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Kevin Marca on Bachelor of Fine Arts

Name: Kevin Marca

Course Taken: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Current Job: Illustrator / Graphic Artist

Job Responsibilities: Creating original designs for different materials like books, posters, websites, product labels, t-shirts, and other similar products.


Why did you choose to take the course you did?

Probably because drawing comes naturally to me, so when the time to choose a course came, BFA was the first thing that came to my mind.

For you, what was the most interesting part of studying BFA? What about the most challenging?

Oil Painting. I didn’t get the opportunity to try it until I got into college, so it was fun working with a different medium for a change. As for challenging, it’s probably the lack of certain equipment because it kept us from exploring things that could have been of great benefit to us.

What kind of activities did you do when you were still a BFA student?

Exhibits. We held plenty of them. We did some nude paintings for our human anatomy subjects too.

What were the things you learned from taking up BFA that you find very useful in your current work?

Knowing what materials would fit your project best and how you can manipulate them to give you the result you want.

What skills or attributes do you think would come in handy for incoming college students who are thinking of taking the same course you did?

Being open to trying new things. It gives me the knowledge, skills, and experience I need to become a better artist.

Do you think you chose the right course? Why or why not?

Yes, I do. It helped me learn a lot of things, so I think the years I spent studying it was well worth it.

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