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In Demand Courses in the Philippines for SY 2008-2009

Courses can gain and lose popularity in a matter of years. Even so, there are courses that continue to come out on top in spite of the ever increasing competition over enrollees.

Below is the list of in demand courses for SY 2008-2009 based on the Higher Education Indicators released by the Commission on Higher Education last July 24, 2012.

Please note that the table below is only a list of popular courses in the Philippines that got the most number of enrollees for SY 2008-2009 and does not automatically translate to courses with the most number of available jobs waiting for graduates.

For the list of in demand jobs and hard to fill occupations in key industries, please check out our article on In Demand Jobs in the Philippines and Abroad.

Academic Discipline Number of Enrollees
Sciences  22, 641
Maritime  65, 443
Medicine and Health Related  517, 319
Engineering and Technology  319, 775
Agriculture/Agricultural Engineering, Forestry/Veterinary Medicine  63, 315
Teacher Education  325, 186
IT Related  300, 882
Mathematics  14, 636
Architectural and Town Planning  18, 004


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