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PRC Licensure Examinations Schedule 2014

Every year, the Professional Regulatory Commission or PRC administers licensure examinations (commonly known as board exams) for the different professions in the Philippines. Most of these exams have been conducted since the founding of the agency, but there are also some that have been recently added in compliance with recent laws and proclamations.

Late this year, the PRC has published the schedule for the 2014 licensure examinations including their respective board programs which detail the scope of the exams.

Below is the list of the examinations that will be administered by the commission for the year 2014.

  • Licensure Examination for Teachers (Elementary Level)
  • Licensure Examination for Teachers (Secondary Level)
  • Aeronautical Engineers Board Exam
  • Agriculturists Board Exam
  • Agricultural Engineers Board Exam
  • Architects Board Exam
  • Certified Public Accountants Board Exam
  • Chemical Engineers Board Exam
  • Chemists Board Exam
  • Civil Engineers Board Exam
  • Criminologists Board Exam
  • Customs Brokers Board Exam
  • Dental Hygienists Board Exam
  • Dentistry Board Exam
  • Electrical Engineers Board Exam
  • Electronics Engineer and Electronic Technicians Board Exam
  • Environmental Planners Board Exam
  • Fisheries Technologists Board Exam
  • Foresters Board Exam
  • Geodetic Engineers Board Exam
  • Geologists Board Exam
  • Guidance Counselors Board Exam
  • Landscape Architects Board Exam
  • Marine Deck Officers Board Exam
  • Marine Engineer Officers Board Exam
  • Mechanical Engineers Board Exam
  • Medical Technologists Board Exam
  • Mettalurgical Engineers Board Exam
  • Midwives Board Exam
  • Mining Engineers Board Exam
  • Nurses Board Exam
  • Nutritionist-Dietitians Board Exam
  • Occupational Therapists Board Exam
  • Optometrists Board Exam
  • Pharmacists Board Exam
  • Physical Therapists Board Exam
  • Radiologic Technologists Board Exam
  • Real Estate Appraisers Board Exam
  • Respiratory Therapists Board Exam
  • Sanitary Engineers Board Exam
  • Social Workers Board Exam
  • Veterinarians Board Exam
  • X-Ray Technologists Board Exam

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