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Online Courses in the Philippines

Online courses are any courses that can be taken by students at any location of their choice by accessing the internet.

Most of them can be taken as Β a pastime or as a source of additional knowledge and usually don’t come with certificates that prove that the student had completed the course; however, there are also an increasing number of courses that could lead to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees upon the completion of the program.

Depending on the course, courses may take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years to complete.


Below are some examples of online courses that you can take in the Philippines.


Please note that while the courses on the links that have been provided aboveΒ are categorized as “online courses,” few of them can be taken entirely online. Some courses require occasional face-to-face meetings either for evaluation purposes or in accordance to existing government directives. To know which courses can be taken completely online and which courses would require face-to-face meetings, we strongly suggest that you contact the schools. institutions, agencies, or organizations offering the said courses.

Also, the information provided above were taken from publicly accessible information. We neither vouch for the accuracy of the information nor recommend any of the schools, institutions, agencies, or organizations that offer the aforementioned courses. We, therefore, encourage you to conduct further research on your own so you can assess them for yourself.

Good luck!

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  1. Ok ba yung CAP college for Study online?

  2. Hello po….

    Tanong ko lng po kung pano magsumula mg aral sa tesda online po…..

    Maraming salamat po

    • Hi Joan! πŸ™‚ “In order to access the available courses in the TESDA Online Program website, you must first register an account. For detailed steps “on how to register and enroll in a course, please refer to the β€œHow To” section of the website. – TESDA

  3. Hello,
    I am a 4yr course graduate but I want to proceed Education course is it possible through online? What school you can recommend?

    Pls help me. Thanks

  4. Hi, how can i enroll online? kindly help me with this.

    • Hi, Hana!

      Requirements may vary depending on the school you are going to enroll at, so we strongly suggest you get in touch with the school’s official representatives for more accurate and detailed information.


  5. Hi Good day po undergraduate po ako ng Associate of Marine Engineering kulang po ko ng 6 unit way back pa po noon 1982 pwede pa po bang matake ang kulang kong subject para makakuha ako ng diploma at ng magamit ko po sa work ko? thanks po

    • Hi, Audie!

      We’re sorry, but as much as we’d like to help, we’re not in the best position to answer that question for you. It’s best if you’ll call the school you studied at directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed reply.


  6. I want to enroll and have interest taking in my choosing field course but how? Can you help me how to and where to enroll I want your training school. Can you give the information how to enroll in TESDA training school how do u help me to increase my knowledge to use it abroad?

  7. Hi…Good day. how can i enroll and what kind of program in order to continue my course…Thank you so much in advance.

  8. im interested to continue my studies on line could you help me how? i want to take deploma in professional Education

  9. Hello. I’m a Filipina working abroad and I want to take up an a English course online. I’m planning to take up AB English.I’m just a high school graduate who wants to finish a college course, but since I’m working abroad and I’m working full time I think I can only do that through online schooling. Please kindly help me find an online school that offers AB English. Thank you so much and God bless!

  10. Hi,

    May i know if you have BS Environmental Science on-line course?i’m currently working outside the country.

    Hope you can enlighten my query.

    Junje Bordallo

  11. Good evening po, just wanna ask do you have a short course about business? Online. Thank you!

  12. Hi ask ko lang po pwedi po ba akong makapag online course? Wala Kasi ako sa pinas eh salamat po πŸ™‚ god bless!!!

    • Hi, Mai!

      Yes, you can. You can find some examples of courses in the Philippines that you can take online by following the links provided above.


  13. Hi! I am currently enrolled at University of Makati. But I’am having a hard time going to school every Tuesday and Thursday and take 1 class for 1hr and 30minutes. Does anyone here know where I can enrolled my Filipino 1 (Akademikong Komunikasyon sa Filipino) and Filipino 2 (Pagbasa at Pagsulat tungo sa pananaliksik) online? Thank you all in advance. Hope you guys can help me.

  14. I will not be able to continue my study because of financial. But i want to take the course of Bartending but i dont have enough money to take that course. Plss help me.

  15. Is it accessible for me, since I was in Philippines to take up the courses in the home-based abroad offer?
    Thank you for the reply.

    • Hi, Michaella!

      Yes, the courses on the links provided above can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

      Some of them may still require occasional face-to-face meetings for evaluation purposes, though, so you would have to ask the school that offer them to find out how the set-up is going to be.


  16. Hi I’m a Filipino citezen with a high school diploma from the USA and I would like to know if I qualify for college or online college here in the Philippines? I’m also 37 years old. Thank you.

  17. Hi my name is abigail,i am graduated as bachelor of science major in biology which is I didn’t used because of some matter,and now im here at dubai working as receptionist for four years but i want to study again so ill be more productive,I want to ask if is there any online school for me in the philippines as a food technician..?thank you..

  18. Hi, studied BS in office Administration but completed only as an associate… Is it possible if I continue my course online?

  19. I want to study through online courses.

  20. Joy on
    Im here in the philippine i’d like to enrol for a computer secretarial,and i’d like to ask if how much it cost and im going to abroad in middle east like in united arab emirates if i can continue my course through online.Please give me unanswer and please give me a good advice thank u

  21. Hi,

    I have 2 years associate in Computer Technology and currently working here at KSA as a Coordinator. I would like to start and study BS in Business Management Major in Marketing Management. can refer me to any online schools that offer this kind of courses.

    Your response is highly appreciated.

  22. Hi, im a highcshool graduate and working now in Lebanon. I just want to know how to study online.what would be my first step?… is it possible to study without visiting or going to the school?thanks for your reply.

  23. Can I study even I’m in Qatar.. i went to college but not finish it , I think i have left around 12 more units before finishing. Now I want to finish my 4 year course in Drafting Technology, but the school that i have been with already change their name and have abolish the course that i took before.…Can i enroll in any of the open university online while working?

  24. Hi Good day.. I would like to inquire if possible i can enroll in this course while im working? i mean i can study online without visiting the school? Thank you.

  25. Good day. I am a licensed Civil Engineer and currently working in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I want to pursue a Master’s degree in Construction Management. Is it possible to undergo the program while working abroad?

    Thank you.. Godbless.

    • Hi, Lucenda!

      Try to check out the articles on the page below. They have not been updated for some time now, but those organizations / companies typically offer post-graduate scholarship programs every year. You will find the admission requirements in the individual articles, although you might want to check with the scholarship sponsors if there have been any changes to their requirements or the application procedures.


  26. Dear All,

    Online courses in the Philippines with US Certifications are now available.This was just recently approved by a California Based company with the objective to propagate digital literacy in the Philippines.

    Visit the site:

  27. I need more information about Tesda courses who offered scholarships….

  28. Good day, your site is great and comes with very good and informative topics. I just would like to know the difference between NTSP and ETEEAP? .. Im puzzled
    which step to take if I should take NTSP or ETEEAP. My highest educational attainment would high school as I am not able to finish few units and finish a semester.
    I have a 7 year supervisory experience. Much appreciated responce.


  30. i am a house helper here in hongkong.i enter college before but never finished any unit.i want to study online now and take education course.can u help me about this?thanks!

    • Hi, Catherine!

      Try to check out the individual pages of the open universities listed above. They offer distance learning programs and one of them might be offering the course you want to take.


  31. Can I study even I’m in saudi arabia.. i want to finish my 2 year course in computer science… i want to become degree holder..can you help me

  32. I have checked some of the Universities indicated here. Most of them are self-paced. Do you know any university in the Philippines that are instructor-led? Kind of like UPenn. I think Central Luzon State University has instructor-led programs but mostly for agriculture and nursing. Any suggestions as to business programs that are instructor-led?

  33. HELLO i’m ANGELICA CASAMIS, an (ALS) passer. i would like to continue my studying through an online class. i want to know if i can get (BSIT)BACHELOR OF SCIENCE AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY COURSE and i want to know if i qualified to take that plz. help thanks…

  34. is university of the Philippines have branch in Cebu? where?

  35. Hi!
    I just want to ask if you can take an online course/short course even if you’re currently taking an undergraduate course?



    • Hi, idanceforgod!

      So far, we haven’t seen any official restrictions when it comes to students that are currently enrolled in an undergraduate course who also want to take some short or online courses on the side. Different schools may have different policies, though, so it’s best if you’ll contact the school you are thinking of enrolling at so they can give you an accurate and more detailed response.


    • do you have a course of HRM because I want to study in PUP but i dont know what is the other course that they have. and iI dont know also how To apply Via internet and you know im here in Miagao Iloilo so I waqnt to transfer in Santa. rosa To continued my CoLLEgE iN matter of fact i want to help my parent I Want to help but in my other helping im gonna work and for short i gonna like a working student.

  36. i want to enroll for online study. can u give me an advice what should i do ??…. im from makati ..

    • Hi, Jane!

      That would depend on what kind of course/s you want to take online and where you intend to study. If you intend to take a degree program, you might want to check out the different open universities that offer distance learning in the Philippines. You can find the exact procedure on how to enroll and what the requirements are on their respective websites.

      If you intend to take short courses, on the other hand, there’s TESDA that offer several online courses that you can take for free. (You can find the steps on how to take the courses online on the site). A quick internet search could also give you a sizable list of companies that offer short courses for a fee; however, you might want to be careful of bogus companies.


  37. I would like to ask if i can continue my studies through online?

      • I want to continue my studies, but i’m here in bangkok. That’s why i want continue it online studies. I’m taking (BSIT)Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. If it’s ok i just want shift to Associate Computer Technology? Would accredit my subjects from my former school? Please give me some advice. thanks.

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