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Senior High School Career Tracks

Classes for senior high school  will start again in a couple of weeks. If you will be a senior high school student yourself soon but are still unsure of which career track or learning strand you should pursue, this summary may help you figure out which one will be a good fit for you.


Career Tracks

Career tracks are different fields of study grouped together based on the following similarities: core subjects, the basic skills that they require from students who wish to pursue them, and the overlapping professions that they can later get into after graduating.

By choosing a specific career track before going to college, senior high school students can make the most of precious time and resources by studying learning areas that are actually related to the courses that they want to pursue in college or the jobs that they wish to apply for after graduating instead of simply studying one general subject after another without learning a particularly useful skill or piece of knowledge.

In the K to 12 program, career tracks cover four major fields of study: academics, arts and design, sports, and Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL).



The academic career track covers most of the four and five-year degree programs that colleges and universities offer including those in the fields of ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), HUMMS (Humanities and Social Sciences), and GAS (General Academic Strand).

Out of the four career tracks, academic is the one that deals the most with theories and principles and is designed to prepare students who wish to continue studying after senior high school.


Arts and Design

The arts and design track is a career track designed for students who show artistic promise and are interested in making a career out of it.

Students intending to pursue this track can choose from a wide array of options including performing arts (music, dance, theater), visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, film production), literary arts (scriptwriting, screenwriting), and interior design.

For those who favor the digital side of design, there is also media arts which cover animation, web design, and interactive mobile applications, while there’s industrial design for those who favor a balance between creativity and technical know-how.



The sports track is a career track designed for students who possess athletic abilities and are interested in developing them further.

By taking this career track, students will have an opportunity to learn about scientific principles that affect how the body moves and how they can use those principles to improve their abilities and maybe even teach them to other aspiring athletes someday.


Technical-Vocational Livelihood

Technical-Vocational Livelihood is a career track designed for students who wish to work immediately after graduating from senior high school.

Unlike the other three career tracks where students only get a high school diploma upon graduation, students who chose the TVL track will also receive an additional National Certification (NC) from TESDA which is an important requirement when applying for both local and overseas jobs.

Now that you are familiar with the four career tracks in the K to 12 program, you will probably be asking which would be the best track for the course that you intend to take in college or the job that you intend to apply for after graduation. For that, you may refer to this College Courses and Senior High School Career Tracks article.

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