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Top Performing Schools in the Philippines Based on Licensure Examination Results

The Top Performing Schools Based on Licensure Examination Results are unofficial lists compiled by that rank universities and other educational institutions in the Philippines based on their performance in the various licensure examinations regularly conducted by the Professional Regulatory Commission. obtains the results of the various licensure examinations from the PRC website then we rank the schools based on the total number of examinees and their passing percentages. We usually divide the schools into two groups: those that had 50 examinees and above and those that have 25 examinees and more in order to give room to schools that have fewer examinees but relatively higher passing percentages. In instances where most of the schools had very few examinees, we divide schools based on those that had at least 25; 10; 5; or 2 examinees.

Below are links to summaries of the performance of schools in the Philippines based on licensure examination results.

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