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John Lemuel Caldoza on Technical Drafting NC II

Name: John Lemuel Caldoza

Course Taken: Technical Drafting NC II

Current Year Level : 5th year


Why did you choose to take the course you did?

I chose to take up the course because of my experience in college as an architecture student in Western Mindanao State university.

What was the most interesting thing about the course?

The most interesting thing that I have learned in this course was working on CAD. Although I have already experienced technical drafting in college due to my course that I am still taking up till now, the world today is coming to a new age, so we, as draftsmen, need to upgrade our skills to keep up with evolving technologies.

What kind of activities did you do in your major subjects?

We get to design simple and comprehensive types of residential buildings through the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design).

What advice can you give to incoming students who are thinking of taking the same course you did?

If you are interested in design and construction, may it be for residential buildings, skyscrapers, industrial companies, or plain computer graphics simulation, then this course is definitely for you. Just listen to what the instructors have to say, follow their instructions, and don’t forget to have fun while drawing.

What are the things that you learned from the course that have proven to be very useful in your work?

The things that I have learned from the course that I think has proven useful in work is creating designs with CAD programs. It makes work fast, efficient, and easy to organize.

Do you think you chose the right course?

Of course! Many people are aspiring architects or engineers, but without proper illustrations that can be drawn through technical drafting, design outputs and specifications are very hard to explain. If you are an engineer or an architect, you cannot always depend on your draftsmen to do all the work, so it’s important that you have knowledge of technical drafting yourself.

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