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Travel Services NC II in the Philippines

Travel Services NC II is a short TESDA course in the Philippines that will train you in arranging trips for customers including providing them with the necessary travel documents and making reservations for their travel accommodation. Some examples of skills that you will acquire from enrolling in this program include:q

  • Identifying booking systems and procedures as appropriate to the specific industry sector
  • Administering customer file and identifying booking requirements
  • Administering billing and settlement plan
  • Explaining the role of International Air Transport Association in the billing and settlement plan
  • Issuing air, sea, and land tickets and Multi Purpose Document (MPD)
  • Explaining in-flight services
  • Gathering necessary information and other travel related data
  • Performing sales and service tasks
  • Networking for latest fare and tariff information

Course Duration

Travel Services NC II takes a minimum of 196 hours to complete.

Admission Requirements

Basic requirements for this TESDA course include:

  • Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
  • Highschool or College Diploma
  • Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records or Form 137
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 1×1 and/or 2×2 Pictures

Requirements, however, may vary depending on the institution you are going to enroll at, so we strongly suggest you get in touch with the school or training center’s official representatives for more accurate and detailed information.


What Graduates Have to Say:



Qualified graduates of Travel Services NC II can find employment either as a reservations officer or as a ticketing officer.

Competency Assessment and Certification

Students enrolled in the Travel Services NC IIย  course may be required to undergo a Competency Assessment before graduation. A National Certificate (NC II) will be issued to students who passed this assessment. You can find more information on assessments and certifications at the official website ofย TESDA.

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  1. nearest school in Cebu to enroll TRAVEL SERVICES NCII . Thanks

  2. Hello… I’m zel,sta. Rosa Laguna. I want to know when is the enrollment period of travel services course… I am interested to learn about this job.. Please reply.. Thanks a lot…

  3. I want to begin enroll to my course I am interested. But how do I enroll to your school? Kindly I need a response for this opportunity. Please let me know how do I enroll? Thanks and more power. God bless..

  4. How do I enroll to the course I choose. I filled the information but how do I enroll to this on line education you offered?

  5. Hello,
    I’m interested on this course. Please let me know more details on how to enroll also, their contact number/s and or email address so I can directly inquire.

  6. Where in metro manila could i enroll the travelling course

  7. What if that person have no transcript of record still can enroll to that particular course?

  8. Hi,
    Interested to enrol on this course. Please let me know the schools and training centres with their phone numbers so that I can inquire directly.

  9. Hi? I’m Mary Cris and I am from Laguna. Can I ask if there is a training school here in Laguna near San Pablo?. And can I ask your landline number to make a clear conversation about this training??Thank you.

  10. Where is the place to attend the seminar for this course? Thank you.

  11. i wish to take the travel buisness seminar, where is the place school or foundation will be? and when will you have this course?

  12. Im interested with this course. How can i inquire?

  13. I want to take this..??? Can I have the contact no.?

  14. the travel services is good me
    becouse my skills and my self
    training is verry infortant

    • Hi, Jrsilla!

      Thanks for visiting our site and for giving us your feedback about the course.


  15. Apart from that do you have available somewhere in Makati that they Offered this 2 Courses?Travel Services NC II and Medical Transcription NC II.sorry to ask too much, i just want to make sure everything before i go home.

    • Thank you for this. However, only on St.Jude Sampaloc Manila They offered the 2 courses i want.some of the Place either, Medical Transcription or Travel Services.anyway,thank you so much!

    • Hi,its me again Rowena..actually i was trying to call the number of St. Jude College which located in Sampaloc Manila to ask the accurate information that i want for the courses that i like but, its not even ringing.could you please help me or give their number so, i can call them.Thank you so much!

      • Hi, Rowena!

        Thanks for coming back.

        As much as we’d like to help, the info we publish on the site are collected from resources available to the public (usually from the official websites of schools and other education-related institutions), so we’re afraid the data we have on hand may be no more than updated than the one you have.
        If the contact number below didn’t help, we’re afraid you might have to pay the school a visit to ask them in person.

  16. Hi,Im Rowena currently i was working here in Dubai.However,i was planning to go home to attend this mention courses. just want to ask because, Im leaving in Camarines Norte. where is the nearest school on that place so i can attend this courses and also the Medical Transcription NC II, and do you have a Medical Administrative also?and how much this 2 courses?and how many hours everyday?

    • Hi, Rowena!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Unfortunately, there are no schools/training centers in Camarines Norte listed on TESDA’s list of institutions authorized to offer this course. We’re not sure if the list is updated, though, so you might want to contact TESDA directly to be sure.

      Alternatively, you can also check out the list of schools or training centers that do offer this course. There might be one in the surrounding towns or provinces.

      As for the training schedule and the tuition fee, it’s best if you’ll contact the school or training center directly so they can give you an accurate and more detailed response.


    • hi, thank you for your reply, actually i found in Sampaloc Manila and they offered the 2 courses that i like.its that updated? that they still offer for the Travel Services and Medical Transcription?.coz, im planning to start by Month of June this year.could you please send me the Exact number that i can call from here in Dubai to take accurate information about this all.Thank you so much!

    • if you mind can you please give me the Updated Number in St.Jude Sampaloc, i can call them from here.Thank you again!:)

  17. hi I’m mhavie from muntinlupa, how much will be the fee of this short course? and what are the requirements?? thanks a lot,,

    • Hi, Mhavie!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Weโ€™re sorry but we have no available information regarding the tuition fees for the different TESDA courses. You can find the list of schools/training centers that offer this course on the link below, though. Itโ€™s best if youโ€™ll contact them directly so they can give you an accurate and more detailed response.

      As for your second question, we’re not sure about the exact requirements that each school requires, but you can find the list of basic requirements that most schools require on the post above.


  18. Hello..I’m regie and I live in tarlac..I just want to know if where is the nearest school where I can study this coures,travel services..thank u

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