and I seek to learn more maths and sciences for my dream course which is BS Civil Engineering. But a part of me says I can’t be, because I suck at math and 89 would be my highest grade in that subject. Plus my math teacher told me that I should take up some Pre-Law courses because he thinks I’m good at debating my wrong homework answers. 🙂

    Anyways, I’m still thinking if I can manage that BS Civil Engineering course or just find another course that will hopefully suit me. Lol.

    Hope you’d reply. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi, Kaye!

      We’re glad to hear that.

      If you’re an avid reader, courses in the field of social sciences ( might appeal to you. If you’re the artistic type, there’s Fine Arts, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design (, ; however, if you’re not exactly passionate about art and you just feel like dabbling in it every now and then, you might want to take short courses related to it first so you can see if you’d really like to pursue it.

      Eighty-nine percent doesn’t sound too bad to us, although the difficulty of math subjects may vary per school. Perhaps you could borrow the notes of acquaintances who have already taken a few math-related subjects (preferably if they’re from different schools) to see if you can handle them.

      That might just work to your advantage. ^^

      From what we know, all bachelor’s degree programs are considered pre-law courses, so you can still pursue any course you want if you are actually considering taking law after you graduate. 🙂

  63. Hi! di po asko sure sa kukunin kong course. ang hilig ko po talaga ay magbasa ng magbasa. nagsusulat rin po ako pero di ko po masyado finufocus yun. i like English and a bit of Math especially Algebra.
    at di ko rin po gusto mag Journalism and Eduacation(yan po kasi sinasuggest ng iba sa akin). Thanks 🙂

  64. Hi!!.Nahihirapan po ako magdecide kung anung course ang kukunin ko.Pinag-iisipan ko po culinary arts kasi ito po ung activity lng nagiging comfortable ako at comment ng iba magaling ako magluto pero ung problema nafefeel ko sa sarili ko hindi ito ung bagay sakin at hindi ko hilig,nagluluto lng ako kung sa tuwing gusto ko.PNPA or PMA naman ung gusto ko,kaso naman ndi daw kaya ng katawan ko.Ako ung tipong tao mahilig tungkol sa mga war about tactics in the battlefield like flanking etc.

    • We’re not sure if this would work for you, but if you’re passionate about war stories, you might want to check out AB History.

      If you’re into military tactics, pursuing a career in intelligence might appeal to you (BS Criminology, usually), but from what we know, training could be very physically demanding, so that might prove to be an issue.

      Political Science will help you learn how to develop and implement political policies that could, in one way or another, affect how military operations are carried out, but we’re not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

      We hope those suggestions could give you some ideas, though. 🙂

  65. good day. hindi po talaga ako sure sa course na kinuha 1st year general engineering student.akala ko po madali lang sakin..pero pahirapan pa.bago maka pasa.hindi nman ako kagalingan sa math pero tyaga lang tlga.pero napasa naman english hindi din nman planning to ship business course.pero pinag iisipan ko parin po actualy may sinalihan po akong MLM company at direct selling. mahilig din nman po ako mag computer..kso mag laro lang hindi po mag ayos ng me

  66. Hi ! i don’t know wat course ung ku2nin k. I was planning to take a business course major in HRDM or Marketing kc gusto k mag work in company but i’m still not sure about it. i’m still confuse.
    so pls. help me to decide wat course would i choose
    hilig k
    math peo a bit only
    fav. ko ang eng. peo nd ako ganung magaling mgsalita ng eng.
    mahlig ako magbasa ng history
    type ako ng person na nkakapa-isip pag quiet n’ peace ung paligid
    and nd ko hilig ang sci. peo napipick-up k nmn

    i hope u can help me mga hilig ko p na yan ,ano p sa tingin niyo na course ang maaply dyan.???.. and ask ko dn po ano po bng mas ayos HRDM O Marketing po???.thank you po!!
    i’LL wait for ur ans.

    • Hi, Angelica!

      If your primary concern is securing a 9-5 office job for yourself, most courses will allow you to do just that. If you really want to pursue a business degree, though, here are some points you might want to consider:

      BS Business Administration major in HRD/Marketing has less Math than other majors; however, both HRD and Marketing Management (MM) would require you to mingle with different types of people (might conflict with your need for “peace and quiet”). MM also requires selling so you’d need good oral and written communication skills for that (those can be acquired through constant practice, though).

      If you like Math to a certain degree, checking BSBA major in Financial Management and Business Economics might help.

      While you’re at it, you might also check out courses in the field of social sciences. Some of them might appeal to you.


  67. gus2 ko po kasing course ay welding . ano po ba ang mga course ng welding ?

  68. gsto ko lng pong malaman yung pwedeng course ko kaso po wala po kong khit na anong talent pero fast learner nmn po ko. Ayoko pong mag work sa mga Hospitals at ayoko rin po ng Engineering. Pag bored nmn po ko sa bahay nagtitingin tingin po ako ng food sa ref. at pinaghahalo halo ko po, kaso strange po yng itsura, masarp nmn po yung iba kaso nakakasawa. Gusto ko rin po sana yung nagtutour kung saan saan. Basta po ayoko po yung boring. Gusto ko rin po ng may mataas na salary yun lang po.

  69. Hello po. I need help. yung strength ko po kasi sa pag drawing. Gusto ko po sanang kumuha ng architecture.kaso pinoproblema ko po in the future, mahirap na lalo na kapag wala kang barker. walang mag papagawa ng bahay. ang sabi naman po ng parents ko mag marketing daw po ako. kasi all-aroung na po yun. mas madaling makahanap ng trabaho.Kahit saang company meron parin po. so, ineed some advice po. salamat 🙂

  70. hlw po…..ako po pla c angeli gusto ko po sana magtanong if ano ung babagay n course para saken.kc po d q maintinndhan qng anu ang gusto ko…at ang guxto naman ng mga family ko mag criminology po aq peo aq naman nagdadalawang isip kung un po bha tlga…??? kaya po nagstop po aq ngayong year kaya nxt year mag aaral na po aq…nung nag ncae naman po aq ung lamaabas na result is 1st is artistic and 2nd are 2 options it is outdoor and enterprising….

    • Hi, Angelica!

      Let us help you go over the steps in this blogpost. What do you think are your strengths? What are the things that you love doing and that you can see yourself doing for a long time? If you’re not too sure about the answers, think about the first thing that came to your mind when you asked yourself these questions. It might be a good starting point.


  71. HI po,I need po. Ano po bang course ang pwede Kung kuhanin Kasi po gusto Kung maging corporate lawyer someday. Any pre law course you can recommend na available sa UP Diliman..thanks in advance sa help..God bless

    • Hi, Edwin!

      As much as we’d like to help you out, we’re not in the position to answer this question as none of us have taken Bachelor of Laws. There are plenty of forum threads on the internet with feedback from actual lawyers and law students, though. They would probably be able to help you better than we can.


    • P.S. We sought the opinion of a friend who has just recently took the bar exam and this is what she had to say:

      “I think business courses will give you an edge in the taxation and law-related subjects, specifically in cases that involve partnerships, GPP, corporations, sole proprietorship, and the likes. Communication courses may also help because it will train you in writing and speaking which could come handy in debates. A lot of people also recommend Political Science — probably because of the laws you’ll be covering during the course of your study.”


  72. Hi! Yung mom ko gusto medical course, pero i hate hospital. Ano bang pwede kong course ayoko rin engineering huhuhu :((

    • Hi Janie,

      Let us help you go over the steps in this blogpost. What do you think are your strengths?


  73. Hello! I’d first like to introduce myself. I’m Charisse and a fourth year high school student. I already had figured out my course, BS in Entrepreneurship. But, I’m just wondering, what’s the difference between BS Entrepreneurship, BSBA in Entrepreneurship and BSBA in Business Management? Also I’d like to know more information about my course and possibly, contact someone who is a graduate of BS in Entrepreneurship.
    You can email me at
    Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Charisse,

      Congratulations on figuring out the course you want to take!

      Do you have a list of schools that you’d like to study in? We suggest you compare the descriptions and explore the subjects included in their Entrepreneurship, BSBA in Entrep and Business Management Programs.

      Basically, Entrepreneurship is intended for people who want to start their own businesses, while Business Management is intended for people who want to manage (existing) businesses. Of course, it doesnt mean you can’t start your own business if you took Business Management and vice versa.

      BS Entrep from one school and BSBA Major in Entrep from another school look the same for me. But we recommend you compare and then ask the school you’re enrolling in to be sure. 🙂

      • Hi, thank you for answering! The courses I’ve mentioned before are all very similar. 🙂
        I’ve also decided which university I’m going to attend and it’s Saint Louis University in Baguio since CHED awarded it as Center of Development in Entrepreneurship Education.
        And I just had a career counseling with the guidance counselor of my school today and I already made up my mind.
        Again, thank you very much for answering and for the informations I gathered in this site. Hope I’ll pass in SLU! 🙂

        • Hi, Charisse!

          You’re welcome.

          We’re glad to hear that you’ve already decided on the course you wish to enroll in.

          We wish you the best of luck!


  74. Hi, pls help. i dont really know what course i want .. im a 4th yr high school student … i love dancing hiphop! what course can help me for this? and what job can i get if ever?

    • Hi Shenzyee,

      Here are some questions that can help you get started:

      Do you dance hiphop regularly?
      What are the different dance courses offered here in the Philippines?
      Can you see yourself teaching dance/hiphop when you get older?
      Or do you want to dance professionally?
      Want to open your own dance studio?

      We’d love to know. 🙂

  75. Hi can I ask what course is good for me? I like gadgets and computers. I like photo editing, creating stuff like programming robots and phones. I kinda what a course that will fit my abilities. I also want engineering witch means I kinda like math :DD Thank you in advance kindly email me at and Thanks a lot. By the way I am a 4th year high school. I find difficulty at picking the right course for me. I hope you will be a big big help for me 🙂

  76. tanong ko lang po,ano po yung suit na course saken?strenght ko po kasi yung oral discussion,memorization tpos hate ko po yung math?pls pa help naman po tnx! =))

    • Hi, Amiel!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      AB Political Science and AB English usually make use of students’ debating skills, and their respective curricula also don’t have a lot of Math subjects. We’re not too sure about AB Economics/BS Economics, but from what we’ve been told by some students before, they would also be asked to critique or defend economic policies as well.


  77. passion q po ang cooking kya magtetake aq ng food tech kc mura lng din po sa napag inquire-an qng scul ..anu po ba ung mga pwdng work ng course na to then pwd po ba sa barko magwork? thanks a lot ! 🙂

    • Hi, Teri!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      You can find an overview of the course as well as the possible jobs that you can pursue after graduating on the page below.

      We’re not sure if graduates of this course can work at ships, but a cruise ship could probably use one. You might want to ask actual graduates of this course so they can give you a more accurate response, though.


  78. may tanong lng po ako, medtech po ang kinuha kng course ngayong pasukan pero po nag withdraw po ako, hindi ko alam kung bakit siguro po nahohomesick, naprepressure at nadedepress na po ako. kinuha ko lng po ang course na iyon dahil mahal po ang sweldo at may tito po akong medtech sa canada pero hindi po ako interesado sa course na iyon. at hanggang ngayon po hindi ko po alam an kukunin kng course. ang gusto kng course ay hindi major ang math at science. yung cuorse po na pwendeng umabroad. tnx!

  79. pwede po bng malaman kung magkano ang tution fee ng bs mass communication per sem. tnx po:)

  80. hi.. ano pong cours..ang pwede sa akin … d po kasi ako mahilig sa math.. sana matulungan nyo po ako 🙂 salamat po

  81. Whta is the name of the author i mean the writer of this article i need this article and the name of the writer pleaseee? reply. i need this now :((((

    • Hi, Ericson!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      This article was written through the combined inputs of the staff, so you can say that the author is May we know why you were asking?


  82. Cool!!! This help me a lot. thanks. I think of getting a course of Tourism, but , would it be that expensive course bcoz of travelling in other cities and province as they say?? or, will a job awaits me if i graduate bcoz im aspiring to be an Flight attendant.. please need help..^_^ sorry for my english!

    • Hi, Ben!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      From what we heard from acquaintances who were graduates of the course, it does require some amount of money. If you’re worried about the expenses, though, you can always choose other courses because, so far, we haven’t seen an airline job advertisement that requires aspiring FAs to be graduates of a particular course as long as they meet their other requirements.


  83. Ask ko lang po kung anong magandang course for financial security, ready and willing nman po ako paghirapan ung course na ipupursue ko… thanks po

  84. Good Day ! Ask ko lang po , Ano po ba maganda sa pag kuha ng course na ComSci. ? And Is this 4yr degree ? thanks !

  85. Hello po ! gusto po ng family ko BS Educ major in english ang itake kong course. preo sa totoo lng po hindi ko nakikita ang sarili ko as a teacher someday .pero i really have this interest in english language ,so ang kukunin ko nalang po ako ng BA in english ..tama po kaya ito?ano ano po kaya ang pwedeng maging work after graduation nito .? HELP po 🙂 thanks!

    • Hi, Kaoru!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Personally, we think that’s not a very bad decision. AB English can be a flexible course in the sense that graduates of it can usually find employment in any companies that need writers, editors, PR personnel, and the like. Some examples may include advertising agencies, marketing firms, publishing companies, computer software / hardware manufacturers, and real estate companies to name a few.

      That’s just our personal opinion, though. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s really going to be good for you or not.

      Good luck!


  86. Hello po! My previous course was Geology and I transferred to another school, but this time with the course of Geodetic Engineering. My question is that, do you think I can adjust well and love my new course? The reason why I shifted course is that I was kicked out by my previous school due to academic failures and I shifted to Geodetic Engineering because it is somehow related to Geology. Thanks!

    • Hi, Bato!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Sadly, none of the members of our team are graduates of BS Geology or BS Geodetic Engineering, so we’re afraid we’re not in the position to answer your question. Have you tried to compare the general curriculum of BS Geology and BS Geodetic Engineering? It might help you gauge if BS Geodetic Engineering will be difficult to handle as well and give you some time to prepare in advance.

  87. hello po. undecided pa rin po kasi ako ehh
    magaling po ako sa math at english. pero moderate lang sa other subjects.
    sbi po ng family ko,ang mgndang kunin ko ay nursing or law po.
    tama po ba un? o may iba pang ms magandang course na malaki po ang sweldo?
    thanks po

  88. Hello po . it really helps . thanks for the Advices
    But may itatanung lang po ako, lahat naman ay mahrap walang madali. Saan po ba ako mahihirapan or pinaka mahihirapan if kumuha po ako ng Engr. Courses? tulad nun hindi po ako kagalingan sa Math. is it ok ?? Plan ko po sana CPE/ECE ,
    Please Help . Urgent lang po . Thanks !

  89. I’m taking packaging engg which has no board exam. I’m thinking about going for Electronics and communications engg para may “Engr”. Am I gonna do the right thing?

    • Hi, Lina!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      That’s kinda difficult to answer because you’re the only one who can tell what’s going to be the best for you. If you’re concerned about the practicality of taking ECE, though, it does seem like a decent option because a good number of companies looking for packaging engineers don’t require applicants to be graduates of a specific engineering program as long as they are engineering graduates. That means you can still pursue a career in packaging engineer even with an ECE degree without closing yourself to other possible careers in the field of ECE at the same time. That’s just our personal opinion, though. For best results, you might want to ask professionals who specialize in this field so they can give you additional and more accurate insights.


  90. hello po! ano po ba ang mas ok na course for financial security? psychology o customs administration? since hindi ako makapili ng matinong course para sakin, my mom told me to just take up customs but wala po akong alam tungkol sa course na yun.. recently ko lang siya nalaman. chaka parehong less math ba yan? ayoko po kasi sa math hihihihi

    • yung cruiseline po ba pwede din mag manager sa lupa? yung major po ksi hotel services. pakisagot po pls

      • Hi, Shungkal!

        Thanks for visiting our site.

        We’re sorry, but we’re not really sure about that. We’re guessing that would depend on the preferences of the company you will be applying at, but that’s just our guess. To be sure, it would probably be best if you’ll check out job advertisements of the hotels/companies you have in mind to see their preferred requirements (if they had some published recently).


    • Hi, Joy!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      As much as we’d like to answer your question, we’re not really familiar with customs administration either, so we’re not really sure about that.

      From what we know, neither AB Psychology nor BS Psychology is Math-intensive. There are some math-related subjects, but they’re mostly basic. Looking at the curriculum of BS Customs Administration, it doesn’t seem to have much Math-related subjects either. We’re not too sure about that, though, so you might want to consult other people who have personally experienced taking up this course.


  91. hello po mahirap po bang makahanap ng trabaho sa course na fine arts? at kung may sapat na sweldo? interesado po kse talaga ako sa course na ito kaya lang po nagdadalawang isip ako kung ito ba ang kukunin ko o hindi, kse po iniisip ko po kung may magandang future ako dito.

    • Hi, Thea!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      It depends on the specific job you have in mind. Full-time jobs related to painting and sculpture seem to be a bit rare, but jobs for graphic designers, visual artists, production designers, and industrial designers are not hard to come by.

      From what we know, graphic designers/graphic artists receive decent pay, although that depends on their employer, their qualifications, and years of experience (Fresh graduates usually receive a little more than the minimum pay and more experienced ones can make as much as 25 thousand per month, locally).

      You could use the tool on the link below to get the average salary for different jobs including those in the field of fine arts /visual arts.


  92. Hi po! May name is Carla and 16 years old. Gusto ko po sana kuning course ay tourism kasi gusto ko talaga maging flight attendant someday, kaso gusto ng parents ko mag pt daw po ako or it. Nalilito na po kasi ako kung anong kukunin kong course sana matulongan nyo ako. Thanks and Godbless po! :))

    • Hi, Carla!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      From what we know, airline companies do not require aspiring FAs to be a graduate of a specific course as long as they are a college graduate. We believe there are also some cases where college undergraduates are also accepted as long as they passed the evaluation. Try to search for job advertisements posted by airline companies. They will give you a clear idea of what will be required from aspiring FAs like you.

      As for choosing between what you want and what your parents do, if you really want to please them without giving up on your dream job, you could probably give the course they’re suggesting a shot. That way, you’ll have back up options should you ever change your mind about being an FA. That is if you don’t have any other courses in mind aside from the three.


  93. I’m still not sure on what course to take up. I take an exam on Education major in tle, i love cooking. I want Business Management to run a business in the near future but i’m discourage coz some says it’s hard. I really don’t know what to do . Helpppppppppppppp 🙁

  94. I’m confused. I’m taking Packaging engg now but I also want Mechanical engg. I can’t figure out which I like best. I’m not that good in math but I’m willing to learn. I’m an incoming second year na and next sem gonna take major subjects na. Hope i could decide before the majoring. thanks..

    • Hi, Misch!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Have you tried comparing the curricula of both courses? Maybe you could note down the subjects that you like from each course then you could try to see which course has more subjects that you like or you are interested in. It will also help you assess which course has more subjects that you think you’ll have a hard time with. That way, you can prepare yourself in advance.


  95. Nah? I’m still not sure what course should I take.. My father want me to take Marketing but I really like AB Journalism but the colleges and universities near us doesn’t offer JOURNALISM.. Arghhh..

  96. Gusto ko po sanang mag BA Films and productions since hilig ko po ang gumawa ng mga scripts. Pero practically speaking, I know to myself that getting jobs from this course will be difficult. So I would love to know if what other related courses would be great to have financial security someday? 🙂

    Pag nag Architect po ba ko, tho “slow” pagdating sa Math, pero ayos sa drawing, okay lang po ba yun?

    • Hi, Zerrie!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Courses in the field of communication (AB Communication Arts, AB Mass Communication, AB Broadcasting, AB Journalism) usually have at least one or two subjects related to writing scripts, although these are usually meant for TV and/or radio. We’re guessing these subjects do not go into as much detail as film making subjects probably do, but with talent and experience, they should be enough to secure you a job writing scripts. For example, Cesar Apolinario is a Journalism graduate, but he also writes screenplays for films and TV shows.

      Financially speaking, the said courses generally don’t pay a lot compared to higher paying jobs like those in the IT or engineering industry, but we think they are generally “safe” options because they’re very flexible. That means you can work practically anywhere such as TV stations, radio stations, publishing companies, advertising agencies, or just about any office that needs a communication or media officer.

      We’re not really sure about that. Architecture has very few Math subjects (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus…) but we’re not really sure how easy or difficult these subjects would be for individual students. For that, it might be best if you’ll ask someone who’s taken the said subjects before, so they can give you a clearer idea of how you’re going to fare should you be required to take these subjects.

      With all of those said, those are just our personal opinions. It may or may not work in your case, so you might still want to do some additional research for more information.


  97. good day! im having my interview for being a qualifier in a hrm course in april 10 but suddenly
    i realize that hrm is not what i really want to take up in college. now, im thinking to change my chosen course to bs psych
    but i like bs physical therapy too. im torn between these two course what should i dooo?? hope you can help me. thanks! godspeed:)

    • Hi, Carisse!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      It seems we’re late in answering your question, but we hope it can still somehow help.

      We think BS PT will work for you if you’re more of the hands-on type of person; the type who prefers to see the physical results of your efforts. BS PS on the other hand, will probably work for you if you’re the type of person who likes coming up with theories and testing their validity.

      That said, which of the descriptions above fit you? Which would make you happier: guiding patients through physical rehabilitation, or helping patients resolve their psychological issues? In the end, you’re the one in the best position to tell.


  98. wow, i find your article very helpful…but, Im still confuse of what course to take because of some reasons… unang una interested nmn ako sa engineering courses kasi eto ay related din sa aming business.. pero im scrared na, bka mahihirapan ako sa mga Major subjects like MAth subjects . im planning to take electrical eng

    • Hi, Michiko!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We understand your concern; however, as much as we’d like to reassure you, we’re not in the position to do so. The best we can suggest is you could probably try to search for sample workbooks for engineering math. You can use them to acquaint yourself with the topics that you may encounter in college and sample quizzes will help you gauge how much of it you can understand and how much you might still have to work on. While you’re at it, you might also want to check out the books suggested by the school you’re planning to get into, so you can prepare in advance.


  99. Hi! Good day! I’m Nicca. 16 years old. Nalilito pa rin po ako kung anong course ang kukunin ko. Marami po akong pinagpipilian. Like, tourism, aircraft maintenance technology, aerospace engineering and civil engineering. What do you think po na best course sa mga napili ko? I’m average in Math but below average sa science. Nakakalito po talaga. I hope you can help me sa pagpili ng course ko. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi, Nica!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We’re not familiar with the curriculum of some of these courses, but from what we know, engineering courses usually have a significant number of science subjects aside from the mathematics-related ones. While having average grades in Math and below average grades in science doesn’t necessarily mean you can no longer pursue an engineering course, it might take a lot of hard work and patience to keep up. Do you think you can handle that?

      Tourism courses, from what we know, have very few math or science related subjects. What they do have, though, are plenty of subjects that require plenty of planning and, probably to some extent, research. Are you comfortable doing those?

      It might not be the answers you were hoping for, but I hope those questions can give you an idea of what you can do because at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can decide what’s going to be the best for you.

      Good luck!


  100. Ano pong course ang bagay sakin? Ang interests ko po kasi nagttravel lagi pati ayokong nakaupo palagi sa office. Mas gusto ko po kasi nagagamit ko yung katawan kesa utak. =)) ANd ano po mga job opportunities pag Linguistics ang course? Tnx.

  101. Hi! Do you think po ba na kpag Nutrition and Dietetics ang kinuha kong course, there’ll be lots of jobs available for me? Are there great needs of this in our society? Can I have a good future with that course po ba? And also, diba po they are like doctors for they also have patients? Im really interested in this course. Hope you can answer me po. Thanks!

    • Hi, Maureen!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Hmmm… Nutritionists/Dietitians do not seem to be particularly in demand compared to graduates of courses in the fields of engineering; information technology; and business management, but there does seem to be a decent number of jobs waiting for them. Below is an example:

      Whether you’ll go on to have a successful career as a nutritionist/dietitian or not would be very difficult for us to tell for a number of reasons, but if you study and work hard enough, who knows what kind of opportunities will open up for you?

      Yup. They are. They can either work at a hospital or health facility where they will be taking care of several patients at a time, or they can also work as personal nutritionists/dietitians for individuals who are in need of their services.


  102. Gus2 ko po tlgang mag Dentistry cmula ng mag hayskul aq tpos mttaas nman po ang grades q lalo na sa Health Sciences but mejo mbaba pgdting s Math. Kya lang, parang hnd aq qualified to take up dentistry, kelangan daw perfect na perfect ang teeth eh! Haha, so i was planning to take pharmacy muna. ano po bng qualifications and some subjects dun sa parehong course?

  103. hi po gusto ko po kasi mging Architect
    Hilig ko ang math .. at ang pag dra-drawing ..
    ang kaso lang po .. ang grade ko po sa Math is 78 , 79, 80 , at ewan ko yung isa ..

    • Hi, Laila!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      None of us has taken BS Architecture, so we don’t really know how easy or how difficult Math subjects in the program are. From what we’ve seen on the basic curriculum of the program, though, it seems to us that there aren’t a lot of Math subjects in the program, at least compared to some math-intensive programs like engineering or accountancy for example.

      As for your grades, while your academic performance in High School can give you an idea of how skilled you are in a particular subject, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s about how far you can go because you’ll still have plenty of chances to improve your skills in college, provided that you’ll exert enough effort to achieve your goal.

      That’s just our opinion, though. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can decide what’s going to be best for you.


  104. ano po mas magandang course at mas bagay sa akin? engineering po ba or accountancy? magaling po ako sa math pero hndi po ako masyadong magaling sa english? ?_?

  105. mganda po sana ang engineering ..hilig ko din po ang math pero may kulng ..hindi ako expert sa pagdedesign..d po b involve ang design sa engineering?

    • Hi, Virginia!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      None of the staff is a graduate of an engineering course, so we’re not really sure about that. From what we’ve been advised by actual engineering graduates, though, you should be able to do just fine in the profession even with simple designing/drawing skills as long as you are good at math. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you wouldn’t need any designing/drawing skills at all, because there will be times when you’ll have to do some designing/drawing, but the focus is more on the technical accuracy of your designs and computations than their visual appeal.

      Also, engineers usually work with architects. When working on a project together, the architects are the ones largely responsible for the designing part while the engineers are the ones expected to implement or execute the design — at least, that’s how it usually goes.


  106. thank you for posting this really helps me ..either its not enough atleast i have an idea what course is right for me.

  107. Ahh… gusto ko sana mg civil pero hind ako marunong mag draw… pano na ??

    • Hi, Mark!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We believe drawing is either a talent you are born with or a skill that you acquire over time. You may not be able to draw hyper realistic drawings, but if you spend time practicing and working on your techniques, you would at least learn how to draw basic forms. You could eventually work your way into adding more details on your drawings from there.

      In the case of Engineering courses, we’ve been previously advised that engineering drawing is more concerned with the technical accuracy of drawings than its visual appeal. Say for example, you need to draw a building layout, as long as people can properly identify which rooms or structures are which when they look at your drawings, then you’d be good to go.

      Aside from that, there are software applications that you can use to help you with the things that you still find difficult to draw freehand, so you don’t have to push yourself too far.

      If you have the time and extra money to spend, you could probably take short courses that are related to drawing so you’ll learn more about different drawing principles and techniques.


  108. hi po! i’m 16 y/o nahihirapan ako magpili ng magandang me pls? mahilig nmn sna ako magdrawing but my prob. is di ako confident s kakayahan ko..what should i do to make my drawing skills better? thanks!:)

    • Hi, Princess!

      If you’re not confident with your drawing skills yet, you could probably try working on drawing techniques first. It will help you grasp the basic principles of drawing, and with constant practice, that could make drawing things faster and easier. You can find tutorials demonstrating different drawing techniques on video sharing sites such as Youtube.

      Other than that, you could also enroll in related short courses such as TESDA’s Illustration NC II.


      • thanks po for the advice.. makakatulong po ito sa pagpili ko ng course, kung ano ba tlga gusto ko. GODBLESS PO :>

        • Hi, Princess!

          Thanks for coming back.

          You’re welcome. We’re glad it helped.

          Good luck with your college plans.


  109. hi. I’m Nikka, 17 yrs. old. I stopped after I graduated in highschool. And up until now I haven’t any idea of what course I am going to take this coming schoolyear. I wanted to be a pediatrician but my parents can’t afford. Yet I haven’t decided what will be my second choice. I still do not know what are my interests are- haha. What will I do? Hope you can help me. Thanks and Godbless =)

    • Hi, Nikka!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      That would be a bit tricky since you’re the only one who can figure out what you want. Have you tried the tips and suggestions we mentioned in item number two from the post above?


  110. who is the author of this article??
    need for my research….tnx

    • please include his/her
      job, if he/she is a professional or a certified PH.D and the likes.

    • Hi, Francis!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      The article above was written through the combined inputs of the members of the team. All the members of the team are working professionals with some background in education, communication, marketing, visual arts, and computer science.

      None of us has a PhD, but we’ve all been working in our respective fields for five years and above.


  111. Hello po! Thank you very much for this helpful article. Im still confused what to pick in college though :/ I like designing clothes, drawing as well but my parents suggest me to take a blue collar course. They say that Accountancy or Accounting Tech are what most people take up in college. I also plan to be a lawyer someday and they say Accountancy would suit me well. (continued)

    • But I think Law is a flexible course that requires at least 4 years of any preparatory/college course. I was thinking of taking up Fine arts because its where i’m happier but then I believe that i’ll have a better hold with Accountancy. But there’s still a side of me that is worried because someday in the future, accountancy graduates might not be in demand anymore.
      I want to have a decent job.

    • Hi, Rainiel!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We also believe that’s the case for pre-law courses, although we’re not sure if there are any exceptions.

      When it comes to jobs, you’re right that there are usually more accounting-related job vacancies than those in the field of fine arts, so if your main goal is to find a course with readily available jobs, right now, Accountancy does sound like a more viable option.

      That said, we also think that employment trends can change, usually gradually, so we understand your concern about the possibility of the demand for accounting graduates decreasing over the years.

      Accountancy is more on the technical side, though. From what we’ve observed, demands for technical jobs may fluctuate every now and then, but they’re not likely to just plummet down because there will always be a need for people to operate/manage things from behind the scenes.

      If you’re really torn between the two courses and you have some time to spare, you could probably try short courses related to both fields. They will help you get a feel of what’s in store for you once you start taking the full program, and they will give you the opportunity to assess or reassess your priorities as you go along.

      Most of the organizations on the link below offer free online courses, although we’re not sure if any of them have fine arts or accounting-related courses. If none of them has, you could probably search for similar organizations who have, then you can start from there.

      TESDA is also another option although some schools or training centers train students for a fee and some don’t also seem to allow students to be enrolled in another academic program while enrolled in their course.

      Like what we said before, though, they’re just tips and suggestions. We cannot guarantee their accuracy and reliability, but at the very least, we hope they can give you an idea where to start.


  112. i really love reading your article. it gives me idea what course i will take. honestly, 2 years ago i took up AB-Political Science but im not already enjoying the course because its really not what i want. it’s my parents idea that i should took up Ab-polsci so right now im planning to shift to another course. im really confused if which is better from this 2 courses, BS PSYCHOLOGY AND PT?

  113. I wish i could passed the course that i want to finish .. Thankyou for the advice this website help me much.!

    • Hi, Lorence!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      You’re welcome. We’re glad to know it helped and we wish you luck on whatever plans you might have.


  114. Nalilito parin ako e… kasi laging sinasabi saken na mag Marine kaso ayaw ko.. mas malaki daw kasi kita dun.. and may tutulong daw… pero choice ko is BSIT 🙁 hirap

    • Hi, Andrian!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      That’s a tricky situation… We’ve recently updated our post to cover a couple of other concerns. We’re not sure if reading it will ease your worries, but we hope it can somehow help.

      Additionally, while most IT professionals probably do not make as much money as maritime officers do, they’re among the better paid professionals, so their salaries are not exactly something that can be easily dismissed. Depending on your background, years of experience, the scope of the project, and the company offering the job, there are SOME IT-related jobs that also offer salaries within the 6-digit range, although they usually require several years of experience and some extra qualifications.

      Also, IT professionals are currently some of the most in-demand professionals in the job market, so as long as you have the necessary qualifications, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find a job, although if that trend will continue in the next couple of years or not, we’re not really sure.

      We’re just sharing what little we know, though. In the end, the decision is completely up to you.


  115. meron po bang 4-year culinary arts course?gusto ko kasing maging chef someday at magtrabaho around the world e.

    • Hi, Anthony!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Yes, there are a couple of schools that list four-year culinary arts courses as part of their course offerings. You can find some of them on the list below. We’re not sure if the said courses are recognized by proper accrediting bodies, though, so you might want to do some further research after checking them out.

      Holy Angel University – BS in Culinary Arts and Management
      STI – Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management
      Center for Culinary Arts – BS Culinary Management
      American Hospitality Academy Philippines – Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts Major in Nutrition and Wellness


      • Ako rin gusto ko Culinary kaso ang mahal. :(( Goodluck na lang.

        • Hi, Alfonso!

          Thanks for visiting our site.

          We understand your sentiment. If you just want to learn the art and you’re not particularly concerned with a formal degree, though, you can probably try other similar alternatives. TESDA’S Commercial Cooking courses are some example. We’re not really sure about the training cost, but we believe it’s generally cheaper than taking culinary arts.


          • I’m an high school graduate eh. Kapag natapos ko yung TESDA ano ibig sabihin nun? Training lang ba yun? or natapos ka na sa college?

          • Hi, Alfonso!

            Thanks for coming back.

            TESDA courses are meant to train students for specific jobs. If you have a TESDA certificate, it means you are competent enough to do a particular job, and that can be advantageous to you if you’re going to apply for a job that requires technical skills.

            After you’ve finished the course, you can take the National Certification exam to prove that you are competent enough to put the things you’ve learned during the course of your study into practice. You can then use your TESDA certificate to find a job that matches your qualifications.

            Finishing a TESDA course is not the same as finishing college. A TESDA certificate can be used to apply for jobs that require technical skills; however, if you’re aiming for office jobs like those in accounting; management; or communications, you’d still need to finish a separate four-year course for that.


          • nahihirapan po akong pumili ng coures na babagay sa akin.,hanap ko po kasi yung malaki ang sweldo, tapos nakafocus lng sa trabaho..suggestions ng parents ko mag medtech, pharmacist, lawyer, doctor.. sabi naman ng mga teachers & friends ko. magarchitect, accountant.
            hilig ko:
            kahinaan ko:
            *magcommuncate sa mga tao kasi mahina boses ko

          • Hi, Chenne!

            Thanks for visiting our site.

            It’s quite difficult to name a particular course because at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can decide what’s going to be best for you. If it’s going to help, though, we listed down some courses that match the considerations you mentioned. You could probably check them out for yourself to see if they’re going to work for you.

            Courses that deal with a lot of Math:

            BS Accountancy
            BS Statistics
            BS Mathematics
            BS Chemistry
            BS Civil Engineering
            BS Mechanical Engineering
            BS Chemical Engineering
            BS Industrial Engineering
            BS Electrical Engineering
            BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
            BS Metallurgical Engineering
            BS Mining Engineering
            BS Computer Engineering
            BS Geodetic Engineering

            Courses that involve drawing:

            Bachelor of Fine Arts
            BS Architecture
            BS Landscape Architecture
            Engineering Courses

            In demand jobs with decent to high pay:

            Engineering (engineering courses deal with a lot of science)
            Architecture (BS Architecture)
            Graphic Design (BFA)
            Geology (BS Geology)
            Information Technology (BS IT, BS IS BS CS)
            Accountants (BS Accountancy)

            Courses that involve relatively few English-related subjects: / Courses that require minimum social interaction:
            Math intensive courses like those mentioned above

            Courses that have relatively few Science subjects:

            Humanities courses
            Social Science courses
            * The only issue here is, some of the courses under these disciplines deal with a lot of reading and writing — usually in English — and some of them may also require you to interact with different types of people on a regular basis.

            With all of those said, those are just some examples. You might still want to do some further searching for additional info.

            Good luck!


  116. hey 🙂 thanks 4 what u wrote ! Now i know what course am i taking 🙂

  117. thanks for the advice and the choice to choose a right course

    • Hi, Bryan!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      You’re welcome. We’re always glad to be of any help. 🙂

      • Hi po. ang course ko po ay Aircraft Maitinance Technology. At first malaki po ang interest ko sa field ng aviation pero bigla na lng nawala. Dapat ko pa rin po ba ituloy ang isang bagay na di ko na gusto? ang mother ko kc sinasabi na mganda po ang magiging future ko sa course na to. kaya nagdadlawang isip po ako kung magshift po ba ako or hindi. Please help me decide po T.T

        • Hmm..

          That’s kinda difficult to answer because you’re the only one who can decide what’s going to be best for you. Below are a couple things you might want to consider when deciding, though.

          – Forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to can be difficult. While that won’t necessarily stop you from finishing your course, it can affect your motivation to do things related to it. If that happens, you might not be able to reach your full potential because you wouldn’t be as inclined to put in more effort as when you’re doing something you love. Do you think you can handle that just fine?

          – There are people who took courses they weren’t particularly interested in for practical reasons, but they eventually learned to love their work because they discovered certain aspects of it that they didn’t know before. Do you think you’ve already seen everything your course has to offer? Have you spoken with professionals who took the same course you did? Have you seen or visited the workplaces of companies involved in the aviation industry? Have you taken any hands-on training (formal or informal) in relation to your course? Trying those things might help you understand your course better, and you can use that understanding to assess if it’s worth pursuing.

          What are your other options? What comes to mind when you think of things you want to do after you graduate? There are jobs that are not particular about courses. Lawyers, professors, government officials, firemen, policemen, diplomats, and flight attendants are some examples. If the career you want to pursue when you graduate is one of those, then finishing your course might not be a bad idea because you can keep it as a backup option while you pursue the things you want more.

          The rest is what we wrote above.


          • anu po ang dapat kunin kong course finance or financial management…at anu po ang job ko pag-kagraduate if finance ang kukunin ko?

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