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Senior High School Specialized Subject: Production in the Performing Arts

Production in the Performing Arts is one of the specialized subjects under the arts and design career track. Some examples of the things that you will learn from taking this subject include:

  • Production Organizations and Responsibilities
    • Creative
      • Director
      • Playwright
      • Costume
      • Set and props designer
      • Choreographer
      • Musical Director
    • Performer
      • Actors
      • Dancers
      • Singers
      • Movers
    • Technical
      • Technical director
      • Stage manager
      • Lights & sounds crew
    • Marketing and Publicity
      • Marketing officers
      • Ushers
    • Documentation
      • Video
      • Photo
  • Production Conceptualization and Collaboration with Different Arts
    • Selection of materials
    • Conceptualization
    • Dramaturgy
    • Survey of local traditional theater and other artistic forms
  • Production Mounting and Staging
    • Story conference / Story improvisation
    • Rehearsal process
    • scene work, production work, technical work, music and dance rehearsals
    • Putting together of production components
    • Mastery of the performance
  • Execution of the Production
    • Dress and technical rehearsals
    • Final critiquing of the performance
    • Performance run
  • Post-Production
    • Evaluation
    • Production book completion and performance documentation

While studying, you will also be asked to demonstrate what you have learned by participating in class activities that may include the following:

  • Designing an organizational structure for a theater production
  • Conceptualizing a chosen material for staging
  • Creating music, dance, and designs appropriate to the production concept
  • Identifying folk traditions that may be used in staging a chosen piece
  • Identifying an appropriate performance venue
  • Engaging in stage experimentations and improvisations
  • Designing the physical action and movement on stage
  • Rehearsing muscal numbers with singers, dancers, and accompaniment
  • Preparing production and technical requirements
  • Devising marketing strategies for production
  • Finalizing the integration of the different production components
  • Producing documentation of the performance
  • Evaluating the whole learning experience on an individual and organizational level

These examples only cover the scope of the specialized subjects under the arts and design career track. For the scope of the core and contextualized subjects under the senior high school curriculum, please refer to their respective lists.

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