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Veronela Mortos on Industrial Design Technology

Name: Veronela Clarissa A. Mortos

Course: BSIT – Industrial Design Technology

Current Year Level: 4th year

School: Southern Luzon State University



Why did you choose to take the course you did?

Actually it wasn’t my first choice, I took up AB History for two years then shifted to IDT. I choose IDT over my old course because it felt closer to my heart, though I’ve always admired history not just as a subject.


What are the major subjects that you are taking right now?

As of now I’m already done taking all of my major subjects, I am currently on my 2nd and last internship before graduating.


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?

The use of different materials for prototyping and making mock-ups. IDT is mostly innovating products so we often make prototypes and mock-ups of our products.


What kind of topics did you find more difficult compared to others?

I find IDT 201 – Gifts and Toy Designs quite difficult because there are a lot of standards to think about when conceptualizing a certain product. Standards like “the right size for a child of this age”, “the right color for this gender and age”, “the appropriate weight and hardness/softness”. Things like that made it difficult yet challenging to make.


What are your current interests?

As of now I am interested in crafts as well as graphics. Hand drawn or digital works are fine for me. When it comes to hobby-like interests, I like games, anime and cosplay. The typical “starter pack” for nerds.


What skills do you think incoming freshmen should have that can help them succeed during their first year?

Creativity. Once you get tons of it, you can get through this course without hassle. And of course a lot of patience, making projects aren’t that easy.


What do you think your job will be after you graduate?

Hopefully I can become a graphic artist in the near future. But for now I’d like to focus more on crafting.


What do you think will be the best thing about your job/career in the future?

The cliché “getting to do what you love the most” stuff.


What sites would you recommend your fellow students that can help them in their study?

GOOGLE!! Also and


Would you recommend this course?



Why or Why not?

Because you get to explore a lot of stuff to do with your creative self. IDT isn’t just about being artsy, its also about logical thinking and innovation.


What kind of student do you think can easily finish this course?

The inventor type. Innovation and creativity is the key to finishing this course.


Overall Rating

On a scale of 1- 10, how would you rate this course in terms of:

  • Difficulty (How difficult was taking the course for you?) -7
  • Timeliness (Do you think the course is up to date with the latest trends?) -8
  • Hands-on Training (Do you feel like you had sufficient hands-on training during the course of your study?) -9
  • Relevance (Did the things you learned from your course prepare you for the job you currently hold?) -9


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