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Short Courses in the Philippines That You Can Take Online


  • Mathematics and Science Teachers Retraining Program
  • Retooling Institutional Community Human Resources for Global Competitiveness
  • Special Teachers’ Retraining via Internet Enhance DistanceEducation
  • Teacher’s Credential Program
  • Computer Technology
  • Online Teaching and Learning


Management and Public Administration

  •  E-Service Management Program


Health and Allied Sciences



  • Crops
    • Basic Urban Gardening
    • Online Course on Mechanized Rice Transplanting Technology
    • Increasin g Corn Farm Productivity through the Use of Mechanization Technologies
    • Saving The Lost Harvest: Introductory Course On Rice Post Production Technologies
    • Treasure in Threads: Piña Fiber Processing
    • Straw Mushroom Growing: A Viable Agri-Enterprise
    • Auspicious, Vandaceous: Growing Vanda and Vandaceous Orchids
    • Growing Banana in the Tropics: Cultural Management for Banana Production
    • Go Mango, Hit the Jackpot!
    • Abaca Production (3 courses)
    • Citrus Growing: A Promising Enterprise
    • From Seed to Seed: Online Course on Corn Production
    • Growing Bamboo for Profit and a Healthy Environment
    • Growing Durian the Better Way
    • Jackfruit Production
    • Managing Common Diseases in Banana
    • Integrated Pest Management for Banana
    • Production of High Value Crops in Greenhouse
    • Yummy Yam: Ubi Production
    • Savoring the Green Brew: Arabica Coffee Production
  • Livestock
    • Hail the Quail! Online Course on Quail Production
    • Build Assets Through Goats
    • Mastering the ABCs of Pig Production
    • Walang Aray sa AI: Artificial Insemination in Pigs
  • Marine & Fisheries
    • Taste the Creamiest Cream Dory: Online Course on Pangasius Culture
    • Seaweed Farming
  • Social Technology
    • Online Course on Training Management
    • Lika! Usap Tayo: Effective Human Communication and Human Relations
    • Getting the Big Bucks: Guide to Grant Proposal Writing
    • Changing People’s Lives Through Effective Extension Delivery
    • Working Together Works! An Online Course on Community Organizing
    • Basic Agricultural Marketing Extension
  • Sustainable Agriculture
    • Insects Away the Alternative Way!
    • Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture
    • Vermicomposting: Turning Trash to Cash
  • Other Courses
    • Basic Beekeeping
    • Organic Fertilizer Production
    • Durian Production
    • Lowland Vegetable Production
    • Cashew Production
    • The Philippine Cattle Industry
    • Broiler Production
    • Bangus Production
    • Citrus Production
    • Coffee Production
    • Corn Production
    • Banana Production Guide
    • Total Quality and Productivity for Rice
    • Mango 1: Mango Processing Information Guide
    • Mango 2: A Guide to Mango Production
    • Meat Processing
    • Hog Finishing Production Information
    • Agri and Fisheries Product Standards
  • Basic Principles of Health Management in  Aquaculture
  • Good Agricultural Practices for Increasing Farm Productivity, Safe Sustainable Production, and Market Access



  • Stock Market 101
    • Philippine Stock Exchange Foundation
    • Exchange Traded Funds
    • Basic Stock Investing
    • Cost Averaging
    • Market Research and Development
    • Listings and Disclosures
    • Islamic Finance
    • Technical Analysis
    • Investment Products and Services
    • Mutual Funds and UITFs
    • Personal Equity Retirement Account (PERA)
    • Screening of PSE-listed Securities for Shariah Compliance

Computer Studies



The list above was compiled based on publicly accessible information gathered on or before January 17,2015, and was provided to give you an idea of what kinds of online courses have been offered or being offered in the Philippines.

They may or may no longer be available by the time you’re reading this post so we strongly encourage you to conduct further research of your own to get more information about the courses or programs that you are interested in.

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  1. Hi i woukd like to take culinary skills courses can i register here..

  2. Hi, I’m currently working in Dubai as an accountant but with a “clerk” profession in my visa coz I do not have a certificate. I only finished 2 years in my 4-year BSA course and left the university. Is there any online accounting course that will provide a certificate?

    • Hi, Venjie!

      You can find a list of colleges/universities that offer BS Accountancy through their ETEEAP programs on the link below. We’re not sure if all schools that offer the program offer part of the lessons online, but some does, so you might want to give it a try.

      Please note that the list was released in 2010. Some schools on the list may no longer be offering some of the courses listed above or may have already stopped offering the program altogether. For more accurate and updated information, please get in touch with the Commission on Higher Education or the school you are thinking of enrolling at.


  3. how can i avail online courses offered?

    • Hi, Gerald!

      For free courses, all you have to do is visit the website of the school/institution/organization that is offering the course and sign up for an account.

      For paid courses, you’d have to get in touch with the school/institution/organization, submit the required documents, and pay the necessary fees.


  4. HOW can i avail the online courses that is offered,is it i need to enroll it via online?

    • Hi, Angela!

      Yes. There’s usually a page in the schools’ official websites where you can fill out the application forms. Required documents can either then be scanned and sent by e-mail or through courier.

      Tuition & miscellaneous fees can be paid through bank transfer, wire transfer, or other similar methods.

      If you’re interested, we suggest you search for the schools offering such courses first then try to get in touch with them so they can explain the process in detail to you.


  5. I would like to take computer technology maam while im working here in kuwait as a OFW..atleast after i decided to stop working abroad i have one thing pride to be proud…..

    • Hi, Jovelyn!

      There are some colleges / universities offering Computer Technology online (You can find them by doing a quick Google search). We suggest you contact them so they tell you how to go about enrolling.


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