Bread and Pastry Production NC II in the Philippines

Bread and Pastry Production NC II is a short TESDA course that will train you in preparing pastries and similar desserts for hotels, restaurants, and other food-related business establishments.

Some of the core competencies that you will acquire  from enrolling in this course:

  • Preparing bakery and pastry products
  • Decorating bakery and pastry products
  • Storing bakery and pastry products
  • Presenting and serving desserts
  • Packing desserts

Course Duration

Bread and Pastry Production NC II takes a minimum of 141 hours to complete.

Admission Requirements

Basic requirements for this TESDA course include:

  • Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
  • Highschool or College Diploma
  • Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records or Form 137
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 1×1 and/or 2×2 Pictures


Qualified graduates of Bread and Pastry Production NC II can find employment either as a baker or as a pastry chef.

Competency Assessment and Certification

Students enrolled in the Bread and Pastry Production NC II course may be required to undergo a Competency Assessment before graduation. A National Certificate (NC II) will be issued to students who passed this assessment. You can find more information on assessments and certifications at the official website of TESDA.

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  1. hello. i want to learn how to bake. may i know if how much am i going to pay for the program?

  2. hi! i want to ask if there are school near angeles city or magalang pampanga that offers this course? thank you

  3. hi i would like to know if where i could take the ncII exam? or do i have to take the whole course again?

    • Hi, Ruwine!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      You can find the list of authorized assessment centers for this course through the link below:

      If you’ve already taken it before, you don’t have to take it anymore. TESDA courses are meant for those who don’t have the skill/s being developed yet or for those who haven’t been able to practice their skills in a while, so if you’re confident that you can pass the exam without taking the course, you can skip the training and take the exam right away.

  4. i just if bread and pastry course are offered here in cebu and where branch of tesda offered it…..

  5. Hi, may I ask if this course is available, scheduled
    and from which accredited schools here in NCR? Is there any fee and other requirement other than those mentioned above? Thanks

  6. free training po ba ito ng tesda? i’ve heard from a friend tesda is giving a free training like this kasi. thanks :)

  7. I would like to know the detail about baker & pastry, web digner and what school.

  8. hi maam sir can i ask how to get a training at tesda in baking near at quezon avenue> thanks

  9. Hi TESDA, I am very thankful to your free training especially in housekeeping and F and B services.Now im planning to take Bread and Pastry making, can u give me a training center giving free training? by the way im from caloocan city, maybe near from me if ever. thanks god bless more power.

  10. Good day!
    I’m interested po mag-aral ng baking panu po
    ang procedure pag enroll. Saan Branch po ng
    Tesda pwede mag-enroll? From Quezon City po

    Thank you!
    Jane D. Bazar

  11. Saan po pwede mag-enroll? malapit dito sa Manila area and magkanu? libre lang ba pag tesda? anung schedule po?

  12. Hi i wanna learn how to make different kinds of kakanin, is there a tesda course that will teach onto hw to make that

    • Hi, Nas!

      So far, we haven’t come across any such course. We’re not sure if there might have been new courses that we’re not aware of, though, so you might want to contact TESDA so they can give you a more accurate and detailed response.

  13. Hi!
    I believe that I am an accomplished baker although I have not trained under TESDA. Can I still take the assessment exam and get a certification? Thanks!!!!

    • Hi, Aicha!

      From what we have been advised in the past, if you already have sufficient experience and you are confident that you can pass the assessment exam for a particular course, you can skip the classes and jump right ahead to taking the exam. We’re not sure if that applies to all courses or if there have been any changes in the process, though, so you might want to check with TESDA to be sure.

  14. good day :) pwede bang mag enroll while enrolled ka sa ibang school pero marami kang free time? and allowed ba yon dito sa manila?

  15. ask ko po what if mag enroll ka ng tesda pero nka nka school ka na last yaer 1st semester,anung requirements po ang kailangan?thank you and then anung school ang malapit sa cubao thank you

  16. good evening..does it really need a diploma to enrol?my pinsan po kasi ako na ni hindi nga po nakapag high school pero gusto ko sana syang eenrol sa tesda with the course of bread and pastry production..sana naman pwede po ..

  17. Good day I want to if there is a TESDA training center here in Cavite can I get the exact address or if they have a contact number.Thank you

  18. good day. 54 yo ako. gusto ko matuto ng baking. wala po ako alam n tesda dito sa marikina. pano po ako makapagpa register at saan po. marami po salamat.