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Noah Shen Datinginoo on Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Sciences

Name: Noah Shen Datinginoo

Course Taken: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Sciences

Why did you choose to take the course you did?

Becoming a teacher is one of my “secret” dreams since I was a kid. I like biology as well, so I took this course.

What was the most interesting thing about the course?

I love memorizing. In studying biology, you really need to keep lots of terms in mind so that you will not have a hard time with your other subjects. =)


What kind of activities did you do in your major subjects?

Laboratory work —  dissecting a live frog in particular. We also had lots of quizzes. =)

What advice can you give to incoming students who are thinking of taking the same course you did?

If you want to take Biology, think twice; if you want to take it as a pre-med course, think a hundred times (That’s what my professor used to tell  us). =)

What are the things that you learned from the course that have proven to be very useful in your work?

Almost every topic that will be discussed will be used for your work, especially if you will be teaching in the future. =).

Do you think you chose the right course?

Yes. Many people think that BS Biology and BS Med Tech are the only pre-med courses, but this course is actually just as good as its focus is also on biology.

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