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  1. jonna

    i think it helps me to make a thesis, gain more ideas :))

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Jona!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We’re glad to know that you found the post helpful.

      Good luck on your thesis! :)

  2. Jany Manla

    I am a holder of BS in Nursing and a registered Nurse and Midwife. I am wondering if I can take units in BS Social Work (ie. 18 units) and be eligible o take the licensure exam for Social Work after that. Is this possible or is there another way to become a licensed Social Worker without taking the 4 year degree course anymore? Thanks!

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Jany!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      So far, we haven’t seen any provisions that allow those without a degree in Social Work to take the licensure exam, but we’re not really sure about that. For that, it might be best if you’ll contact PRC to verify.

      You could also probably use Article 3 Section 12 of Republic Act No. 4373 for reference.

  3. Louisse

    Hi I’m a graduating high school student this year. I wonder What subject should I improve more? And if its Ok that my second choice is BA SOCIOLOGY and the third is bachelor of second education major in social studies? Thank you :)

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Louisse!

      That would depend on which course you are thinking of taking in college. We suggest you check out the curriculum of the courses you have in mind first then compare each one so you’ll have an idea of which subject/s you’d be spending more time on. If you click on the courses on the list on the page below, you’ll find a quick rundown of the subjects you might be required to take should you decide to pursue those courses.

      In terms of flexibility, we believe that’s not a bad choice since BSSW and AB Sociology do have some similarities. We believe BSED major in Social Studies is a bit loosely connected to the two, but it still is somewhat related to the said courses, so having it as your third option would not probably be a bad idea either.

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