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  1. shine

    thank you for the information :)

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Shine!

      Thanks for visiting our site and you’re welcome.

    • jenelou

      hi i’m jenelou nahihirapn po akong magdecide ng course na kukunin ko pero sabi nila IT na lang daw ang kunin ko pero ang iniisip ko may makukuha kaya akong job agad pagkagraduate ko ano po bang pwedeng maging job mo if nakagraduate ka ng BSIT ?and at isa pa pong course na gusto ko is MASS COM paro sabi ng ate ko fluid english daw at mahirap ,hindi naman po ako magaling sa english grammar but i want that course . PAHELP NAMAN PO THANK YOU PO

  2. Khim Bautista

    What does hard to fill occupations mean? :)

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Khim!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      If occupations are hard to fill, it means there are a lot of companies/agencies looking for potential employees, but there are not enough qualified individuals who can do the job, so the companies have to compete to get the qualified individual. This is the opposite of the typical scenario where several applicants compete for one job.

  3. Joram

    I’m an incoming freshman student and I decide to take computer engineering..Is it a good choice??

  4. jHayvEE

    i study a tourism, but it’s not in demand so its hard to find a job

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Jhayvee!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We understand your sentiment, but don’t lose hope. Employment trends change over time, though, so what may not be particularly in demand this year might become more in demand in the years to come. While you’re waiting for more favorable trends, you could also probably explore other potential or related careers by taking supplementary courses that can increase your marketability as a future job seeker.

  5. John Beloso

    I plan to take BS Accountancy this year but I’ve found some articles telling that this course is hard and stressful.Can you give me a review about this course and its career outlook

  6. Jehaziel hernane

    My husband want to take butcher course in tesda.. is it still in-demand in abroad? and where?

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Jehaziel!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We’re not sure exactly how much demand there is for butchers abroad, but you could probably get an idea of the number of jobs available for butchers as well as the countries where they are usually needed by checking the job postings on this site: http://goo.gl/FIIRdW

  7. Maica Mamerga

    Im not good in math, but i really want to enter banking and finance, should i try? Or just pick course that fits to my ability?

  8. Mr. Florante Q. Manlapaz

    Needs; 1- Biomed Engineer with or without experience but of course knowledge in Medical Equipment with maintenance experience is much prepared.

    Another; 1 – Biomed Technician with same back ground as above with or without experience as well.

    Note: The required personnel will be deploy to Saudi Arabia, work under my workforce team. But of course will be deployed by any competend Agency registered/authorized by POEA.

    Please let me knew while i am still on short holiday.

    I remain,

    Cell No.: 05052810189

  9. leandro

    I am a graduate student of BS Computer Science, but I want to learn more about computer hardware and some programming language. Can I apply scholarship?

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Leandro!

      TESDA offers both computer hardware servicing and programming-related courses on their website for free. The lessons are modular, though, so we believe you would be working on your own.

  10. monette ravelas

    a friend told me that if you’ll finish a course in tesda, they will automatically give you a job, is it true?do you have an agency or something?

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Monette!

      From what we know, TESDA sometimes work with private companies that hire graduates of specific TESDA courses after graduation. An example of this was when graduates of their landscaping course were hired by Nuvali after graduating. We’re not too sure if the same goes with other courses, though. It might be best if you’ll call TESDA so they can give you a more accurate and detailed reply.

  11. Paulo llorin

    Hi po. Matanong ko lang po. Ang BS in Architecture ba ay in-demand at saka pwede rin ho ba ito mag-apply as office staff na related yung grafting, sketch proposal etc. ? Nalilito na po ako kung ano kukunin ko, BS architecture ba o BS culinary arts. Ang hilig ko po kasi ay arts at pagluluto. Ang kaso lang, ang iniisip ko po kasi, after graduate eh hindi ako kagad makakuha ng trabaho. Tas narinig ko po sa iba na mas maganda daw po ang culinary kesa sa architecture.

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Paulo!

      Yes, architects and chefs are both included in DOLE’s list of in-demand jobs.

      Yes, we believe that’s what architects usually do.

      Hmmm… based on DOLE’s list and from what we hear and read on the news, they seem to be both fairly in-demand although lately, cruise lines have been conducting frequent mass hiring to fill up vacant positions including those for chefs’.

  12. jeffrey m. poquiz

    saan po sa marikina ang merong short time of schooling?meron pa po ba kayo nung 15 sunday’s na pasok for automotive 0r diesel mechanics po ang kung saan din po sa marikina ang merong course na plumbing or welder po or any short courses po…thank you po and God bless po

  13. Jomar

    I’m an incoming freshman student and I decide to take electrical engineering.
    Is it a good choice?

  14. jane

    i hope special education will be in demand in abroad too.

  15. carlo

    Hai poh guz2 q lng po tanong kung anu poh mas demand na 2 year course electrician po ba or computer hardware servicing

  16. lenni

    Hi po!I just want to ask po if ano po mas maganda ang secondary teacher major in math or accountancy ?

  17. Sheena

    Im a freshmen student right now taking Secondary Education major in English.Is this course in demand to work abroad this coming 2018?

  18. Aries Halili

    I am a 4th year student I just want to know waht is better and INDEMAND course in U.S and Canada this is my list CHOICES

    1st:Computer Science
    3d:Information Technology
    what is better in that three choices that always INDEMAND in U.S and Canada?

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