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Teresa Mora Lucban on Hairdressing (with cosmetology) NC II

Name: Teresa Mora Lucban

Course Taken: Hairdressing (with cosmetology) NC II

Current Job: Secondary school teacher

Present Employer: Pambujan National High School

Why did you choose to take the course you did?

I chose it in preparation for the additional subjects that will be taken by senior high students.
What was the most interesting thing about the course?

Aside from providing you with an easy source of income, it also serves as a “stress-free” hobby.  The more people you were able to beautify, the happier you’ll get.

What kind of activities did you do in your major subjects?

Discussions, lectures, and hands-on application.

What advice can you give to incoming students who are thinking of taking the same course you did?

Be practical.  Rest assured that there’s no regret in taking the hairdressing & cosmetology course because if you devote your time and effort in this kind of work, you’ll eventually realize how fun it can be.

What are the things that you learned from the course that have proven to be very useful in your work?

Personality development ( hair care, skin care, etc) and maintaining good posture. This is very important for me, because as the lyre band coordinator of our school, it is my responsibility to ensure that my majorettes look good from head to toe ( boots, uniform, hairstyle, make-up).

Do you think you chose the right course?

Yes. Since going to school can cost a lot these days, this kind of course can serve as a stepping stone for students to provide for themselves so they can have a chance to fulfill their ambitions in life.

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