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Tuition Fees of Colleges and Universities in the Philippines as of SY 2012-2013

June is just around the corner, and soon it will be time for enrollment once again. If you’re trying to figure out how to budget your money for your or your children’s college education as early as now, this list of current tuition fees of colleges and universities in the Philippines as of SY 2011-2012 might help.

Before you proceed, please note that unless otherwise stated, these fees were based on the tuition fee per unit collected by higher education institutions from incoming freshmen students. This means additional expenses such as laboratory and other miscellaneous fees were NOT INCLUDED in the computation.

Additionally, certain courses may impose slightly higher or lower fees than other courses, so please leave some room for adjustments.

Also, the data you’ll find below were based on data from publicly accessible information — mostly from the schools’ official websites — dated as recent as 2013 in most cases, and as old as 2011 in some.

It may or may not have changed since the last time we accessed these sources, so we strongly advise  that you only use the data below for general reference and that you still consult the actual schools for more detailed and accurate information.

Schools  Tuition Fee
Adamson University P 36,044.00 (AB Economics )
P 33,171.00 (AB Communication)
P 36,527.00 (AB Phillosophy)
P 37.449.00 (BS Accountancy)
P 39,242.00 (BS Architecture)
P 33,345.00 (BS Biology)
P 36,527.00 (BS Chemistry)
P 43,525.00 (BS Computer Science)
P 39,179.00 (BS Customs Administration)
P 32,871.00 (Education)
P 35,550.00 (Engineering)
P 38,665.00 (BS Nursing)
P 32,833.00 (Financial Management/Marketing/Operation)
P 29,576.00 (Hospitality Management) ,
P 39,750.00 (BS Information Technology)
P 36,936.00 (BS Information System)
P 39,830.00 (BS Pharmacy)
P 29,698.00 (BS Political Science)
P 31,615.00 (Psychology)
*includes tuition and other miscellaneous fees 
Adventist University of the Philippines P 729.00 per unit
Aklan State University P 120.00 per unit
Asia Pacific College P 47, 000.00 (AB Multimedia Arts)
P 36,305 (Others)
Assumption College of Davao P 200.00 per unit
Ateneo de Manila University P 109,091.70 per year
Ateneo de Zamboanga University P 667.51 per unit
Batangas State University P 250.00 per unit
Bato Institute of Science and Technology P 212.00 per unit
Benguet State University P 100.00 per unit
Binalbagan Catholic College P 320.00 per unit
Bohol Island State University (Clarin)  P 158.80 per unit
Brokenshire College of Davao (BCD) P 371.91 per unit (regular program)
P 231.84 per unit (evening program)
Caraga State University P 200.00 per unit – Arts and Sciences
P 250.00 per unit – Engineering and Information Technology
P 200.00 per unit – Science Education
P 200.00 per unit – Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Cavite State University P 225.00 per unit
Cebu Technological University (CTU) P 7,500.00
Central Mindanao University P 90.00 per unit
Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba P 957.15.00 per unit (Nursing)
P 927.90 per unit (Other courses)
Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Intramuros P 21,796.00 BS Nutrition and Dietetics
P 21,796.00 BS Food Technology
P 21,796.00 BS Tourism
P 21,796.00 BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
P 25,065.40 BS Accountancy
P 19,863.40 BS Business Administration
P 18,526.60 BS Information Technology
P 18,526.60 AB Communication Arts
P 22,796.00 BS Electrical Engineering
P 22,796.00 BS Industrial Engineering
P 22,796.00 BS Civil Engineering
P 22,796.00 BS Electronics Engineering
P 21,849.74 BS Psychology
P 16,883.89 BS Political Science
P 16,883.89 AB Legal Management
P 16,883.89 Bachelor of Secondary Education
Colegio de Sta. Rita P 524.96 per unit
Cordillera Career Development College P 438.00 per unit
De La Salle University – Manila 2,605.00 per unit (College of Computer Studies)
2,143.00 per unit (College of Education)
2,295.00 per unit (College of Liberal Arts)
2,295.00 per unit (College of Business)
2,496.00 per unit (College of Engineering)
2,384.00 per unit (College of Science)
Divine World College of Bangued P 273.11 per unit
Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology P 200.00 per unit (BS Criminology)
P 100.00 per unit (Other courses)
Far Eastern University AB English
P 37,171.00 (LS) 41,586.00 (FS)
AB Literature
P 37,171.00 (LS) 41,586.00 (FS)
AB Mass Communication
P 40,460.00 (LS) 43,095.00 (FS)
AB Political Science
P 37,171.00 (LS) 41,586.00 (FS)
AB major in English Language
P 31,863.00 (LS) 36,278.00 (FS)
AB International Studies
P 37,171.00 (LS) 41,586.00 (FS)
AB Literature
P 34,587.00 (LS) 37,222.00 (FS)
AB Communication
P 41,095.00 (LS) 45,510.00 (FS)
BEED major in General Education
P 40,981.00 (LS) 45,396.00 (FS)
BEED major in SPED
P 40,981.00 (LS) 45,396.00 (FS)
BFA major in Advertising
P 40,419.00 (LS) 43,054.00 (FS)
BFA major in Painting
P 40,419.00 (LS) 43,054.00 (FS)
BS Biology
P 44,681.00 (LS) 49,096.00 (FS)
BS Accountancy
P 38,731.00 (LS) 43,146.00 (FS)
BS Accountancy Major in Marketing
P 40,921.00 (LS) 45,336.00 (FS)
BS Applied Mathematics with Information Technology
P 44,681.00 (LS) 49,096.00 (FS)
BS Architecture
P 44,297.00 (LS) 46,932.00 (FS)
BS Business Administration major in Business Economics
P 39,247.00 (LS) 43,662.00 (FS)
BS Business Administration major in Business Management
P 37,057.00 (LS) 41,472.00 (FS)
BS Business Administration major in Financial Management (BSBA FINMGT)
P 37,057.00 (LS) 41,472.00(FS)
BS Business Administration major in Financial Management (BSBAFM-MK)
P 39,247.00 (LS) 43,662.00 (FS)
LS = Local Students, FS = Foreign Students 
Filamer Christian University P 344.85 per unit – 1st to 2nd Year
P 320.82 per unit – 3rd to 4th Year
Holy Angel University P 940.00 per unit
Holy Cross of Davao College P 401.00 per unit
Isabela State University P 100.00 per unit
Kabankalan Catholic College P 332.00 per unit
Kings College of the Philippines P 221.00 per unit
Mapua institute of Technology P 1,454.00 per unit (SY 2011-2012)
Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology 100.00 per unit – Regular Program
P 250.00 per unit – BS Nursing (1st Year & 2nd Year)
P 300.00 per unit – BS Nursing (3rd Year & 4th Year)
P 150.00 per unit – General Education
P 200.00 per unit – BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
P 200.00 per unit – Engineering Technology Special Programs
Miriam College P 1,737 per unit
Negros Oriental State University P 5,000.00 – BS Business Administration
P 5,000.00-  BS Pharmacy
P 7,000.00 – BS Nursing
Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology P 240.00 per unit –  BS Nursing
P 180.00 per unit – Other Courses
Palawan State University P 200.00 per unit
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Cabuyao P 100.00 per unit for residents of Cabuyao
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Category I – Free
Category II – 132.00 per unit
Category III – 220.00  132.00 per unit
Philippine State College of Aeronautics P 7,164 .00 – BS Aeronautical Engineering
P 9,581 .00- Aircraft Maintenance Technology
P 8,436 .00- Aviation Electronics Technology
P 8,015 .00- Aviation Information Technology
P 8,436 .00 – Information Management major in Airline Operation and Procedure
P 6,449 .00 – AB major in English
P 6,449.00 – AB major in Mathematics
Philippine Women’s University P 29,650.00 – BEED, BSE, ABCA, ABPSY, BSA, BSBA, BSIT, ABFS
P 29,755.00 – BFA – Visual Communication/Industrial/Painting
P 30,707.00 – BSN, BSMT, BSND, BSPH, BSES
P 30,447.00 – BS in Food Technology
P 27,965.00 – BS in Hospitality Management
P 30,583.00 – BS in Interior Design
P 28,793.00 – BS in Tourism Management
P 28,194.00 – BS in Social Work
Polytechnic University of the Philippines P 12.00 per unit
Riverside College P 422.10 per unit
Saint Louis University P 478.66 per unit
Samar College P 289.00 per unit
Silliman University P 26,332.35
St. Paul University Surigao P 444.00 per unit
St. Scholastica’s College P 1 ,708.00 per unit (as of SY 2010-2011)
Technological University of the Philippines 9, 045.00 – Mechanical Engineering Technology
9, 045.00 – Automotive Engineering Technology
9, 045.00 – Electrical Engineering Technology
9, 045.00 – Nutrition and Food Technology
9, 045.00 – Graphic Arts and Printing Technology
9, 495.00 – Civil Engineering Technology
9, 495.00 – Computer Engineering Technology
9, 495.00 – Electronics and Communications Enigneering Technology
9, 495.00 – Electronics Engineering Technology
9, 495.00 – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
9, 495.00 – Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology
9,495.00 – BS Electronics Engineering
9, 045.00 – BS Civil Engineering
9, 045.00 – BS Electrical Engineering
7, 845.00 – BS Food Technology
7, 695.00 – BS Computer Science
7, 545.00 – BS Information Technology
6, 845.00 – BS Environmental Science
6, 295.00 – BS Entrepreneurial Management
9,195.00 – Graphics Technology/Architecture Tech
8,195.00 – BS Architecture
6,695.00 – Bachelor of Fine Arts
8,945.00 – Product Design and Development Technology
8,895.00 – BSIE major in Computer Education
8,895.00 – BSIE major in Art Education
8,895.00 – BSIE major in Home Economics
University of Baguio P 55.34 per unit
University of Makati P 1, 000.00 per semester (Makati residents)
P 3, 000.00 per semester (Non-Makati residents)
*miscellaneous fees excluded
University of Mindanao P 360.00 per unit
University of San Carlos P 562.00 per unit – BS Nursing
P 580.00 per unit – BS Computer Science
P 680.00 per unit – AB Foreign Languages
P 820.00 per unit – Legal Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
P 806.00 per unit – Clinical Pharmaceutical courses
P 861.00 per unit – Accounting courses
P 547.00 per unit – Other Professional courses
University of Santo Tomas P 1,207 per unit
University of Southeastern Philippines P 200.00 (Day Class)
P 250.00 (Evening Class)
University of St. La Salle P 708.33 per unit
University of the Cordilleras P 448.28 per unit
University of the Philippines Baguio P 1000.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Diliman P 1500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Los Baños P 1500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Manila P 1500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Mindanao P 1000.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Visayas P 1000.00 per unit (Bracket A)
VMA Global College P 422.45 per unit
The data above was compiled from materials we have on hand. If the information you are looking for is not available above, we suggest you try other sources such as the official representatives of the schools you are thinking of enrolling at or your personal acquaintances that are currently enrolled in the school.

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  1. Miriam College – almost the same with Ateneo. 30k higher sila. But I guess if you take up Entrep. Courses, much higher pa in ateneo. If I’m not mistaken 100k + sila per sem.

  2. Is there any link where i can find the tuition fees from different schools for foreign student?

    • Hi, Meg!

      We’re sorry, but we’re not sure about that. We just compiled the list manually using data published by schools on their individual and official websites. If you already have particular schools in mind, you might want to visit their official websites when you find the time.


  3. Please,If you could help question is how the tuition work?my son just enrolled for this year 2014,in UST.what is the tuition it is per year or per semester?because he is asking for tuition for this coming December?I hope you could help me with this matter.and thank you in advance.

  4. Ahm nxt yr po ba pcblng mgincrease ang makti university ng tuition fee,,
    And ask ko LNG po Kung mgkno ang ang persem ng education

  5. Last time I checked P 150.00/unit na po sa Central Mindanao University. Hindi ko po alam kung nag-increase na sila per unit ngayon.

  6. Thanks for your effort. I appreciate what is being done here to guide and provide information on fees and others. I am looking for data on hard to fill jobs local and abroad. so that we are somehow guided which program or courses will be chosen as against popular courses whose graduate may be unemployed or underemployed later. Thanks

    • Hi, Um!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      The figures mentioned above were taken from the official websites of the schools mentioned in the list and from articles published by news organizations before March 11, 2013. If you can tell us which specific figures are false and you can direct us to an official source that has more accurate and updated data, we’ll be glad to update the post.


      • Miriam college is now 65,000 plus per semester for4th yr c.a.

        • This is so inaccurate. AB Comm. at Letran costs around 34k per sem.

          • Hi, Luna!

            Thanks for visiting our site.

            The figures listed under the entry for Letran was taken from the school’s official website. If you access the cached copy “Tuition Fees Collegiate SY 2011-2012, you’ll see the same figures.

            Also, if you’ll check the note at the start of the article, you might notice the scope and limitations we specified before we provided the table.

            Thanks for sharing what you know, though.


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