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  1. melinda agor

    Where to find training school for dental hygienist?

    Thank you.

  2. cora penid

    hi i ami would like to inquire about dental hygienic i want to take that course where can i find it and how long it will take.how much the tuition fee thanks

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Cora!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      There are currently two schools/training center that offer this course. One is in Sampaloc and the other is in Sta. Mesa, both in Manila. The course takes about 2 years to complete. Unfortunately, we have no available information regarding the tuition fees, so it’s best if you’ll contact the school/training center directly so they can give you an accurate and detailed response.

      • cora penid

        thanks po

  3. jen

    when and what school that giving a board review for preparing a license examination for dental hygienist?

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Jen!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Right now, we don’t know of any schools that offer review courses for those who are interested in taking the dental hygienist exam. :(

      If we do come across such information, we will surely post it on the site. :)

  4. Ericka

    i would like to ask if Dental hygienists is same with Pre-dental?

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Ericka!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We’re sorry, but we’re not really sure about that. TESDA stated that the national practice of this qualification requires a license from the Board of Dentistry of the Professional Regulation Commission, but we don’t know if it qualifies as a pre-dental course. It’s probably be best if you’ll contact TESDA directly so they can give you an accurate response.
      http://www.courses.com.ph/tesda-regional-provincial-district-offices/ :)

  5. roxy

    i just want to ask if the 2 years dental hygiene course has a board exam in phillipines ?.

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Roxy!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Yes, it has.

      “In accordance with Section 13 of Republic Act 9484 examination and licensing of Dental Hygienists shall be administered by the Board of Dentistry of the Professional Regulations Commission.”

  6. Jessica

    Hi, I would like to ask, is this an online study program?

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Jessica!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Unfortunately, it’s not yet part of the courses that TESDA offers online.

  7. honey

    hi!i just wanna ask if i enroll in dental hygienist course is my subject that i already taken in preparatory dentistry will be credited? thanks!

  8. Lissa

    Hi! I just want to ask if I can get a PRC license in Dental Hygiene without taking the exam? I have been working as a Dental Hygienist since 2006. Thank you very much!!

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Lissa!

      Thank you for visiting our site.

      We’re sorry but we’re not really sure about that. It’s best if you’ll contact PRC directly so they can give you an accurate and detailed response.

  9. clarence galle morales

    Is there courses for clinical dental assistants? I am a nurse and I want to take a clinical dental course. I have a 2 year experience as a dental assistant.

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Clarence!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We believe this is the course for those who want to become a dental assistant.

      “Occupational/Job titles corresponding to this qualification may include:

      Dental Hygienist
      Dental Assistant

      The national practice of this qualification requires a license from the Board of Dentistry – Professional Regulation Commission. ” – TESDA

      • clarence galle morales

        where can I take the course Dental assistant? and do you have an idea how many months/year?

      • courses.com.ph

        Hi, Clarence!

        Thanks for coming back.

        You can use this tool from TESDA to locate the nearest school that offer a particular course. Just type in the name of the course you want then click “search.”

        According to TESDA, the course will last for at least 2 years with 6 months worth of On-the-Job Training which may already be integrated into the two-year program.

  10. jennylyn


    Good day!
    I just want to ask if I can take dental hygienist while working abroad as a nurse( dental assistant)?
    Is there any courses offered like this?

  11. jenna

    hi! do u hav a very short course for this? i just need a certificate of dental nursing, thanks!

  12. Heidi

    Been working as a dental assistant here at KSA with 2yrs and more chairside experience.i just wonder if we registered nurses are allowed to take the examination directly? Pass or fail..take a risk..thank you!

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Heidi!

      According to PRC and TESDA, “in order to be admitted to the Licensure Examination for Dental Hygienists, an applicant must have finished the two years certificate in dental hygiene conferred by a recognized and legally constituted college, or school of dentistry registered with TESDA.” We’re guessing that means “no.” We’re not sure if that rule is absolute, though, so you might still want to check with either TESDA or PRC to be sure.

  13. angelica

    I want to be a dental hygienist where schools offering in davao or mindanao? And If i take a 2yrs pre dent can i be a dental hygienist?

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