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Senior High School Specialized Subject: Tailoring

Tailoring is one of the specialized subjects under the technical-vocational livelihood (TVL) career track. Some examples of the things that you will learn from taking this subject include:

  • Producing athletic shorts
  • Producing jogging pants
  • Producing athletic shirts
  • Producing athletic jackets
  • Producing polo shirts
  • Producing barongs
  • Producing blazers
  • Producing men’s trousers
  • Fabric selection
  • Drafting basic pattern
  • Drafting final pattern using pattern symbols
  • Techniques in cutting final pattern
  • Preparing the materials for cutting
  • Pressing tips
  • Kinds of fasteners
  • Kinds of trimmings
  • Fabric folds
  • Laying out pattern techniques in pinning patterns on fabric
  • Transferring construction marks
  • Pointers on how to cut fabric
  • Procedure in cutting fabric
  • Kinds of seams and seam finishes
  • Preparing parts for sewing
  • Unit method of assembling
  • Labeling of garment
  • Laying out pattern pieces
  • Types of facing and interfacing

While studying, you will also be asked to demonstrate what you have learned by participating in class activities that may include the following:

  • Explaining basic concepts in tailoring
  • Planning garment design
  • Taking client’s body measurements
  • Drafting basic/block pattern
  • Manipulating pattern
  • Cutting final pattern
  • Preparing cut parts
  • Sewing and assembling parts
  • Altering completed garment
  • Applying finishing touches
  • Packing finished garment

These examples only cover the scope of the specialized subjects under the technical-vocational livelihood career track. For the scope of the core and contextualized subjects under the senior high school curriculum, please refer to their respective lists.

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