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Senior High School Specialized Subject: Food and Beverage Services

Food and Beverage Services is one of the specialized subjects under the technical-vocational livelihood (TVL) career track. Some examples of the things that you will learn from taking this subject include:


  • Link Between Kitchen and Service Area
    • Workflow structures within the food and beverage service location
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    • Duties and responsibilities of food service team
    • Hygienic and appropriate personal presentation
    • Legislation on OHS and food hygiene
  • Food and Beverage Service
    • Preparation of service equipment/utensils and supplies
    • Cleanliness and condition of equipment / utensils furniture and supplies
    • Completeness of table setup
    • Balance and uniformity of utensils
    • Order of the utensils
    • Eye appeal
    • Timeliness
    • Protocol in welcoming/greeting guests
    • Procedure and rationale in seating the guest
    • Present the menu to guests
    • Take food / beverage order
    • Sequence table serving
    • Safety practices and precautionary measures in serving guest orders
    • Bussing and cleaning the table
    • Procedures in resetting tables
    • Safety practices in resetting the table
  • Room Service
    • Taking room service orders
    • Equipment and material selection and set-up
    • Room service meal delivery and serving
    • Billing of guest
    • Clean room service area
  • Develop and Update Food and Beverage Knowledge
    • Past and current trend in food and beverage
    • Types of food and beverage
      • Special dietary requirements
      • Special cultural needs
    • Appropriate combinations of food and beverage based on the following:
      • Customer preferences
      • Traditional combinations of foods and beverages
      • Special dietary requirements
      • Special cultural needs
    • National/local act related to service of food and beverage

While studying, you will also be asked to demonstrate what you have learned by participating in class activities that may include the following:

  • Explaining core concepts in food and beverage services
  • Attending and monitoring kitchen service points to ensure efficient pick up of food items
  • Identifying traditional items required from the kitchen
  • Checking quality of food in accordance with customer’s request
  • Observing precautionary measures and sanitary practices in handling food and beverage
  • Preparing and adjusting dining environment to provide comfort and ambience to customers
  • Setting up furniture in accordance with standard requirements and customers’ requests
  • Verify list of menu variations and daily specials with kitchen staff
  • Checking details of reservations based on established service standard policies
  • Escorting customers according to table allocations
  • Giving customers suggestions on drink and meal selections
  • Operating ordering systems promptly
  • Clearing tables at the appropriate time with minimal disruption to customers
  • Organizing, presenting, and processing accounts following standard procedure
  • Storing and/or preparing equipment in accordance with standard procedures
  • Recording room service orders in accordance with establishment policy and procedures
  • Interpreting room service orders received from doorknob dockets
  • Setting up food and beverage in strict compliance with hygiene and sanitation
  • Serving meals and beverages properly in accordance with establishment procedures
  • Checking and presenting guests’ accounts for accuracy
  • Presenting charge accounts to guests for signing
  • Assisting guest in transacting to the cashier if needed
  • Re-stocking food, beverage, and equipment in accordance with establishment policy
  • Suggesting menus of cultural considerations

These examples only cover the scope of the specialized subjects under the technical-vocational livelihood career track. For the scope of the core and contextualized subjects under the senior high school curriculum, please refer to their respective lists.

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