Alternative Learning System

The Alternative Learning System in the Philippines, abbreviated as ALS, is a program by the Department of Education that seeks to help Out of School Youths, industry-based workers, people with disabilities, former inmates, rebels, members of cultural minorities, and other people who, for one reason or another, cannot afford to go through formal schooling.

It was first launched in 1984 under the name Non-formal Education and was primarily focused on helping its students acquire technical skills that they can use to earn a living.

After getting its name changed into Alternative Learning System in 2004, its focus widened to include literacy classes that are aimed at eventually granting elementary and high school diplomas to deserving students who were forced to drop out of primary and secondary school.

Community Learning Centers

ALS classes are conducted at Community Learning Centers (CLCs). Each city or municipality has a number of CLCs that  interested learners can go to. These CLCs can either be a public elementary or secondary school, a barangay hall, a room or building lent by a government agency or private company or organization, or any other vacant space where learners can gather together.

Each CLC has an assigned teacher called an Instructional Manager. Depending on whether they’re teaching a literacy class or a livelihood program, instructional managers can either be a licensed teacher employed by the Department of Education or certified practitioners of a specific craft such as professional reflexologists or dressmakers. If you have the spare time and the necessary qualifications, you can also volunteer to teach for any of the two programs.

ALS Accreditation and Equivalency Classes (ALS A&E) and Livelihood Programs

Students who are interested in enrolling in an ALS class are encouraged to visit Community Learning Centers. Once there, they will be asked whether they want to attend the literacy class (ALS A&E) or the livelihood program.

Students who want to take ALS A&E  will be given an oral and written test to assess their competency level. From the result of the test, applicants will be grouped with either the elementary or high school level. If the applicant has not attended any formal schooling before, they will be enrolled in the Basic Literacy Program where they will be taught basic reading and computing skills before moving them to more advanced classes.

Classes are usually held everyday, although how many hours a day or how many days a week a student should show up for class depends on the Instructional Managers.

If there are other responsibilities that keep students from attending classes, they are allowed to take home free modules that they can study wherever and whenever they want. At the end of these modules are questions and exercises that the students must answer in order to evaluate how much they understood the lesson. After they’re done with the modules, they are asked to return them to their instructional managers so they can correct them.

Subjects of Study

ALS A & E classes are divided into five categories called learning strands. These include Communication Skills (English and Filipino), Problem Solving and Critical Thinking (Science and Mathematics), Sustainable Use of Resources and Productivity,  Development of Self and A Sense of Community / Value of Collaboration, and Expanding One’s Own World Vision.  

By integrating these five learning strands, ALS A & E students are not only taught academic skills such as reading, writing, and doing research, they are also taught practical things that they can use in everyday situations, especially in a diverse and challenging work environment.

Livelihood classes, on the other hand, teach them practical skills that they can use to earn a living. These include cooking, dressmaking, hairdressing, and handicraft making among other things.

In some cases, ALS A&E classes are reinforced with skills training in order to help the learners become well-rounded individuals while keeping the lessons varied and interesting at the same time.

Duration of the Program

The ALS A & E classes takes a minimum of 800 hours to complete; however, this may change every now and then depending on the progress of the students.

By contrast, the duration of the livelihood program greatly varies depending on the specific skill being learned — going anywhere from three days up to several months or more.

Assessment and Evaluation

Just like traditional students, ALS A & E students are also given summative tests to assess their understanding of the things that have been taught to them. These tests come in the form of multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, and essay type questions that the students must answer based on what they’ve learned.

After they’ve graduated from the class, students are then encouraged to take the Alternative Learning System Accreditation & Equivalency Test in order to get certificates that are equivalent to diplomas received by traditional elementary and high school graduates. Following are links for Alternative Learning System Accreditation & Equivalency Test 2012 and ALS Frequently Asked Questions.

Students of the livelihood programs also go through assessment and evaluation. They do this by taking TESDA’s National Certification (NC) exam for the skill they tried to learn. By passing this exam, they can get certifications that will make them eligible for employment both here and abroad.

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  1. hi . just wanna ask if where & when can I enroll in ALS next year 2013 ? thankyou .

    • Hi, Czarina!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      The enrollment for ALS A & E classes are supposed to be held everyday, so anytime would probably be fine. As for the location, just visit the nearest public elementary school, public high school, or barangay hall near your place and they’ll tell you where to enroll.

  2. Good day, I just want to ask if I can take the ALS A&E exam even without attending their classes? I have read in recent articles that the schedule for the exam was October 21, 2012. I have wasted many years not attending school and I want to take this year’s exam. Am I a bit late for registration? Thank you and I’ll be waiting for your reply.

    • Hi, James!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Attending the ALS A & E classes is optional, so it’s up to you whether you’d attend them first or take the exam right away. ALS coordinators strongly encourage students to go through them first so they can catch up on the things they might have missed out on, though.

      Registration ended last July, so that’s probably the case. We’re not sure if BALS gives special consideration to people interested in taking the exam, though, so it’s best if you’ll contact them directly so they can give you an accurate response.

  3. gusto ko po sanang mag aral sa als po.dahil gusto ko pong makakuha ng high school diploma at makapag aral ng college.
    kasolang po di ko lam ang address ng als,sana po matulungan nyo po ako sa aking problema.sapagkat gustung gusto ko pong makapag aral ulit…
    dahil nahihirapan p[o akong mag hanap ng trabaho,dahil sa sitwasyon kung to.
    para nadin po maka tulong ako sa aking pamilya,dahl po anhihirapan napo ang aking ina sa pag hahanap buhay para sa mga akpatid ko….
    salamat po..sana po matulungan ninyo ako…

  4. anytime po ba pwede po mg enrolled sa alternative learning system?gusto ko po kc tapusin pag aaral ko .ng stop po kc ako after ako mkagraduate ng elmentary,gusto ko po ipagpatuloy pag aaral sana po matulungan nyo ko sa problma ko.

  5. hi po…. ask ko lang poh sana kung kailan ang enrollment ng als ngayong darating 2014.. gusto ko sana maka kuha ng diploma para maka pag college poh ako sana poh matulungan nyo ako…..

  6. my daughter would like to transfer here in Quezon City from Nueva Ecija. she is graduating for High School.. and its already on her 3rd grading period. I inquire a public school here in Quezon City unfortuntely they would no longer accept transferees because its already on the 3rd grading period and she’s a graduating student.. is she qualified to undergo acceleration if this is the case that she is into, I would like to ask where I can register my daughter to have ALS A&E classes?

  7. My son is in 3rd year now bt was not able to finish this school year. so i decided to send him to als this coming opening.I just wanna inquire on what courses can he get when he plans for college.thank you

    • Hi, Sheina!

      ALS A&E passers can take any two, three, four, or five-year courses in college provided that they meed the admission requirements of the college or university they are enrolling at.

  8. Hello po! itatanong ko lang po kung kailan po yung start po ng ALS po dito sa angeles city pampanga?

    • Hi, Elna!

      We’re sorry, but we don’t have any available information about the schedule of ALS classes. For that, it’s best if you’ll contact the nearest barangay hall or public elementary or high school where they usually conduct ALS classes so they can give you an accurate reply.

  9. that my mother past on (als)alternative learning system,the name is linita d. estil,could you please tell me if she past or not on accredit and equivelency test,thank you.

  10. hello poh san poh bah ako dapat mag enroll ng als tga san roque magalang pampanga poh ako at kelan poh ung starting enrollment ng als….. sna poh mtulungan nyo ako…….

  11. gud day I just want to ask because I have a friend whos children did not attend any formal education. ages 11 and 7.they live abroad but now they want to bring their children back here in the country to study.. what should they do?. thanks.

    • Hi, Marie!

      As much as we’d like to help, we’re unfortunately not sure how to answer that question. Taking the ALS A & E could be an option, but we’re not sure how that works in the case of individuals who studied abroad.

      If the kids have GEDs, you could probably look for Philippine schools that accepts them, although we personally haven’t encountered one yet. You could also probably try to contact Department of Education’s Bureau of Alternative Learning System to ask how taking the ALS A & E Test goes for students who studied overseas or the Commission on Higher Education to confirm if GEDs issued overseas are recognized in the country.

  12. hal.po di nkapasa ng exam last october 2013 papasukan po b nya ulit itong 2014 pra mkpg take ulit another chance ng exam?mraming slamat

    • Hi, May!

      According to the ALS official we spoke with before, the ALS classes primarily acts as refresher courses, so enrolling in them is not mandatory. They do encourage those who are interested in taking the test to enroll so they can have a good review before taking the exam, though.

  13. hai good afternoon poh amhf pwede poh vah magtanong kng 3years n poh akong nakapagaral and i want to take the als..magaaral sana ako ng 2nd year high school.and sna poh may malapit nah als poh dto xsa my quezon city poh dto sa project 4.KSE NAGWOWORK POH AKO BLANG katulong poh…kelan poh yung last enroll and san k poh makikita ang mga requirements…tnx poh

  14. tumigil ako ng grade 5 pero bago ako mag grade 5 ay tumigil muna ako ng isang taon kaya, 12 years old na ako nung nakapag grade 5 ako. ngayong school year 2014-2015 ay 14 years old na po ako. Ano po ang magiging grade ko grade 7 o grade 8?
    Sorry po kung paulit ulit mali po kasi yung nalagay ko na email at tanong. :)
    Thank you po! Godbless you.

  15. good afternoon . i want to apply in ched scholarship 2014 and i am als passers. one tof the requirements in applying the scholarship is my als certificate. how can i apply in scholarship if my als certificate is nnot already issued and released and its needed on or before march 31,2014? thanks.

    • Hi, Kenneth!

      As much as we’d like to help with your concern, we’re not affiliated with DepEd, so we’re afraid we can’t answer that question for you. We suggest you call the nearest DepEd division office to inform them of your situation. Hopefully, they might be able to arrange something for you.

  16. Good eve po kung mag sstart po ang pasukan ng june sa als anong buwan po matatapos nagbabakasakali po kasi akong makapasok pa ng second sem sa college if ever makapasa ako at makakuha ng diploma. Hoping for your responce Many thanks :)

    • Hi, Van!

      The ALS A & E classes takes a minimum of 800 hours to complete; however, we’re not sure how they are divided into months and days, and that duration may also change depending on the progress of the students. For a more accurate and detailed response, we suggest you visit the nearest barangay hall or public elementary or high school (they usually offer ALS classes) so they can provide you with more information.

      As for the common requirements, you can find those on the post above.

  17. Hi,
    San po meron nag ooffer ng ALS? Taga San Agustin San Fernando, Pampanga po ako.
    Salamat po

    • Hi, Lysame!

      Try to check with the nearest public elementary/ high school or drop by at the nearest barangay hall. That’s where ALS classes are usually conducted.

    • Hi, Cyril!

      ALS A& E passers can take any two, three, four, or five-year degree programs that they want, provided that they pass the admission requirements of the school they are going to enroll at.

  18. hello, i just want to ask ano po ba anf official website ng ALS? ngareresearch kasi ako, gustong kong makuha lahat ng detalye tungkol dito, mula sa history hanggang sa volunteers.

    thank you po.

  19. Hello po gusto ko po mag aral po,dito po ako sa angeles city po, san po ako pede pumunta mag pa regestration, nag start na po ba.san po banda dito ang may als po..salmat po

  20. hello, good day! meron po akong friend na gustong mag aral sa ALS pwede po ba na mag pa register po siya tapos balik nalang po siya sa exam? sa korea po kasi sila nakatira…and if ever na makakapasa po siya, gusto niya din po ipagpatuloy ang college dito sa pinas. passer po ako ng ALS, nag aaral na po ako ng college ngayon, im taking bachelor of arts major in political science. 3rd year na po ako. gusto ko po sanang matulungan yung kaibigan ko… ty po! and GBU!

    • Hi, Abbie!

      According to the ALS official we spoke with, attending the ALS A & E classes is optional, so it’s up to your friend whether she’d attend them first or take the exam right away. ALS coordinators strongly encourage students to go through them first so they can catch up on the things they might have missed out on, though.

  21. Hello po, tanun kulang po anung uneversity po ang pwedi kung pasukan this coming second sem. Als graduate po ako,,, pasado na po ako,,,, :) salamat po in advance sa sagot,,,,, :)

    • Hi, Elleone!

      The ALS A & E certificate is equivalent to a traditional high school diploma, so you should be able to enroll at any college or university in the Philippines. That’s just as far as we know, so you might also want to check with CHED to be sure.


  22. Good day
    Ask ko lang san ba may malapit na ALS sa brgy pasong putik maligaya park nova q.c
    Nag tanong na kasi kame aa brgy. Ng pasong putik kaso wala daw silang ALS wala din daw sa munisipyo

  23. Hello I’m John 17 from Cebu city and I’m a forth year high school but I didn’t continue my studies because my my health problem that i am facing right now , suppose to be I’m a first year college then I want to enroll in ALS because in normal school they have another curriculum called k-12 I want to pursue my study but I’m too old for k-12 …. Can I enroll ALS next year .? Did ALS also change their curriculum.?

    • Hi, John Louis!

      We’re sorry, but as much as we’d like to help, we don’t know for sure if the ALS program has also been affected by k-12. We suggest you contact DepEd directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed reply.


  24. Hi, Same with John Louis. Im already 4th year student that didn’t continue my class in senior high. Because of family problem that it’s too hard for my family and also to me. May I ask if when the formal enrollment in ALS can I enroll because I don’t have enough knowledge about this. Please help us and I’ll be waiting for your response. Thanks! :)

  25. Hi mam/sir i wanted to take the exam directly in ALS, i cannot able to attend the class due to my strict job, i wanted to know if its posible that i can take an exam? Where do i can register and take the exam if posible? Tnx and god bless

  26. greetings.


    im 22 years old where can i study collage,while preparing for ALS exam i mean studying collage and also ALS.

    any school here in quezon city?

    i have a friend under grad H.S. taking that kind of program 1st year collage I.T course while in ALS.

    in pasig so far away here in QC.

    • Magandang umaga po ma’am/sir,

      Magtatanung lang po ako, kung my malapit po bang ALS dito sa project 8 ?
      At kailan po pwiding mag,enroll at anu po ‘yung mga requirements?

      Maraming salamat po.

  27. hi mam/sir magtatanong lang po ako. kasi nag pasa ako ng scholarship sa samsoncollegeofscienceinstitute sa cubao ung alternative learning system po nag pasa po ako sa kanila sabi nila antayin lng daw po ang tawag wala padin po hagang ngayun simula nung june…

  28. Ask ko lang, isa lang ba ang teacher sa isang als class? And palipat lipat ba sya ng place?

    • Hi Quelly!

      We’re sorry, but we’re not really sure about that. We suggest you contact DepEd directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed reply.


  29. Hi gud am ask qlang po if grade 5 lng ntapos q at gusto q mag enrol ng alts pwd po ba? Wat po ba mga req? I’m 29 now,,,

  30. Good day sir/maam ask ko lang kung pwede pa ba ako humabol sa enrolment ng als im 35 years hindi ko po natapos ang 3rd year high school dahil luck po ng financial ang mga magulang marami po kaming mag kakapatid at sa tulad ko po na walang natapus hirap po akung makahanap ng magandang work kaya gusto ko po talaga makapag college kahit 2 years course lang im from quezon city at anu po ang requirements thanks ang GOD BLESS..

  31. ALS passer po ako and 2 certificates lng po ang binigay sa akin. The grade card and diploma., but my current school insists a college admission something… i took als sa tacloban pero dito ako sa davao nag aaral… i also remembered that sabi nun nag assist sa akin sa pagkuha ng results ko po ay 2 certificates lng talaga but now, since my school is asking for another, and obviously wala po akonun… so, ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin? Salamat po.

    • Hi, MarshmallowBabe!

      We’re sorry, but we’re not really sure about that. It’s best if you’ll contact DepEd directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed response.


  32. hi po., maam, sir ask q lng po kung qualified b aq to continue my college,.kc po graduate aq ng ALS year 2008, i recieved my certificate and my gud moral.kaso po hndi n aq ntuloy mag aral b4 kc nag abroad n aq,den ung certificate q nagamit q nmn s pag apply kahit s ALS lng aq grumaduate,(salamat sa ALS.,den next year po month of may uuwi n aq s pinas,to continue my college., ung certificate at ung gud moral ko n narecieveD ay
    qualified nba un to enroll? thanks.,

    • Hi, Arlene!

      As far as we know, yes, you are. Once you’ve gotten your ALS certificate that certifies that you have the same competencies as those of a traditional high school graduate, you can apply for any two, three, four, or five-year degree programs at any school, college, or university in the Philippines.

    • Hi, Zhei!

      From what we understood, much of the study materials can be accessed online; however, students are still occasionally (or can also be usually, depending on individual circumstances) required to meet up with their teachers in person.

      That’s just from what we understood, though, so we suggest you get in touch with the nearest school / barangay hall / educational institution that offer ALS in your area so they can give you a more accurate response.


  33. im 26 years old i have a young daughter, im looking to my future for my self and my daughter, as my husband will not always be here to take care of us,i need all information of als. i would like to know where the schools are located i leave guadalupe cebu city, thank you for your time, edelyn rehard

    • Hi, Marijcka!

      ALS A& E passers can take any two, three, four, or five-year degree programs that they want, provided that they pass the admission requirements of the school they are going to enroll at.


  34. Hello po :)
    Pwedi pa po ba magsimula or mag enrol sa ALS kahit nasa kalagitnaan na po nang taon ?like october po kasi nag stop po ako nang 3rd yr high school last last year pa po.para po mag trabho.kaya nagyon po mag kaka oras na po ako.mag aral .pwedi po ba yon.?

    • Hi, Donna!

      We’re sorry, but as much as we’d like to help, we’re not really sure about that. It’s best if you’ll call the Bureau of Alternative Learning System or the Department of Education directly so they can give you a more accurate and detailed reply.

  35. hello po pwd po mgtanung kelan po pwd mg enroll sa als gs2 q po kc mktpz at mkatanggap ng diploma pra mka apply aq ng work nd po kc aq nktpz ng high school kya gs2 q po mag aral sa als im 24 year old na po aykong umab0t pa aq sa pagtanda q bag0 mktpz pls help me po san po malapit d2 sa pampanga malabanais,

    • Hi, Chelle!

      We’re sorry, but as much as we’d like to help, we have no available information regarding the enrollment schedule of the ALS program.

      We suggest you call the Bureau of Alternative Learning System / Department of Education directly so they can give you an accurate and detailed response.


  36. hi po,gusto ko po sanang itanong kung pwede pa pong magtake ng exam ang kuya ko po. nagstop po sya ng 1st year high school at 23 na po sya ngayon. Gusto din po sana nyang magexam. Pwede pa po kaya syang mag exam.

  37. hello po tnong ko lng po kung ano requirments pg nag enroll sa als
    kung mka graduate na po pde po ba mag enroll sa college?

  38. hi ma’am/sir.. under grad po ako ng high school.. ask ko lang po sana kung may als dito sa pasay or taguig..pano po makapasok? thankyou!

    • Hi, Reymart!

      Try to visit the nearest public elementary school, high school, or barangay hall to your place. ALS classes are usually conducted in those places.


  39. good day,
    my question is what kind of way you have to do to make you confirm that you are qualified to be with one of the most prepondant to become a gold medalist in ALS?

  40. sir / maam,
    hi..ask ko lng po kng kailn po ulit ang als.may gsto po sna akong tulungn dhil di po sy mktpos ng 3rd yr hs. lalo n po ngyn nag stop sy dhil nangank ang asawa ny eh 1 r old plg panganay ny tpos bgong anak anu po po ay nsa tanza cavite san po pede mag ask or mag take don. pls help ty

  41. kelan po ba ung enrollment nxt year salamat po
    tsaka tanong ko na rn po kung wer may mlapt na als dto sa cainta salamat po

  42. pano po kung wla pong form 137 kc po nung 2012 pa po ako nag stop tpos na yolanda pa po sa tanauan leyte ..nde na po ba mkkapag enrool kung wlang ma present na form137?

  43. Hi, I’d just wanna ask if it is possible for me to be taking entrance exams from any college or university (like UP) prior to release of A&E test results? And the moment the results release, could that be the only time I’ll be passing to them required documents like the diploma/certificate of completion? For UP kasi, what I understood is that they’re only gonna let you take the UPCAT if you’ve already passed the A&E test. Pag ganon po kasi, kawawa yung students na gusto mag entrance test kasi they’d be waiting pa for graduation to be eligible to take entrance tests. Especially for schools na August ang entrance tests, then 5 months to a year pa ang results. Sayang po ang panahon. Please help us naman understand the system further po. Thanks!

  44. Hi,i would like to ask if its possible for me to take ALS, i just finished 3rd year and i want to finished my 4th year to take diploma. actually im in Kuwait, so do you have any suggestion or any suitable for me to take training in ALS here in Kuwait by online?

  45. hello!i just wanna say thank you sooooo much to alternative learning system.(ALS) im so proud to be one of the product of ALS! hinihikayat ko po sa mga OSY na pgbutihin ang pgaaral lalo pa’t bnigyan tau ng ALS ng Pagkakataon upang maipagpatuloy muli ang ating pgaaral.sikapin poh nten ang mkpagtapos,dhil sbi nga nla EDUCATION is the KEY to SUCCESS.. :) at kpag nkapagtapos ka,pls hwg kalimutan kung saan at sino ang mga taong tumulong sten..hwg blewlain dhil naniniwla ako that EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WHICH YOU WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.. :) thank you soo much ALS!Gob Bless and More Power! :)

    ALS Sanchez Mira Cagayan

  46. Good day po! Tanong ko kang po sana kung kailan po registration ng exam dito region 1? Thanks po7

  47. My husband would like to take ALS program to have HS Diploma but currently we are here in UAE. Meron po bang on-line study ?

  48. good day mam. can i take als againe if i already get a deploma i can pass in 2010 als test but my certicate has lost? and my diplema has a wrong spelling in my surname,

  49. Hello po, tanng ko lang po, paano kung nasa abroad at gusto mag take ng ALS, may online schooling po ba ?

    • elementary lang po ang natapos ko pwede po ba ako kumuha ng exam na pang high school para makapg aral po ako ng college.meron po ba kayong online exam.sana po matulungan nyo po ako.salamat po.35 na po ako pero gusto ko posted mkapg aral.

      • hai po gusto kolang pong malaman kung sakaling d ka po nakapag tapus ng elementary pwede po bang mag exam ng highschol.. para maka grad. po ng highschol

        maraming salamat po and godbless

  50. hai po gusto ko lang pong malaman na kung sakaling hndi ka po nakapagtapus ng elementary pwede po bang mag exam ng highschol. para po maka graduate. ng highscol

    thank you and godbless

  51. hi po pwede po ba ako mgtake ng exam khit dna ako mg aattend ng class? gusto ko po kasing mg direct college na if sakaling makpgtake ako ng exam at maipasa ko….pkiadvise po ako.

  52. hi po ask ko lng po if pwede po along mgtake ng exam for college without attending their class gusto ko po kasing direct college if saksling maipasa ko ang exam…
    please response!

  53. ilan po ba ang kabuuang bilang ng paaralan sa pilipinas na may Alternative learning system

  54. good evening po im elementary graduate only gusto ko po mag aral ulit jan po sa als papano mo san po ba banda ang pinakamalapit na als dto msa up diliman quezon city reply nlang po sa facebook ko salamat po tatanawin ko po na malaking utang na loob ito tahank you very much