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Senior High School Specialized Subject: Artificial Insemination-Swine

Artificial Insemination – Swine is one of the specialized subjects under the technical-vocational livelihood (TVL) career track. Some examples of the things that you will learn from taking this subject include:


  • Validation of animal-related information
  • Body condition scoring
  • Estrus management
  • Pre-collection routines
  • Collection of boar semen
  • Semen handling and storage
  • Pre-insemination procedure
  • Actual insemination
  • Post-insemination routines
  • Collection and processing of data

While studying, you will also be asked to demonstrate what you have learned by participating in class activities that may include the following:

  • Collecting information on the readiness of sow/gilt for artificial insemination
  • Evaluating physical condition of the animal based on recommended standards
  • Confirming signs of estrus
  • Performing task without causing injury to the animal, technician and others
  • Performing preparatory activities for semen collection in accordance with hygiene and safety requirements
  • Removing preputial fluid according to procedure
  • Massaging penile area to encourage ejaculation of semen
  • Collecting semen according to standard procedure
  • Evaluate semen to determine semen quality
  • Performing semen collection with caution to ensure safety of the boar, technician and other individuals
  • Packing semen properly according to required temperature
  • Securing semen to be used based on clients’ requirements/requests
  • Performing cleaning of the external genitalia using suitable materials
  • Depositing semen into the female reproductive tract following recommended procedure
  • Performing waste disposal according to existing environmental regulations
  • Securing evidence for breed registry
  • Preparing and submit summary using required forms
  • Keeping and compiling file copies of forms and summary report according to required filing procedures

These examples only cover the scope of the specialized subjects under the technical-vocational livelihood career track. For the scope of the core and contextualized subjects under the senior high school curriculum, please refer to their respective lists.

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