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Maria Azyren Ciara Enopia on Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising

Name: Maria Azyren Ciara O. Enopia

Course: Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising

Current Year Level: 3rd year

School: Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation



  • I chose this course because of my passion for arts and also because my mom used to tell me to “pick something that you will enjoy doing not just because you needed to.” She taught me that my course in college can affect my future job which means that I need to pick the course that can make me happy. And since, I love art and anything that has to do with it I chose this course. Hopefully, my course would help me to be successful in the future.


What are the major subjects that you are taking right now?

  • Painting, Photography, Editorial Design and Advertising Design.


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?

  • I’ve learned to improve my skills upon using Adobe Illustrator.


What kind of topics did you find more difficult compared to others?

  • Honestly, for me all topics about Numbers and Mathematics are the difficult subjects but in my course, it’s Production Method.


What are your current interests?

  • Enhancing my skills in using Adobe Programs and finding friends with the same interests.


What skills do you think incoming freshmen should have that can help them succeed during their first year?

  • Skills cannot be predicted and all of us have unique skills. But if you really wanted to be in line with arts and crafts you need to have a wide imagination and open-minded.


What do you think your job will be after you graduate?

  • I don’t expect that I will be serving a big company or be outstanding to all applicants to a certain company after graduation, but at least I can dream first. Hopefully, I wanted to be a Graphic Artist or an Art Director of some magazine or advertisement company. Honestly, it’s difficult to say what job will I enter after gaining a Bachelor Degree, let’s just hope I would not end up doing “coffee” for others or being a Call Center Agent which is too far beyond my passion. After graduation, I am not aiming for any high position first maybe I can be on a low profile first and I do not mind about that. I believe that everyone should start at the bottom to aim the top position.


What do you think will be the best thing about your job/career in the future?

  • Well, for me it’s my passion in arts, that whatever I do in the near future as long as it’s about art I will be successful.


What sites would you recommend your fellow students that can help them in their study?

  • As of now, I could not recommend sites except google but there are lot of sites online to check out.


Would you recommend this course?



Why or Why not?

Because if you love art with passion and you have guts to pursue it then choose this course. Just remember to pick a course that would make your college life a memorable one!


What kind of student do you think can easily finish this course?

A student who has a wide imagination, determination, courage and perseverance and most importantly a student who has passion with arts.


Overall Rating

On a scale of 1- 10, how would you rate this course in terms of:


  • Difficulty (How difficult was taking the course for you?) – 7
  • Timeliness (Do you think the course is up to date with the latest trends?) – 8
  • Hands-on Training (Do you feel like you had sufficient hands-on training during the course of your study?) – 5
  • Relevance (Did the things you learned from your course prepare you for the job you currently hold?) – 8


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