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Senior High School Core Subject: General Mathematics

General Mathematics is one of the core subjects of the senior high school curriculum. Some examples of the things that you will learn from taking this subject include:


  • Functions and Their Graphs
    • Key concepts of functions
    • Key concepts of rational functions
    • Key concepts of inverse, exponential, and logarithmic functions
  • Basic Business Mathematics
    • Key concepts of simple and compound interests
    • Key concepts of simple and general annuities
    • Basic concepts of stocks and bonds
    • Basic concepts of business and consumer loans
  • Logic
    • Key concepts of propositional logic, syllogisms, and fallacies
    • Key methods of proof and disproof

While studying, you will also be asked to demonstrate what you have learned by participating in class activities that may include the following:

  • Constructing mathematical models to represent real-life situations using functions
  • Formulating and solving real-life problems involving rational functions
  • Applying the concepts of functions to formulate and solve real-life problems
  • Computing interest, maturity value, future value, and present value
  • Solving problems involving interests and annuities using appropriate financial instruments
  • Solving logarithmic equations and inequalities
  • Using appropriate instruments in formulating market-related conclusions
  • Deciding on the appropriateness of a loan and its proper utilization
  • Establishing the validity of real-life arguments using logical propositions
  • Applying a method of proof and disproof in real-life situations
  • Analyzing the different market indices for stocks and bonds

These examples only cover the scope of the core subjects. For the scope of the contextualized and specialized subjects, please refer to their respective lists.

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