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GSIS Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program:

GSIS Scholarship Program

Scholarship Sponsor:

Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)

Target Beneficiaries:

Dependents of less privileged GSIS members


  • Actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees not to exceed P20,000.00 per term (not to include summer classes but may include trimesters, provided that the course is finished within the regular duration prescribed by the school for that course)
  • Monthly stipend of P2,000.00.


  • All regular GSIS members with premium payments for the last six (6) months and are currently employed in government with a salary grade of 24 or below are eligible to nominate a scholar for the GSP.
  • The scholar-designee must be a child of the GSIS member and is allowed to be nominated once.
  • The scholar shall enroll in full load the term immediately following the award of the scholarship and every term thereafter. No deferment of enrollment shall be allowed, except for meritorious reasons subject to the approval of the GSIS and the school. Enrollment in a load less than the required load per term may be allowed, provided that the scholar shall graduate within the duration of the course.
  • The scholar must meet the scholastic requirements set by the school for student retention to continue to be qualified for the scholarship.


  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Copy of letter of acceptance or admission to a university/college identified by GSIS/CHED
  • Certified copy of appointment paper of parent/s; and,
  • Proof of income of the potential scholar’s parent-member i.e., BIR Form 2316 (W-2) (certified by BIR) or employment certificate

Submission of Requirements:

  • Scholars shall be given thirty days from the first day of publication of the list of qualifiers in a newspaper of general circulation, within which to submit the following requirements at the nearest GSIS office.
    • Information Sheet with latest 2 X 2 ID pictures (2 pieces)
    • Enrollment Assessment Form (if already available)
  • Failure to submit said requirements within the given period shall render the grant as forfeited.
Selection Process:
  • Nominees who meet the qualifications above will be selected based on the salary grade of the parent-members, such that nominees of parents with the lowest salary grades shall be given priority.
  • The nominees shall be notified through phone, mail, and / or text message of the result of the evaluation. The list of chosen scholars shall be posted on the GSIS website and published in at least one newspaper of general circulation.

Number of Scholarship Slots:

  • A predetermined number of scholarship slots shall be specified by GSIS every academic year.
  • The number of slots per region shall be proportionate to its existing membership coverage per year. The slots designated for each region shall be filled up by scholars whose parents are assigned in that particular region. Please get in touch with GSIS for the distribution of slots.
  • In case slots alloted for a region are left unfilled, they can be passed on to nominees from other regions that are most qualified for the slots (i.e parent-member has the lowest salary grade).

Terms and Conditions: 

  • The scholar may be allowed to shift course only once either during the first or second year of his/her study due to meritorious reasons, subject to the approval of the GSIS, provided that the new course shall be finished within the duration of the original course.
  • The scholar may be allowed to transfer to another school identified by GSIS/CHED* due to meritorious reasons, subject to the approval of the GSIS. However, the new course shall be finished within the 4- or 5- year duration of the original course.
  • The scholar is entitled to have another scholarship grant simultaneous with the GSIS scholarship, provided that the other scholarship grant shall be exhausted first and the GSIS shall only shoulder any remaining balance of the tuition and other miscellaneous fees (not to exceed P20,000.00 per term) and the stipend (not to exceed P2,000.00 per month).
  • The scholar may enroll in summer class, provided that the actual tuition and miscellaneous fees shall be at his/her expense. Monthly stipend shall not be provided during summer.
  • The scholarship grant awarded to a scholar is non-transferable.

Contact Information:

Government Service Insurance System

Financial Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Telephone: (+632) 479-3645

Email:; is not affiliated with the Government Service Insurance System. For specific questions and other concerns, please get in touch with their official representatives or visit their official website for more information.