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Scholarship Grants in the Philippines: An overview

Securing funds for educational needs can be difficult. Thankfully, there are plenty of scholarship grants and educational assistance programs in the Philippines that aim to help students who are financially incapable of supporting themselves through college.

Academic Scholarships

For starters, there are the academic-based scholarship programs that help intelligent students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree. This type of scholarship is usually offered by colleges and universities where they are awarded to incoming college freshmen who were high school Valedictorians, Salutatorians, or part of the upper ten or twenty percent of their graduating class.

A number of government agencies, private companies, special academies, and private individuals also offer this type of scholarship.

Aside from local scholarship programs, students who want to extend their reach beyond the Philippines can also apply for international scholarships sponsored by different foreign organizations and government agencies.

Non-Academic Scholarships

Persons, agencies, and organizations offering academic scholarships are quite abundant, but they also come along with strict grade requirements that you would need to meet in order to keep your scholarship.

The good thing is this type of scholarship is just but one of the many scholarship programs available in the country and there are in fact plenty of programs that are more focused on rewarding talent than academic excellence.

Examples of these are the athletic scholarships for students with remarkable athletic skills; cultural scholarships for talented singers, dancers, and actors; cadet scholarships for ROTC Corps Commanders; publication scholarships for editors of official school publications; scholarships for leaders of student councils; scholarships for traditional band members, and scholarships for campus beauty queens.

Aside from those, there are also special scholarships meant for specific groups of individuals such as those that target Overseas Filipino Workers and their beneficiaries and those that are aimed at beneficiaries of former members of rebel groups.

Student Loans and Tuition Fee Subsidies

The scholarships we already mentioned are wholly or partially subsidized by other groups or individuals provided that you meet certain requirements.

However, if, for one reason or another, you do not meet a requirement or two, or you would prefer to shoulder the cost of your education yourself but do not have the necessary funds at hand, you can avail student loans that will lend you the money you need that can be paid at a later date.

Alternatively, you can also get full or partial tuition fee subsidy by working as a Student Assistant for the college or university you are enrolled in. Depending on the school, this may require anything from organizing documents, addressing simple student concerns or running errands around the campus for department heads or other related personnel.

Finding  Scholarships Grants in the Philippines

Finding scholarship grants is not as difficult as some people think. With a little internet research, you will have a decent list of options to choose from in no time. Why don’t you check out our Grants and Scholarship Programs and see if there’s one that suits your needs?

Most of these scholarships are offered annually, so if the indicated deadline for the filing of the application has already passed, you can just wait for the next one. However, scholarship programs with limited funding are sometimes temporarily suspended or permanently discontinued, so it will be best if you’ll contact the representatives of the sponsor to confirm if the scholarship grant is still being offered and ask for other relevant information about the scholarship.

Note: Courses in the Philippines is not affiliated with the groups, companies, or agencies sponsoring these scholarship programs. We strongly recommend that you exercise proper caution and conduct some further research before you make any actions in connection with the information posted herein. Please see our full Disclaimer for more info.

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  1. hi po is there any school that can give me scholarship grant na malapit lang samin im currently in dasmarinas and i need a scholarship in order to enroll in college.and do you know anything na nag bibigay ng work for college students ?im currently a fourhtyear high scool.tnx a lot.

    • Hi, Angelica!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      CHED’s Financial Assistance Program can be availed by any qualified student who’ll enroll in any state college/university or private higher educational institution that has programs duly recognized by CHED.

      As for work, a good number of colleges and universities hire student assistants who help around the school in exchange for financial assistance although the specifics of the program depend on the school that oversees it. For more detailed information, it’s best if you’ll contact the school you are thinking of applying at. You can find a list of schools in Cavite as well as their contact information on the link below.

      Good luck!

  2. Good Day po ! I am in 1st year college po taking up the course of AB Mass communication at New Era University po. Could you please help me po to find scholarship po, i really need lang po talaga before the final term start po, thanks po 🙂

    • Hi, Jossa!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      The only scholarships we know of that are particularly aimed at incoming Mass Comm students are those offered by Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism and those offered by GMA Network. They both seem to be targeted towards students of specific schools, though (ADMU, UP, AUF, Don Bosco Technical College), so that won’t probably be much help. 🙁

      Have you seen the scholarship programs on the link above? Most of them are offered yearly, so while the dates have not been updated, you might want to check them out.


  3. Hello,
    I’m alsaud, I really need a scholarship.Is there a scholarship that can be applied online? i really need help. I’m an engineer student. Thanks

  4. Hello.
    currently I’m in my second year in college and taking up bachelor of science in economics at the university of the philippines-visayas. Could please help me find a suitable scholarship for my course? Thank you so much.

  5. please help me find a scholarship grant that will pay for full tuition….i want to study in UP DILIMAN but my mother said we are incapable to do that but i really want to study there… i want to have a better job so that we are no longer poor in the future…please help me :))

  6. Hi! I’m currently in my 3rd year but unfortunately my parents can no longer support my studies. I have dropped my subjects already this semester because my parents asked me to do so and find a job. I really want to continue my studies. You think I would still be able to qualify in any scholarship grant? Please help. Thanks a lot/

    • Hi, Bryan!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Most scholarship programs are meant for incoming freshmen but there are also those that specifically targets students who are on their third, fourth, or fifth year in college. Check out the scholarship programs listed on the page below. You may find one that may work for you.

      Good luck! 🙂

  7. hi….im an honor student..but we don’t have money to continue my studies…i want a help for something…

  8. Hi,i am a black african living in Liberia.i really need a scholarship to study Anesthesia as a nurse.pls help me

    • Hi, Sandra!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to help you out, we have no knowledge of scholarship programs intended for people interested in enrolling in a Nurse Anesthetist program.


  9. Hi! I’m a fourth year high school student and I’m looking for a school/ scholarship for my college. Please help me with this. 🙂 It may be an academic or non-academic scholarship, either would do for me. I’m in the field of arts, fashion or performing and journalism/broadcasting. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Hi, Rhon!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Here are some links to scholarship programs to get you started:

      University of the Philippines

      De La Salle University

      Asian Journal Foundation

      Hope that helps.


  10. Please help me to get scholarship. thanks.

  11. i’m a nuring student right now, and i would like to look for any scholarship grant to finish my studies.can you please give me websites to visit? Thank you!

  12. I really need a scholarship grant. Can you give me a list of organization who could give me that right away? Thank you.