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TESDA Courses in the Philippines: Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions regarding the different TESDA courses, so for your convenience, we compiled the most frequently asked of them and listed them on this page.

Below is the list of common questions people interested in taking TESDA courses ask.

I live in _______, where I can I enroll?

TESDA courses are offered by the different Technical Vocational Institutions (TVIs) authorized by TESDA. To find the school or training center nearest to your place, you can use this tool from the TESDA Website. Just type in the name of the course you want then click “search.”

How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee depends on the school/training center offering the course. Most of the institutions directly administered or in direct partnership with TESDA offer the courses for free; private schools and training centers usually offer them for a fee. For the actual amount, it’s best if you’ll contact them directly to be sure.

When can I enroll?

The enrollment schedule, just like tuition fees and other specific rules and regulations, depends on the school/training center offering the course. For the actual schedule, it’s best if you’ll contact them directly to be sure.

How long is the training duration?

Training duration varies per course; however, you can find the minimum training duration if you click on the specific TESDA course that you are interested in. Please note that it is just the minimum training duration and might actually last longer depending on the school or training center offering the course.

What is the training schedule for this specific TESDA course?

The training schedule, just like tuition fees and other specific rules and regulations, depends on the school/training center offering the course. For the actual schedule, it’s best if you’ll contact them directly to be sure.

What are the requirements for admission?

Common requirements for TESDA courses include: copy of Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO, copy of high school or college diploma, certified True Copy of Transcript of Records, 1×1 Pictures, and Certificate of Good Moral Character.

Requirements, however, may vary depending on the institution you are going to enroll at, so we strongly suggest you get in touch with the school or training center’s official representatives for more accurate and detailed information.

Do I need to finish a certain course or undergo a certain training before I can enroll in this TESDA course?

TESDA doesn’t usually specify whether prior education or training is required to take a particular course. It’s the school/training center that usually decides if they’re going to impose additional requirements on top of the basic requirements that TESDA requires, so it’s best if you’ll contact them directly so they can give you an accurate and more detailed response.

Can I enroll in a TESDA course even if I’m not a high school graduate?

Different schools and courses have different requirements, so it’s best if you’ll check with the school or training center that offers the course to see if they require a high school diploma prior to admission.

On a side note, if you need a high school diploma but do not have the time or means to finish high school the traditional way, you might want to check our articles on the Alternative Learning System program to see if it will work for you.

Does TESDA offer any scholarship programs?

From what we know, TESDA offers scholarship programs every year; however, we’re not quite sure for which particular courses and how many slots are available. For that it’s best if you’ll contact TESDA directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed response.

How can I get a TESDA certificate?

To get a TESDA certificate, you’ll need to pass the assessment exam for the skill you’re trying to get certified in. For example, those who want to become certified welders can take the assessment exams for any of the welding-related courses that TESDA offers. Depending on your skills, you can choose to take the NC  I, II, III, or IV exam.

What does NC mean?

NC stands for National Certification. A national certification is given once you’ve successfully demonstrated that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the tasks carried out by a certain professional like a welder or a crane operator, for example.

What are the differences among NC I, II, III, and IV?

The numbers after National Certification indicate the level of expertise of an NC holder.

For example, an NC IV holder is generally more skilled than an NC III holder the same way an NC II holder is generally considered to be more skilled than an NC I holder.

Am I required to take the first level of a specific course before I can move on to the next one?

According to the TESDA official we spoke with, completing the first level of a specific course is not required from individuals who wish to take a more advanced level; however, they strongly encourage that you try to study the basics first so you will be well-prepared for the more advanced lessons. Accredited schools or training centers have the liberty to impose their own rules, though, so you might want to contact them directly to be sure.

Am I required to enroll in the classes before I can take the assessment / certification exam? 

According to the TESDA official we spoke with, enrolling in the classes is optional. If you’re confident that you already have the knowledge and skills you’ll need, you can go ahead and take the exam immediately.

We’re not sure if all TESDA offices implement the same rule, though, so you might still want to contact the office nearest your place to be sure.

I’ve been working as a professional <insert job here> for several years now. Can I skip the training sessions and use the experience I accumulated to obtain a certification from TESDA instead?

From what we know, you can, but you still have to take and pass the assessment exam first. That’s just from what we know, though, so you might still want to verify that with TESDA to be sure.

How do I apply for assessment and certification?

You can find the general requirements and procedures in applying for assessment and certification on this post.

Where can I take the assessment exam for ___?

You can find the list of accredited assessment centers by using this tool.

Does TESDA offer online classes?

It does; however, for now, the available courses are still pretty limited. You can find the list of online courses offered by TESDA on their website.

How do I sign up for the online courses?

“In order to access the available courses in the TESDA Online Program website, you must first register an account. For detailed steps “on how to register and enroll in a course, please refer to the “How To” section of the website. – TESDA

Do I need to pay tuition in order to enroll for the online courses? 

“The TESDA Online Program is available for FREE, you do not have to pay tuition in order for you to access the courses.” – TESDA

Can I take the assessment exam online?

“The TESDA Online Program is in incubation stage. We are not yet giving any training certificate. To be given a training certificate, the online learner needs to complete online assessment which is yet to be developed; however, once you finish the course and if you think you are ready, you may take the face-to-face assessment for National Certification at any TESDA accredited assessment center or venue.” – TESDA

The <insert name of course here> is not on your list. How can I enroll?

Unfortunately, the course you mentioned is not included in TESDA’s current list of programs offered by registered vocational institutions. We’re not sure if there have been any changes to that list, though, so you might want to check with TESDA to be sure.

When is the next assessment exam?

We’re sorry, but we have no available information regarding the schedule of the TESDA exams. It’s best if you’ll contact them directly so they can give you an accurate and more detailed response.

The contact number of the TESDA office nearest my place doesn’t seem to be working. Do you have other contact numbers?

Unfortunately, most of the information we post on the site were from publicly accessible materials, so we’re not always sure how updated the information is. The best option that we can think of at this point is to call the main office of TESDA to ask. They might have the updated contact information.

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  1. i don’t have any kinds of dimploma there in the philippines because i grew up here in italy and i studied here two years of high school and 5 years course of tourism. i am working now in a printing press for about 8 years, but i want to go back there in the philippines to study some computer course to enlarge my knowledge in the world of copying business.
    can you guys help me what course can i take?

  2. Good day Madame/Sir,

    The Tesda On Line Courses is an old one? i am looking for the course of commercial cooking NCIII & NCIV, Front Office and FBS NC3 & NC4 respectively.

    Being a Culinary Trainer its really important to me to expound my experience to my future chef student.

    Hoping this request may be granted sooner.

    Thank you very much and God bless

    Chef Eduardo M.Escaño Jr

    • Hi, Eduardo!

      We’re sorry, but we’re not quite sure what you meant by your question. If you were referring to the courses listed on e-TESDA’s website, we believe some of them were only recently added. We’re not sure exactly how long the others have been there, though. As for the courses you mentioned, you can find them on this list of TESDA courses available in the Philippines. If you were concerned about whether they’re updated or not, you can refer to this TESDA page to see if they have been recently amended or if the old training regulations are still in use.


  3. Saan pwede mag-aral ng Fashion Design? and how much the tuition Fee?

  4. san po pwede mag aral ng food and beverages and/or housekeeping here in pasay with tesda accredited school or training center?

  5. Ask ko lang po kong saan pwede mag aral ng Footwear making this year 2015.At mag kano ang tuition.

  6. I live in trece martirez cavite.. san po ako pwedeg enroll?

  7. gud day,
    ask ko lang po pwede din po ba magenroll sa nio ang hindi nakapagtapos ng pagaaral tulad po ng undergraduate lang ng high school. May gusto po kasi sana ako paaralin. At kung pwede naman po mag enroll ang isang tulad nila ano po ang mga kinakailangan na requirements?
    Sana po mabigyan nio po ng pansin ang aking katanungan.

    God Bless You..
    Thank you

    Maricel Mangubat

  8. hey i would like to ask where is the nearest medical transcriptionist course offer by TESDA im from BULACAN please reply ASAP my mother is asking me all day histericaly so please reply fast before my eardrum colapsed

  9. Hi! Good day!! Ask ko lang.. may available school or tesda accredited na nagtuturo ng Illustration ncII sa cavite or Manila area? Thanks po.

    • Tanong ko lang po kung kelan may training ng bus driver ngayong taon, salamat po mag-eenrol po sana ako.

  10. Good Day Sir/Mam; ive been a seawoman for almost 8 years,working in the Galley/Catering Department.i would like to take a course that will to be an Assessor? what course can I take and where can I enroll?
    thanks and God bless po!

  11. Nag offer din ba ang Davao TESDA nang Rigger taining courses? How much din?

  12. Uhm. Hello po. What ages po ba ang pwedeng magtake ng TESDA? Thank you po.

  13. hello sir/ madam, gooday po, are you offering courses pertaining to safety management? where can I enroll here in region 2? thanks.

  14. Good Day po! I’m a graduate of BSN. Can I take NCII for Caregiver? Do I still need to enroll to caregiver schools? What are the requirements? Thank you and Godbless!

  15. good evening po ma’am gusto ko po sanang mag aral ng caregiver,but my age 42 pwede pa po ba ako?magkano po ang babayaran ko?saan po ako pwede if ever qualified pa po ako.thank u po.

  16. I am intrested to learn crochet or knitting do you have course on this?

  17. Hi Good Day,

    I am a Registered Nurse and I’m planning to take up Caregiving course. Do i still need to attend daily classes or take the assessment exams ? And based on the requirements for going abroad it says that you need to have atleast 6months of full time training, is this also considered as an experience? thank you and god bless!

  18. Good day! I would just like to inquire nagtapos po ako ng chemical engineering and am trying to explore my options. Pag nakapagtapos ka po ba ng kurso ay may katumbas na po ba syang NC level . and am planning po to take the trainer’s methodologies online program ng tesda can i take this.

  19. hi poh ako poh c jayne gusto ko mg tesda ask ko pnu mg take ng scholarship tska un feep poh nya paanu din gustong gusto ko poh kc mkpg aral highschool graduate lng poh aq at medyo my edad na poh.slamat poh.

  20. Goodday sir/ma’am..I just want to ask if where tesda accredited school in bulacan offering nc III animal health and care..thank you

  21. Hi am a r.t.u bs eleectrical engineering student ako pano po ba kumuha ng nc1. Mag tetetest po ba ako or mag endrolled pa ako para maka kuha ng nc1 for electrical maintenace

    • Hi, Alvin!

      From what we have been advised in the past, if you already have sufficient experience and you are confident that you can pass the assessment exam for a particular TESDA course, you can skip the classes and jump right ahead to taking the exam. We’re not sure if that applies to all courses or if there have been any changes in the process, though, so you might want to check with TESDA to be sure.


  22. Good day!

    Sir/Ma’am, I would like to ask if it’s possible to get my certificate without the paper given by the staff in the office that day. I already passed the assessment exam, but I fail to go back to get my certificate on the given date. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

  23. Nagbayad ako before sa school of taking housekeeping NCII kaso di ako nakapag take nang exam that day. Ok lang pu bang magpaschedule ulet? do I need to pay papo ulet nun?

  24. Hi,
    Reg emlpoyee po ako, can i enroll any electrical courses in just a short period of time? Tnx po….

  25. Lahat po b ng tesda accredited sch after graduate and experience ay pwedng mag apply abroad? Kc my rumor n kumakalat sa sch ko, wala daw special order ung school ko, it means nd daw pwedng tangapin abroad dto lng daw pwed mag work, how can I check if the sch im in is nd nga pwed sa abroad?

  26. I have passed the NCII assessment exam last 2006. Is it still valid or I need to take an exam again? Thanks.

    • Hi, Divine!

      NCs are only valid for five years, so it has already expired. You can just go to the TESDA office that issued your certificate to have it renewed, though. Unless new training regulations have been implemented since the time you took the assessment exam, there’s no need to go through one again.


  27. Hi ask kolang if my available bang tesda course for language english,Japanese dito sa caloocan please answer me asap?? Tnx

  28. Sir/Madam matanong ko lang po kung may Com.Pro Course po ba dito sa Marikina City ? Salamat po !

  29. Pwede pa po ba mka pag enrol ngayong buwan ! Age doesn’t matter din po ba ?

  30. hi mam/sir.. ask ko lang po kung may lifeguard training center po kayo sa region 2
    ,at kaylan po magstart ang enrolment tnx po Godbless

  31. Hi just want to ask if TESDA courses like bookkeeping can be credited to college/university if i want to pursue a bachelor course in the future..thanks

    • Hi, Antonio!

      We’re not sure about the bookkeeping course, but if the course is included in the ladderized programs approved by CHED and TESDA, then yes, the units / competencies you’ll earn from taking the TESDA course will be counted towards your undergraduate degree.

      You can use the link below to check out which courses can be continued into four or five-year degree programs.


  32. hi.i just ask if where i can endrolled tailoring course near at my place taytay rizal.and i want to start this october.if they have 2months for tailoring Ma’am /Sir…
    Thank you!!

  33. Hi i just want to know if do you have photography course?

    thank you!

  34. ask ko lng po wer ko pwede i enroll ang anak ko related sa course nya aircraft maintenance technology. grad sya ng 2 yr course, gusto ko sana sya mgtraining. dito po kami angeles city

  35. Hi po..
    Ask q lng po if how much po ung tuition fee sa caregiver?

  36. Hi ma’am /sir . I want to ask if there is an institution offering a vocational course related to medical coding in NCR region ? I am waiting for the confirmation . Thanks 🙂

  37. Mam/sir

    As ko LNG po kpg po b d ko nkapasa sa assessment mkkakuha po run b AQ ng s.o. ?

  38. Gud PM, tanong ko lang po kung mayroon bang
    vocational course ang Tesda na Fiberglass making.

  39. Hello po Im jessa. im a fresh graduate of elem. Ed gusto ko po mag take ng course na dressmaking may available po b s bulacan na school na nagooffer??

  40. Hi po ask ko lang i am bshrm graduate can i take ncII exam kaya or i need to finish the shrt term course for me to take tge exam

  41. good morning poh ask ko lang poh kung may 6months I.T course ang tesda taguig at may exam poh ba pag nag enroll and pwd pa poh ba mag enroll ng 2nd of of sept. thank you poh 🙂

  42. kailan po ulit ang pasukan naun taon mgkano po ang tuition sa housekeeping NCII kailan po pwdeng kumuha ng exam may pasok mo kasi ako ng monday to saturday sunday lang po available time ko ang pasok ko po ay 6am to 3pm at 3pm to 11pm every week ngchachange ng schedule thanks po

  43. hi po . gusto po sana namin mag asssessment kaso hindi po namin alam kung kailan at magkano ang babayaran

  44. hi po gusto po sana namin mag assessment saan po pwede makita yung schedule ? thankyou po

  45. May business administration po na na online. Thank you,domestic helper in n hongkong.

  46. Hi would like to enroll in 3d animation course. How long would it take? And what school/centeryou can recommend near my place. Ortiagas extn Cainta, Rizal area

  47. Pwede po ba ako mag-enroll dito sa 3D animation kahit nag-aaral ako ng college ?? hilig ko po kasi ung animation .

  48. gud day po…ask ko lang po kung may offer courses kayo na driving lesson kc mag p enroll sana aq para matoto akong mg drive…salamat po

  49. what is the importance of taking the NCII?

    • Hi, Cehz!

      The purpose of awarding national certificates is to certify that their holders have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle different jobs. Many companies require applicants to present NCs prior to being considered for a position because it means they have been properly assessed — and their performance were found to be satisfactory — by recognized authorities in their respective fields.


  50. May I know if TESDA has accredited schools already or training centers where Individuals with special needs (SPED/PWD) can be trained?

    thank You.

    • Hi, Mayeen!

      So far, we haven’t heard of a training center equipped to accommodate individuals with special needs, but that’s just what we know.

      We suggest you either contact TESDA directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed reply, or you check the page below to see if schools/institutions known for accommodating people with special needs are also authorized to offer TESDA courses (please ensure that you click “search” as hitting “enter” would return zero results).


  51. hi po tanong ko lng po kung anu po ung mga requirements na kailangan mag iinquire po sana ako at anu po ung mag course nyo at mgkano po ung tuition fee

  52. hello poh ma’am/sir tanong ko lang poh kung saang branch nyo poh ako pweding mag enroll ng WELDING TECHNOLOGY ang course. 🙂

    ang place ko po ay sa “San Simon Pampanga”

    maraming salamat poh. ^_^

  53. Helo poh, tanong ko lang poh kng my courz po na pwd sa undrgrad sa secondary level lang thanks po asap.

    • Hi, Jenerwin!

      From what we know, there are. We don’t have a list on file, though, so we suggest you check out the specific training regulations for the courses you are interested in by going to this page:

      Just scroll down to the “Training Regulations” sub-category, click “File,” to download the document, then look for “Trainee Entry Requirements.”


  54. Hi nag aaral po ako ng nursing caregiver dito sa Singapore ngayon itanong ko lang sana kung makakuha na ako ng cerificate pwd ba akong mag take ng TESDA exam?thanks

  55. gud pm po sir/mam,saan branch nang tesda po ba nag offer ng marine electricity NCII,tanks……

  56. may scholorship bang binibigay ang Tesda sa mga umuuwing OFW, plan ko po kasing mag enroll sa commercial cooking pag uwi ko, isang tanong pa po, sa commercial cooking, everyday po ba ang class at ilang oras ? salamat po

  57. Hello! Meron po bang Commercial Cooking dito sa Tagbilaran? Gusto ko po kumuha ng CC-NCII.

  58. Do u have short course training for waxing and eyebrow threading?.. I really need it.. Many Thanks.

  59. marunong na po ako mag drive ng heavy equipement forklitf at grablift.tinuruan lng po ako ng isang professional.gusto ko na ma improve pa ito at makapag aral sa tesda or di kaya ay makakuha ng lalong madaling panahon.para po makapag apply ako ng work at madali akong mahire.please help me po.

  60. hi! ako po si Donna taga dagupan city pangasinan, napanood ko po one time sa bandila news na “animation course libre pong inaalok ng tesda” tapos po nagresearch po ako ng konti about it then nag-inquire po ako sa tesda dito po sa pangasinan lingayen office sabi po nila wala po silang ganung course dito sa pangasinan tesda pero may tinuro po silang school dito sa dagupan pangasinan na nagngangalang TechSkills phil. inc. na partner daw po ng tesda na nagaalok ng animation course then nagpunta po ako dun naginquire po ako pero may tuition fee po which is mahal pa rin po para sa gaya kung hirap sa buhay pero may sinabi po sila na may mga ibang students po sila dun na scholar po ng tesda na totaly libre po at walang binabayaran tinanong ko po kung pano nakakuha ng scholarship yung mga scholar ng tesda sabi po ng nakausap na teacher sa TechSkills basta tinurn over daw ng tesda sa kanila yung mga scholars pero wala silang idea kung pano nakakuha ng free scholarship sa tesda ung mga scholar baka daw may mga kakilala o connection… nung nagpunta naman po ako sa tesda pangasinan wala naman silang binanggit about dun sa scholarship… gusto ko lang po sanang magtanong pano po ako makakakuha ng scholarship sa course na animation dito po sa tesda pangasinan na gaya ng ibang nag aaral ng libre sa TechSkills phil. inc. na tinurn over daw ng tesda sa kanila… mahilig po akong magdrawing since bata pa po ako , sumusulat din po ako ng mga stories at minsan ay nagpipinta din po…pangarap ko rin pong maging tulad ng mga sikat sa industriya ng animation sa ibang bansa na nagdadala ng pride sa pangalang PINOY sana po ay matulungan niyo po akong matupad ang aking pangarap… thank you po….

    • Hi, Donna!

      From what we know, TESDA offers scholarship programs for different courses every year; however, the slots are usually limited and are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

      There’s a possibility that the alloted slots for this year have already been awarded to other people, so you might have to wait for the next batch.

      That’s just a possible explanation, though. We’re not sure if that’s actually the case, so it’s still best if you’ll ask TESDA directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed response.


  61. san po my malapit n tesda sa angeles or bulacan na may course po visual graphic design nc III?

  62. hi, wala po ba kayong shoe making course or bag making na malapit sa Queszon City… Salamat ho.

  63. do you have a coures of motore controls and how long that i can take it coures…?

  64. hi poh im grad of bshrm (hotel and restaurant management) ask ko lng po in taking any courses about tesda help/provide a job ?salamat poh

  65. hello po..tanong ko lng po kung ng ooffer po ba ang TESDA ng wine mixing…at kailan din poh ang start or deadline ng enrollment ng TESDA ..salamat poh

  66. Hi po 🙂 Gusto ko po sana kumuha ng Facial Make-Up Leading to Beauty Care NC II . how much po yung tuition para dun ?

  67. hello! ask ko lang po qng meron course sa lifeguard? thank you!!!

  68. Hello,

    i’m a graduate of BSN(nursing 4 year course) do i still need to enroll NC II caregiver or just take the assessment exam and if i passed, can i request a NC II certificate? thank you and looking forward for your reply =)

    • Hi, Matthew!

      From what we have been advised in the past, if you already have sufficient experience and you are confident that you can pass the assessment exam for a particular course, you can skip the classes and jump right ahead to taking the exam. We’re not sure if that applies to all courses or if there have been any changes in the process, though, so you might want to check with TESDA to be sure.


  69. Hi,
    Ask Ko lang po kung may forklift operator training ang tesda sa cebu city?

    Your help will be much appreciated…

    Thank You & Best Regards,

  70. hi ma’am/sir!

    san po makukuha ung course na land surveying nc III?

  71. do you have short courses on making fiberglass and what kind of products are usually made. I’d like to learn this as i want to create things made of fiberglass or putting up some kind of a project and maybe earn in return

  72. mam,sir; gud am po. pano ko po ba makukuha ung NCII ko na nakaaddress sa Muntiparlas, is it neccessary na dun din un irerelease, o kahit san ng branch ng TESDA? Thanks.

  73. Hi there,
    My sister in law is planning to enroll at one of the TESDA centres for Caregiver course in Negros Occidental. Can you please advise how much would be the tuition fee for the whole program?

    • Hi, Annie!

      The tuition fee depends on the school/training center offering the course. For the exact amount, it’s best if you’ll contact them directly to be sure.


  74. Hello po,

    Ask ko Lang service industry how long po ung training ? How much po?


    • Hi, Fe!

      Training duration varies per training center, so we suggest you call up the training center you are thinking of enrolling at so they can give you a more accurate reply.


  75. Good Evening po saan po available na course nh Fashion Designing? Taga Mindoro po kasi ako meron po ba dito?

  76. what is the age requirement for my nephew to apply for tesda courses., care to reply. thanks.

    • Hi, Ovic!

      Minimum age requirement is usually set at 18 years of age. We’re not sure if that applies to all courses, though, so you might still want to check with TESDA to be sure.


  77. Good day po!

    Ask ko lng po kung my bayad po ba if kukuha ako ng programming course in tesda? ALS grad. po ako.

    I`m living at bicutan taguig po!

    Thanks po!

    • Hi, Jonalyn!

      It depends on where you’re going to enroll at. Training centers directly managed by TESDA usually offer courses for free; private training centers authorized by TESDA to offer courses usually collect fees. TESDA does have some programming courses that they offer online for free, although we’re guessing it’s not as comprehensive as Programming NC IV.


  78. Good evening! Ask kulang kung magkano yung tuition sa aircraft mechanic sa TESDA? At ilang months or years yung schooling? At anung lugar sa Luzon area Lang po! Give me all the information, thanks!

  79. sir/ma’m open po ba tesda office ng sunday para mag enroll sa driving

    • Hi, Joward!

      We’re sorry, but we’re not sure about that. We suggest you call up the nearest TESDA office to be sure.

  80. Good evening, i just wanna ask if may course po ba na aircraft mechanic or aircraft maintenance sa tesda, coz I wanna enroll as soon as possible basta sa Luzon area lang, tsaka ilang months or years ba at magkano yung tuition fee. Just give me a full information about it, thanks!

  81. good day po..ask ko lang po kung meron po kayong waitering course dito sa daraga,albay at anu pong school ang accredited at gaano po ktagal ang training..tnx po

  82. hi san branch po ba kayo meron na malapit sa potrero malabon ..
    pupunta po ako bukas. at cosmetology po kkunin q at may bayad po ba ?
    here my no. 09103666781

  83. ano pong university ang may Pharmacy Services NC n offer? san po ito available n school? thanks po..

  84. Paano po mginquire s short course n Electrical Installation & maintenance. ano po mga requirements. thanks

  85. will you offer aircraft mechanic maintenance/technology at any tesda schools? if any pls send me info what school so i could mail some queries.


  86. mam,
    i am interested of taking the plumbing course, and also the welding course…im from question is where is the nearest accredited tesda school in my place ,i dont have diploma not sure if i have goodmoral.can i take this courses without submitting those requirements..i hope you’ll get back to me asap…
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  87. Gud day po! My offer po b n language program ang tesda?
    Mgknu po ang tuition fee?

  88. san bang lugar to para mapuntahan?? gs2 ko kasi makapag aral ng 3d animation..?? meron bang saturday to sunday ang pasok.. pra di makasagabal sa trabaho. ko!!

  89. i just want to know which place u offer the classes or training for the butcher and how much we need to pay and how long to complete this course? tnx and hoping for ur response soon …

  90. Gudnun,,juz wana ask if u hve cors abwt gardning,or landscaping nd is it available in in baguio? Thanks,

  91. Hi,

    I have learned from ABS CBN news that you help people from Tacloban when they affected by Typhoon by making a solar light.
    Do you have a copy of the drawing and materials needed on how to make a solar light. including where to buy the materials.

    Thank you


    • Hi, Danilo!

      Unfortunately, we don’t. We’re pretty sure there are some available on the internet, though. As for the materials, we heard from an acquaintance who uses solar power in their house that you can buy the materials at any local hardware.


  92. may i take two courses at the same time?
    for example i want to take auto electrical NC III and auto mechanical NCII. is this possible?

  93. Hi TESDA,

    I’m Jonah and I work here in Iloilo City. I was wondering if your agency offers a Culinary Course for FREE? I’d love to enroll in this program, even if it’s only part time, if you permit.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards!

  94. structural CSWIP- level II/NDT level1 & II/ANSI./AWS, meron po ba tayong courses nyan sa TESDA, can you give me the information about that course, when, where and how much it will cost for the training. thank you.

  95. hello i need to know if i dont have high school diploma i can enroll in dressmaking casual course

  96. if ever po tesda course po kc ung natake ko its associate in information technology which is 2 years if ever po na mag tuloy ako ng bs comsci macrecredit po ang mga bnatake ko na subject na under tesda?

    • Hi Jhen,

      Great Question!
      We don’t have a definite answer though – unfortunately. As far as I remember, this was in the works already between CHED and TESDA a couple of years ago.
      But we haven’t heard anything final about it. We suggest you contact the school you’d like to take BS Comsci (in the future) in and ask them if they could do that.


  97. Good day!
    Ask q LNG po if pano pag wala pong t.o.r./ college diploma dhil d pa po fully paid.. And I cant get it.. E nbasa q po sa inyo na OSA po in sa requirements nio.. Pwede po bang wla po un? Ano po any suggestions nio po for me

    • Hi, Dee!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      That might depend on which course you’re planning to take. From what we’ve seen so far, there are some TESDA courses that do not require college degrees. The requirements vary per school/training center, though, so it’s best if you’ll contact them directly so they can give you a more accurate response.


  98. gusto ko po mkpag aral s tesda para mkpagwork,

  99. good day
    itatanong ko lang po kung merong entrance
    exam at kung ano po ang mga requirements sa pag enroll?
    ang kukunin ko pong course is pastry
    thank you po

  100. good day!
    gusto ko po sana magtake ng exam for certified bookkeeper. sa ngayon po nag aaral po ako sa University of Makati, BS Management Accounting. san po ako pwede mag inquire ? thank you po.

    • Hi, Lea!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      You can find the step-by-step procedure on how to apply for the assessment exam on this page and the list of authorized assessment centers on this one.


  101. sir/madam
    have a nice day po.tanong lang po kung san pweding mag enroll ng bus driving.???slamat po.

  102. Sir,

    Good Day po!
    May Age Limit po ba para sa Aircraft Maintenance Courses?
    54 Years Old na po kasi ako, pero Sheetmetal Worker po ako dati sa Middleeast, kaya lang hindi po sa Aircraft.
    Gusto ko pong matuto ng Sheetmetal Works sa Aircraft po.

    Maraming Salamat po!

    • Hi, Deogracias!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We haven’t seen any maximum age requirements for TESDA courses so far, but we’re not really sure about that, so it would be best if you’ll call schools that are offering this course directly so they can give you a more accurate response.


  103. If ever po kukuha ako ng Culinary na mayroon 10 days lamang, may certificate na po ba kagad yun? Syaka ano po yung may 6 years? Ano rin po yung mga short courses?

    • Hi, Em!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      It would depend on the school or training center offering the course. If it’s affiliated with TESDA, then you would have to take the corresponding national certification assessment exam before you can get a certificate. If it’s not, there’s a possibility that they may issue their own certificate, but it might not be as credible as those issued by TESDA.

      The training duration of TESDA courses depends on the complexity of the course, so the easier ones may only take as short as three days to complete, while the more complicated ones may take up to as long as six months to one years to finish.

      You can use the links below to find a list of available TESDA courses and where you can take them.


  104. Good day po! Balak ko po sanang kumuha ng BS Architecture. Advisable po bang kumuha muna ng TESDA courses related to my college program? And if yes, anu-ano po ba ang mga courses na maaaring makatulong sa akin? Para po sana may background na ako and experience bago man lang sumabak sa college at para na rin po maging advantage ko siya. For future purposes na rin po. Sana po matulungan niyo ako 🙂

    • Hi, Krishen!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      It depends on the course. Courses that are offered by vocational institutions directly managed by TESDA are often offered for free; however, there are instances where students have to pay a minimal fee for the equipment and materials that they will be using during the course of their training.


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