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Thursday 8th of October 2015
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  1. Hello . Dagdag kolang po , Morena po ang kulay ko at 5’2 lang po yung height ko.. hindi po ba ako naiiba kasi eh dba po ang tourism is matangkad maputi at maganda ? pero Dream kopo kasi maggng flight attendant eh , gusto kong mag travel at I know na may skills ako kaht na hindi ko complete sa qualifying appearance ng tourism …

    • Hi, Niksdc017!

      Right now, we’re not aware of any programs that would automatically qualify a graduate of any particular school for a position at Philippine Airlines. From what we have seen from job advertisements in the past, companies don’t require applicants to be a graduate of any particular course or school as long as they meet the company’s requirements. So far, we haven’t encountered any companies that specifically require applicants to be beautiful or look a certain way. Instead, what they usually require is that applicants look presentable at all times. We haven’t encountered any clause about complexion, either. The height requirement is usually strict, though, because height can affect the attendant’s ability to perform their job. Still, if being a flight attendant is your dream, you might want to search around for companies that have lower height requirements. Requirements sometimes vary depending on the company, so it might be worth taking a shot.


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